Maharana Pratap

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The Inspirational Story of "Maharana Pratap"

Maharana Pratap, also known as Pratap Singh I, was a Hindu Rajput king of Mewar. “Mewari Rana” was his title. He is remembered for his military opposition to the Mughal Empire’s expansionism, as well as his role in the Battles of Haldighati and Dewair.

Birth: He was the first son of Raja Uday Singh, thus he was trained to become a king since childhood. As a child, Maharana Pratap was very friendly and good-natured. While on expeditions with his father he made many friends with local tribal kids who taught him surviving skills for hard times. After passing away from his father, Maharana Pratap became the king.

Childhood: Pratap’s spent his young days mostly at Kumbhalgarh. He had three younger brothers and two stepsisters. 

Adult Life: When Pratap succeeded his father’s crown, his brother Jagmal Singh, vowed vengeance and joined the Mughal army. For his assistance, Mughal ruler Akbar bestowed the town of Jahazpur onto him.


The Mughals: When his crown, came his long struggle against the Mughals. At that time Akbar was the king of Mughals, they were expanding their empire and wanted to conquer Gujarat through Mewar. Their policy was to make Indian kings bow to them and give them a prominent position in the Mughal empire. Many kings gave in to Akbar, but Maharana Pratap stood his ground, not willing to give up Mewar. This lead to the famous battle of Haldighati. This extensive battle was won by the Mughals, and an injured Maharana Pratap was carried by his beloved horse Chetak, who took the famous leap of 22 feet, which saved the king’s life but proved fatal for the horse.

The Other Battle: After that Maharana Pratap lived in the jungle for years, depending on the surviving skills learned in childhood from his tribal friends, and preparing to reclaim Mewar from the Mughals. Ultimately another battle took place and Maharana Pratap reclaimed most of his land from the Mughals. King Akbar, who has started respecting Maharana Pratap by this time, withdrew from Mewar. Maharana Pratap ruled the kingdom till his last breath and was succeeded by his son Rana Amar Singh.


Legacy: Maharana Pratap is widely referred to be “India’s first independence fighter” because he refused to give up to Akbar’s Mughal army. Maharana Pratap’s life and accomplishments have been the subject of several television series.

Maharana Pratap Memorial, a historical site dedicated to Maharana Pratap, is located on Moti Magri, in Udaipur. It is a life-size bronze statue of the valiant fighter riding his horse ‘Chetak.’

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