Chittranjan Das

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The Inspirational Story of "Chittranjan Das"

This famous Indian was also known as “Deshbandhu” which means friend of the nation. Chittranjan Das was a freedom fighter, Lawyer and poet. Das was the first recipient of Bharat Ratan. He was the founder of Swaraj party along side Motilal Nehru. 

Birth: Chittaranjan Das was born on November 5, 1870, in Calcutta, India, into a well-known Baidya family from Bikrampur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Das family belonged to the Brahmo Samaj. Chittaranjan was the nephew of Brahmo social reformer Durga Mohan Das and the son of Bhuban Mohan Das.

Childhood: Chittaranjan grew up in a large family with his parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, and other relatives who were all looked after by his family.

Adult Life: He expressed a strong desire to learn more about literature. In 1890, he sailed to England to study law after completing his graduation. He was called to the bar in London’s Middle Temple. He also took the prestigious Indian Civil Service (ICS) examination.

Trigger point in his life: During Non Cooperation movement he was the initiator to boycott European goods and burn all his European clothes and starting donning Khadi clothes. 

Dacca Conspiracy Case: Chittaranjan Das, the accused’s defence counsel, brilliantly defended the case, which included over two hundred witnesses and over four thousand documents. Aurobindo Ghose was found not guilty of all charges. Das represented the defence in the Dacca Conspiracy Case from 1910 to 1911. The role of Chittaranjan Das as a defence council lawyer earned him a legendary status.

Acheivements: After dissociating with Indian National Congress due to withdrawal of Civil Disobedience Movement  by Mahatma Gandhi, he formed the Swaraj party and continued his fight for freedom.

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