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Story on 5th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Vamana avatar’s (Lord Vishnu’s 5th avatar) purpose is to safeguard the devas who have been forced to flee the three worlds since Bali strengthened his dominance. 

Vamana avatar, mythological stories for kids

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Vamana means "dwarf" and Vamanadeva means Dwarf God. He is also called also Trivikrama, Urukrama, Upendra, and Dadhivamana

Prahlada ruled for a long time on earth. His devotion to Lord Vishnu spread far and wide. Not just him but his grandson, King Bali also followed his path. King Bali was very noble and kind. After the Samundramathan Bali was defeated by the Devas led by Lord Indra. He was unconscious but was brought back by Sukhracharya with the Sanjeevni mantra. Sukhracharya became his guru. Bali was very furious at Lord Indra. He performed a great sacrifice to regain his power and strength. He attacked Devaloka and ransacked all the wealth of the Gods.

Bali grew stronger and mightier by performing several sacrifices and started enjoying the wealth and affluence of the Devaloka. He was full of pride and felt like the Lord of the three worlds. Aditi, the mother of all Gods and wife of sage Kashyapa, could not see her son suffering. She took on a severe vow and started praying to Lord Narayana to save her sons. Lord Narayana pleased with her prayers promised to be born as her son. A child was born to Aditi. He was called Vamana, a dwarf because of his small height. He learned the Vedas and became a learned boy completing all the ritualistic practices. King Bali around that time, decided to perform a sacrifice of donating his wealth to people near the banks of the river Narmada.

When Lord Vamana visited the place, Bali welcomed him with humility. He washed Vamana’s feet and asked the Lord about his needs. Vamana said he just needs three footsteps of land. Bali insisted on asking more but Vamana stood by his word. However, Sukhracharya, understood that the dwarf was Lord Vishnu who had come to end Bali’s reign. The moment Bali was done with the offering rituals, Lord Vamana started growing into a size that touched the sky. With his first step, he covered the entire earth, and with the second, he covered the world above. There was no place for Vamana to keep his third step. King Bali realized his mistake and asked the Lord to keep the third step on his head. Lord Vishnu was pleased with Bali’s devotion and sent him to the netherworld to be the ruler there. Though Bali was born as an Asura, his truthfulness and devotion helped him earn Lord’s love.

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