How to Make Deviled Egg

Make Deviled Egg!

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Recipe Name: Deviled Egg


Preparation Time: 15  mins          

Age of Cooking: 5 years & more   Serves: 3 persons 

(Under strict parental guidance)


  • 3-4 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 cup mayonnaise 
  • 1tsp lemon juice
  • 1tsp mustard sauce
  • ½tsp garlic powder
  • ½ cup freshly chopped parsley 
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste


  • Slice the boiled eggs into two halves and scoop the yolks out.
  • Mash the yolk and add mayo, lemon juice, mustard sauce, garlic powder, salt, and pepper to the yolk paste and mix it well
  • Fill the egg white with the paste and sprinkle chopped parsley
  • Enjoy your tasty egg

Smart Deviled Egg tip!

Sprinkle some fresh coriander on your Deviled Eggs to make them more pleasant and tasty  😉

Ideas For Deviled Egg Recipes

Deviled Eggs is one of the popular cooking without fire recipes for kids. In our blog we mentioned how you can prepare  Deviled Eggs but there are other various kinds. Scroll down to get more ideas on how you can make  Deviled Eggs.

  • Vegetable Boiled Eggs – Tomato-Onion slices  + Mustard Sauce + Garlic Powder + Lemon Juice + Boiled Eggs
  • Capsicum Boiled Eggs – Capsicum slices + Mustard Sauce + Garlic Powder + Lemon Juice + Boiled Eggs
  • Pickled Boiled Eggs – Mango Pickle + Mustard Sauce + Garlic Powder + Lemon Juice + