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Enjoy the all-time favorite collection of best English stories for kids. From legendary writers like Beatrix Potter, Grimm Brothers, and Watty Piper to name a few, we present this fabulous collection of bedtime stories for kids. The list includes several classics like Cinderella, Snowdrops, Rapunzel, Puss in Boots, Goldilocks and Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, and many more.

Scroll down to read these simple English stories that have stood the test of time and been kid’s favorite for ages.

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Table of Contents

Author: Beatrix Potter

This is the story of a little mischievous rabbit, named Peter who disobeys his mother’s advice of not visiting the garden of their neighbor Mr. MacGregor. Instead, he decides to go to the place and gets himself into big trouble when Mr. MacGregor spots him and tried to catch him. Poor Peter Rabbit had to run for this life and somehow manages to get back to his house and mother. Read the full English story of Peter Rabbit here >>


Published by: T Nelson & Sons 

This bedtime story is of a naughty little rat who neglects his mother’s advice of not going in the house pantry and decides to grab some sweets for himself. He is then caught by the cook but the little girl of the house takes pity on him and let him loose again and he runs back to his mother. Read  the full English story of Little Thief in the Pantry here >>

Author: Hamilton Wright Maybe, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush

Probably the most popular English story for kids ever, Cinderella narrates the story of a beautiful orphaned girl. She lives with her step mother and step sisters who make her do all household chores. Till one day, there is a ballroom party to which Cinderella manages to go with little help from her fairy godmother. Host of the party, a prince, is smitten by her beauty and uses the glass shoe that she leaves behind to track her down and makes her his queen. Read the bedtime story for kids “Cinderella” here >>

Author: Hamilton Wright Maybe, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush

Another all-time favorite kids story, in which a golden haired girl Goldilocks gets lost in a forest and ends up in a hut which belongs to 3 bears. She eats their porridge, brake a chair and messes up their beds. When the bears return, Goldilocks gets scared and manages to run back to safety.  Read the short story of Goldilocks and Three Bears here >>

Author: The Brothers Grimm

This is a short story about a king who had 12 daughters who will always have torn shoes overnight. When no one is able to solve the puzzle, king throws open a challenge. A brave soldier took the challenge and is offered some advise and help by an old woman. Using an invisible cloak, he finds out the that princesses dance through the night with 12 princes and wins the hand of a princess as his reward. Read the complete story of 12 Dancing Princesses here >> 

Edited by Watty Piper

Another classic English stories for kids is the story of Snowdrops. She had a wicked step mother who was keen to ensure she was the fairest person in the entire kingdom and used a magic mirror. She tried to kill Snowdrops, who ends up in the hut of seven little dwarfs. Not happy with result, wicked step mother feed her a poisonous apple but as luck would have it, a prince saves Snowdrops from this fate and goes on to marry her. Read the English story of Snowdrops and Seven Little Dwarfs here >>

A Classic Arabian folktale.

This story is about a lazy boy Aladdin, who is sent into a cave by a wicked magician uncle to fetch a magic lamp. But as fate would have it, Aladdin finds a ginnie in the lamp who fulfill any 3 wishes of the owner. Aladdin uses his wishes wisely to win the heart of Princess Bulbul and to defeat the wicked magician. Read complete story of Aladdin and The Magic Lamp here >>

Written by Charles Perrault

This classic bedtime story for kids is about a clever cat and a poor boy. The cat asks for a pair of boots from the poor boy and then with its shrewdness secure the future of its master by projecting him as a rich noble guy and marries him to the princess of the kingdom. Read the complete story of Puss In Boots here >>

Author: Beatrix Potter

First published in 1905, it tells the tale of a little girl Leila who discovers that her pocket-handkerchiefs have gone missing. As she sets out in search of them, she came across an old lady, have some great conversations with her before finally realizing that her missing handkerchiefs are with her and she is nothing but a hedgehog. Read English Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle here >>

Author: The Brothers Grimm

A beautiful princess seeks help from a frog to find her golden ball which she had accidentally dropped in a spring. In return, she promises to be the frog’s companion. But the girl changes her mind as soon as frog helps her. Frog followed her to the palace and king forces her to keep her word and finally the frog turns out to be the most handsome prince under a curse. Read the simple English story of Frog Prince here >>

Edited by Watty Piper

Little Red Riding Hood is an innocent on her way to see her sick grandmother with some goodies. A wicked wolf finds out her plan, gets to granny’s house and eats her alive. Now as the wolf plan to eat the little girl too, Red Riding Hood shouts for help and a woodcutter comes to her rescue and also pulls granny out of the wolf. Read the classic English story of Little Red Riding Hood here >>

Author: Benjamin Tabbart; Edited by: Joseph Jacobs

A classic English tale tells the story of a young and poor country boy Jack who trades his family cow for a handful of magic beans, which grows into an enormous beanstalk reaching up to the clouds. When Jack climbs it, he finds himself in a castle of a giant with great fortunes. He manages to take some away from the giant and in the process also manages to get rid of him for good by cutting the stalk when the giant is climbing down to catch him. Read the full classic story of Jack and Beanstalk here >>

Author: Gaston Herbert Putnam

An all-time classic story of a gingerbread man that was baked by a lady cook for a young boy Bobby. The gingerbread looked like a jolly little man and as soon as he was taken out of the oven, it ran away. What follows is a funny little chase which involves the cook, a cat, a dog and a monkey till finally Bobby manages to enjoy the dish made for him. Read the complete fun English story of Little Ginger Bread Man here >>

Editor: Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush

The Elves and the Shoemaker is the classic English stories for kids wherein a poor shoemaker who is struggling to meet ends is astonished to see a new pair of shoes every night in his shop. As his business starts to grow, he finally finds out that it is the work of two elves and he and his wife decide to reward the elves with new clothes. Read the complete story of Elves and The Shoemaker here >>

Author: The Brothers Grimm Grim

This story is about a princess who was cursed by a wicked fairy to die if she ever touches a spindle but fairy godmother changes the curse to sleep. When the tragedy struck them, the entire kingdom goes to sleep for hundred of years till one day, a young charming prince visits the palace and falls in love with sleeping girl and the curse is finally broken. Read the complete English story of The Sleeping Beauty >>

Author: The Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time there lived a young boy Simpleton with his two elder brothers and mother. His brothers would chop woods for living but was rude and selfish. Simpleton, on the other hand was very kind and humble and thus was rewarded a golden goose by a little wise man with who… Read more 🙂

Authore: Hans Christian Andersen  

Emperor’s New Clothes is a folktale by Anderson which has been translated in various languages. The English story is about an emperor who spends lavishly on clothes. Two very clever weavers trick the emperor and get commissioned to weave him magnificent clothes that are i… Read more 🙂

Edited by Watty Piper

The fairytale is about a young beautiful princess who was sent away by her old mother to the lands a prince with whom she would get married as promised a long time ago. She was sent away along with a maid and a horse. On the way, the maid threatened the princess and swaps he… Read more 🙂

Enjoy best English stories for kids

Autor: Mary Mapes Dodge

Little Red Hen is an American fable collection. It is again one of the most popular English stories for kids. The story is about a hardworking little red hen who lived in a farm along with her three friends- a dog, a cat and a duck. The little hen found some seeds and so she decided to plant, cut and grind them to bake some bread whe… Read more 🙂

The Little Shepherd Boy is one of the famous English stories for kids.

The story is about a little boy who was famous for his wise answers which he gave to all questions. His act of kindness was known to all even in faraway lands. So, one day a king summoned the boy’s presence in his kingdom and decided to… Read more 🙂

Enjoy best English stories for kids

Author: Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve

Once lived a merchant who had a lavish life but due to misfortune, all his fortunes were lost. Everyone in the family was sad but only Beauty, the youngest daughter of the merchant was positive and cheerful. When one day, the merchant got the news that ma… Read more 🙂

Author: Brothers Grimm

Rapunzel is one of the most beautiful bedtime stories for kids. Once there was a couple who wished for a baby for a long time. They lived behind the beautiful house and garden that belonged to a witch. The couple was expecting their first child. One day the woman noticed rampion salad leaves in … Read more 🙂

A bedtime story for kids.

One bright summer season afternoon, a Mother duck built herself a warm nest and sat on the six eggs she had lately laid. Five of them had been white, but the sixth, which was large than the others was different from the rest and was grey in color. The sixth egg cracked into a brown-colored bird a… Read more 🙂

Authored by Laure Claire Foucher

Once upon a time, there lived a mother goat with her seven children. One day she went to the dense forest to fetch some food and warned her kids about a clever wolf. She asked them to stay alert from the wolf who would often come in disguise to kill. But he coul… Read more 🙂

Enjoy best English stories for kids

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

A very kind gentleman once lived in a huge house which was in the midst of a stunning park. He had a lovely cat.  Pussy was very clever and his master knew very vividly that she would harm the birds in the garden. So he put an enormous ribbon around Pussy’s neck and tied a little silver bell on that which used to tinkle on every occasion pussy moved and this warned .. Read more 🙂

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

 A long time ago, there lived a sea monster on an island of rocks out in the ocean. His head was giant and mouth. It was so massive that he could swallow a ship. On stormy nights he used to sit on the rocks and the flashing of his eyes c… Read more 🙂

Enjoy best English stories for kids

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker.  

It is one of the very popular English stories for kids. Little Hilda was a sailor’s daughter and lived in a little cottage near the shore. Her father used to go on long voyages. She used to spin and knit while her father was away. She was very fond of water so she would often … Read more 🙂

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

This classic English kids’ bedtime story. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Tearful, because she cried so often. She used to cry anytime and anywhere, for things big and small. Her mother warned her about crying but Tearful did not take her warning seriously and kept on crying. One morning she was crying on her way to school because she wanted to stay at home when she noticed a frog… Read more 🙂

Author: Abbie Phillips Walker

It is one of the popular English stories for kids. Lazy Gray was the youngest in his family. His mother thought he was the prettiest and hence did not ask him to do errands or to climb trees or carry out any other tasks that most squirrels have to do. So, Lazy Gray took advanta… Read more 🙂

Once there lived a barber who was very poor. He lived with his wife and children on his meager earnings. One day he had a very bad day at work and with nothing left in his pocket, he decided to walk away from his family. After traveling a lot, he came to a jungle. It was night when he got there, he saw tigers wandering in the jungle and got very scared. But on seeing Barber, the tigers instead started begging for their life. “I have come,” said the barber, “to catch twenty tigers by order… Read more 🙂

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