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Story on Sage Agastya

Let us tell you another India’s best mythological stories for kids. This is a mythology story about a Rishi who once drank the entire ocean and made a mountain bow down to him. Would you believe that he balanced the entire earth and had a river in his little jar called Kamandala. The Rishi is talked about in Vedas and Puranas, he is considered to be one of the powerful Rishis in Tamil culture. He is said to have written the first Tamil Grammer book. Did you know that he was born in a pot? Astonishing! It is also said that when Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati were getting married, all the devas, rishis, animals went to Mount Kailash to see them. This caused a great imbalance and the earth tilted to one side. Shiva then called the powerful Rishi to had the mystic power to bring the earth back to its feet. Agastya! The most powerful sage with numerous capabilities.

Sage Agastya

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Agastya is a historic Maharshi who  crossed the Vindhya Mountains and spread vedic civilization in South India. Agasthya is credited for founding the Tamil language and bringing Sanskrit to the Southern regions of India.

Once God’s were troubled by demons called Kalikayas, they were led by a powerful demon called Vritrasura. Indra defeat with his special weapon made from a sage’s bone. After Vrirtrasura was dead, the Kalikayas hid deep in the ocean. They would come up at night and disturb everyone. The only way to defeat them all was only if someone could dry up the water in the ocean. Agastya drank every bit of water from the ocean and the Kalikayas were exposed and defeated. Nothing was impossible for Sage Agastya. 

Southern region’s most sacred river is a gift by Sage Agastya. King Kavera’s daughter married Sage Agastya and always hoped to be useful to mankind. The sage turned her into water and put her into a little jar called Kamandala. He was sitting and meditating with the jar next to him when a crow toppled the water jar and the entire water spilled forming the river Kaveri.

The Mahabharata, the second significant Hindu epic, has a tale on Agastya. In the epic, he is depicted as a sage with enormous intake and digestive powers. Agastya halted the growth of the Vindhya mountains, reduced it, and killed the demons Vatapi and Ilvala. The Vana Parva tells the tale of a legendary fight between Indra and Vritra, in which all the demons hide in the sea, and the gods seek help from Agastya, who subsequently swallows up the ocean, disclosing all the demons to the gods.

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