English stories for kids

English Stories For Kids

Enjoy the all-time favorite collection of best English stories for kids. From legendary writers like Beatrix Potter, Grimm Brothers, and Watty Piper to name a few, we present this fabulous collection of bedtime stories for kids. The list includes several classics like Cinderella, Snowdrops, Rapunzel, Puss in Boots, Goldilocks and Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, and many more.

Scroll down to read these simple English stories that have stood the test of time and been kid’s favorite for ages.

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Popular English Stories For Kids

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Table of Contents

Author: Beatrix Potter

This is the story of a little mischievous rabbit, named Peter who disobeys his mother’s advice of not visiting the garden of their neighbor Mr. MacGregor. Instead, he decides to go to the place and gets himself into big trouble when Mr. MacGregor spots him and tried to catch him. Poor Peter Rabbit had to run for this life and somehow manages to get back to his house and mother.


Published by: T Nelson & Sons 

This bedtime story is of a naughty little rat who neglects his mother’s advice of not going in the house pantry and decides to grab some sweets for himself. He is then caught by the cook but the little girl of the house takes pity on him and let him loose again and he runs back to his mother. 

Author: Hamilton Wright Maybe, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush

Probably the most popular English story for kids ever, Cinderella narrates the story of a beautiful orphaned girl. She lives with her step mother and step sisters who make her do all household chores. Till one day, there is a ballroom party to which Cinderella manages to go with little help from her fairy godmother. Host of the party, a prince, is smitten by her beauty and uses the glass shoe that she leaves behind to track her down and makes her his queen. 

Author: Hamilton Wright Maybe, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush

Another all-time favorite kids story, in which a golden haired girl Goldilocks gets lost in a forest and ends up in a hut which belongs to 3 bears. She eats their porridge, brake a chair and messes up their beds. When the bears return, Goldilocks gets scared and manages to run back to safety.

Author: The Brothers Grimm

This is a short story about a king who had 12 daughters who will always have torn shoes overnight. When no one is able to solve the puzzle, king throws open a challenge. A brave soldier took the challenge and is offered some advise and help by an old woman. Using an invisible cloak, he finds out the that princesses dance through the night with 12 princes and wins the hand of a princess as his reward.

Edited by Watty Piper

Another classic English stories for kids is the story of Snowdrops. She had a wicked step mother who was keen to ensure she was the fairest person in the entire kingdom and used a magic mirror. She tried to kill Snowdrops, who ends up in the hut of seven little dwarfs. Not happy with result, wicked step mother feed her a poisonous apple but as luck would have it, a prince saves Snowdrops from this fate and goes on to marry her.

A Classic Arabian folktale.

This story is about a lazy boy Aladdin, who is sent into a cave by a wicked magician uncle to fetch a magic lamp. But as fate would have it, Aladdin finds a ginnie in the lamp who fulfill any 3 wishes of the owner. Aladdin uses his wishes wisely to win the heart of Princess Bulbul and to defeat the wicked magician.

Written by Charles Perrault

This classic bedtime story for kids is about a clever cat and a poor boy. The cat asks for a pair of boots from the poor boy and then with its shrewdness secure the future of its master by projecting him as a rich noble guy and marries him to the princess of the kingdom.

Author: Beatrix Potter

First published in 1905, it tells the tale of a little girl Leila who discovers that her pocket-handkerchiefs have gone missing. As she sets out in search of them, she came across an old lady, have some great conversations with her before finally realizing that her missing handkerchiefs are with her and she is nothing but a hedgehog. 

Author: The Brothers Grimm

A beautiful princess seeks help from a frog to find her golden ball which she had accidentally dropped in a spring. In return, she promises to be the frog’s companion. But the girl changes her mind as soon as frog helps her. Frog followed her to the palace and king forces her to keep her word and finally the frog turns out to be the most handsome prince under a curse.

Edited by Watty Piper

Little Red Riding Hood is an innocent on her way to see her sick grandmother with some goodies. A wicked wolf finds out her plan, gets to granny’s house and eats her alive. Now as the wolf plan to eat the little girl too, Red Riding Hood shouts for help and a woodcutter comes to her rescue and also pulls granny out of the wolf. 

Author: Benjamin Tabbart; Edited by: Joseph Jacobs

A classic English tale tells the story of a young and poor country boy Jack who trades his family cow for a handful of magic beans, which grows into an enormous beanstalk reaching up to the clouds. When Jack climbs it, he finds himself in a castle of a giant with great fortunes. He manages to take some away from the giant and in the process also manages to get rid of him for good by cutting the stalk when the giant is climbing down to catch him. 

Author: Gaston Herbert Putnam

An all-time classic story of a gingerbread man that was baked by a lady cook for a young boy Bobby. The gingerbread looked like a jolly little man and as soon as he was taken out of the oven, it ran away. What follows is a funny little chase which involves the cook, a cat, a dog and a monkey till finally Bobby manages to enjoy the dish made for him.

Editor: Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush

The Elves and the Shoemaker is the classic English stories for kids wherein a poor shoemaker who is struggling to meet ends is astonished to see a new pair of shoes every night in his shop. As his business starts to grow, he finally finds out that it is the work of two elves and he and his wife decide to reward the elves with new clothes.

