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The Inspirational Story of "Bismil"

In this episode of “Famous Indian Personalities”, let us talk about the Indian Freedom revolutionary, poet, writer and historian- Ram Prasad Bismil.

Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil was a freedom fighter who took part in the Indian independence movement. In 1918, he was a member of the Mainpuri Conspiracy, and in 1925, he was a member of the Kakori Conspiracy.

Birth: He was born in Shahjahanpur in United provinces on 11th June 1897. His father was a lawyer. 

Childhood: Bismil  was home schooled initially, where he studied to become proficient in Hindi and Urdu.

Adult Life: Later in life, despite his father’s opposition, he was admitted to an English-language school, joined the Arya Samaj, and was eventually exposed to the Indian Freedom Revolution.

Trigger points in her life: He created Matrivedi party in order to procure finances for buying weapons against the British leading to Mainpuri Kand, followed by Kakori Train Robbery. The train robbery failed and the revolutionaries had to flee. Bismil alsong with his accomplices got arrested and was taken to Gorakhpur jail.

Later Years: In Gorakhpur jail, he wrote his autobiography, which was published a year after his hanging on 19th Decembre 1927, thus making him an inspiration and a name which was taken with nothing but respect. In 1928, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi published Ram Prasad Bismil’s autobiography under the cover title Kakori ke shaheed.

Memorial: On December 19, 1983, Indira Gandhi, opened a memorial in Kakori to remember the Kakori conspiracists.  A park is also named after Bismil by the Uttar Pradesh government: Shaheed, Amar Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil Udyan.

Stay tuned and listen to more episodes of our podcast “Famous Indian Personalities” where we keep bringing stories from the lives of the greatest personalities of India. 

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