Mahatma Gandhi

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The Inspirational Story of "Mahatma Gandhi"

Throughout history, we have read about great warriors who fought with weapons and ammunition to save the glory of their country. But among all, there is one great leader who choose to fight without any weapon and to follow the path of non-violence. He followed the path of Ahimsa for Indian Independence. He was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also well-known by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Birth: Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd of October in Gujarat, Porbandar. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi and mother’s name was Putli Bai. 

Childhood: Our Father of Nation, “Mahatma Gandhi” was adored by his mother as a child and his nickname was Monya. Once he watched a drama “Raja Harishchandra” which happened to be the turning point of his life. He learnt the value of truth and honesty from the drama and followed that throughout his life. But did you know once Gandhi ji stole gold from his own house?  He was under debt when he decided to steal gold. But amidst that he felt so guilty that he wrote a confession letter and gave it to his father. After reading the letter, Gandhiji’s father neither shouted nor beat him up but just tore the letter apart. 

Adult Life: Gandhiji got married to Kasturba Bai and went to England for further studies. He started living in South Africa once he became a Barrister.

Trigger point in his life: In South Africa when he was travelling in a first-class coach which was filled with British officials, he was forced to get down of the train because of his nationality and skin color. That’s when he decided to fight for all the Indians who lived in South-Africa and launched the Satyagraha movement. He lived there for 21 years. Infact the station where he was forced to get down, now have his statue.

When he came back to India, he built an ashram near Sabarmati river, named Satyagraha Ashram. Not only did he fight for Indian independence but as a true Indian, he also spoke against many other social evils like untouchability, poverty, illiteracy, etc.

Protests & Negotiations: Gandhi began wearing a short dhoti woven with hand-spun yarn as a sign of identification with India’s rural people. He started living in a self-sufficient residential community and eating plain foods, as well as fasting for long periods of time as a form of public protest. In 1930, Gandhi a 400-kilometers Dandi Salt March to protest the British-imposed salt tax, and called for the British to leave India. In both South Africa and India, he was imprisoned numerous times and for long periods of time. 

In March 1931, Gandhi and Irwin signed the Gandhi–Irwin Pact. In exchange for the suspension of the civil disobedience movement, the British government agreed to release all political prisoners. Gandhi was called to the Round Table Conference in London for discussions and as the only leader of the Indian National Congress, according to the treaty.

Movements: Some of Gandhi’s famous movements are: Civil Disobedience Movement, Hind Swaraj, Dandi March, Swadeshi Movement, Satyagraha, etc. He always showed the path of truth and goodwill to his countrymen. 

Gandhi Ji Ke Teen Bandar: And how can we forget the three famous monkeys of Gandhiji? These there monkeys depicts life lessons to us. The first says ” See no evil!”, the second says, “Say no evil!”, and the third says, “Listen no evil!” These ideologies were always followed by Baapu. He was admired because of his strong principles and anyone following his path of  non-violence and honesty will be admired too. 

Undoubtedly, Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest and famous Indian personality and for his contributions in Indian independence struggle, he earned the title of “Father of the nation”

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