Author: The Brothers Grimm Grim

This story is about a princess who was cursed by a wicked fairy to die if she ever touches a spindle but fairy godmother changes the curse to sleep. When the tragedy struck them, the entire kingdom goes to sleep for hundred of years till one day, a young charming prince visits the palace and falls in love with sleeping girl and the curse is finally broken.

Author: The Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time , a simpleton offered his bare food with an old stranger who actually rewarded him with a golden goose. When people tried to steal feathers of the goose, they got stuck to it. This caused a great possession seeing which a princes, who had never laughed in her entire life, was bought to splits. King has announced to marry his daughter to anyone who made her laugh, and then while attempting many times to avoid a simpleton as his son-in-law, he has to finally agree to marry them.

Author: Hans Christian Andersen  

In this Anderson classic, two swindlers trick the Emperor in thinking that they will weave him magnificient clothes which will be invisible to any stupid person. Now to avoid being called stupid, everyone in the kingdom started to play along till finally Emperor himself, though confused, stepped outside without any clothes and is called out so by a young boy.

Edited by Watty Piper

The fairytale is about a young beautiful princess is sent away to marry a prince by her mother along with a maid. When maid forces the princess to switch places with her, the poor princess starts looking after the geese in the prince’s farm. Finally the king finds out the whole truth and the maid has to pay the price for her deeds.

Autor: Mary Mapes Dodge

Little Red Hen is an American fable about a hardworking little red hen who lived in a farm along with her three friends- a dog, a cat and a rat. The little hen found some wheat seeds, buries them, nurtured them, cut the wheat and thrashed it to make flour and whenever asked for help, her 3 friends always said “Not I”. But when the bread was finally made from the flour, everyone jumped up to eat it but Little Red Hen didn’t share it with anyone this time.

The Little Shepherd Boy is one of the famous English stories for kids.

The story is about a little boy who was famous for his wise answers One day a king summoned the boy’s presence in his kingdom and asked him three questions to which the boy answered very wisely.

Author: Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve

In this fairytale, a merchant while returning back to his home, tries to pluck a red rose from the palace of a beast who then holds him captive. When his youngest daughter switched places with him, she gets to learn about the kind heart and soul of the beast and finally falls in love with him. Finding true love, the spell is broken and beast transforms into a charming prince.

Author: Brothers Grimm

Rapunzel is one of the most beautiful bedtime stories for kids. It is the story of a girl who is taken from her parents by a witch who uses the magical power in Rapunzel’s golden hair to stay young. One fine day, a young boy comes over and Rapunzel and the boy falls in love with each other. Wicked witch sends Rapunzel far away to a desert and the boy loses his eyesight and is made to wonder around till one day he hears Rapunzel’s voice and the magic in her tears cures his eyesight. 

A bedtime story for kids.

A newborn who is grey in color keeps struggling to fit in with rest of the ducks. Finally, she decides to leave her home and braves various challenging situations to stay alive and keep growing. Then one fine day, the newborn realizes that while she always thought she was a duck but in fact she was a white swan. 

Authored by Laure Claire Foucher

Once upon a time, there lived a mother goat with her seven children. One day when she went out, a wolf came to her house and ate all her children up. When mother goat found the wolf sleeping, she cut its stomach to pull out her children and stuffed it with stones. When wolf woke up and went to river to drink water, he was drowned by the weight of the stones.

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

Once a cat lived in a huge house next to a river. Cat had a bell tied to its neck, noise of which  prevented the cats from hunting the birds. Once the clever cat tricked a bird to sing for her as she slowly and steadily tried to get closer to its prey. But the bird was smart and she flew at the exact time when cat attached her and the cat fell in the water. 

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

 A long time ago, there lived a sea monster who had very big mouth. He saved a boy named Ko-Ko and took him to an isolated island and helped him. Next, the sea monster saved a girl of Ko-Ko’s age and took her to the island too. When the girl wished that the sea monster should have been a man, her wish is granted and the sea monster transforms into a sea god.

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker.  

Little Hilda was a sailor’s daughter and lived in a little cottage near the shore. One stormy night, she is visited by a mermaid who tells her everything about her kingdom under the sea and how they are different yet similar. In the morning, when Hilda wakes up, the mermaid is long gone. 

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

This classic bedtime story for kids tells the story of a girl who had a habit to cry on everything. One day on her way to school, she starts to cry again and a frog starts to follow her as he wanted to jump into a pool of tears. But when frog’s wish is granted, he didn’t like the salty water and Tearful also learns a lesson to not to cry over every little thing.

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

Lazy Gray was the youngest and laziest in his family. He didn’t plan or work hard to store up for the winter season and suffered heavily. All other squirrels and his family only supported him a little and he learnt the value of planning and hard work. Next season, he was sure to stock up enough supplies to last entire winter season. 

Once a poor barber went to a forest of tigers. Animals were scared to see him and offered him lot of jewels and wealth to spare them. Once Barber’s friend found out the secret of his sudden good luck and asked him to go to the forest with him. The two were hiding in the trees when the entire tiger community was having a meeting and with his wittiness, the barber saved his and his friend’s life.

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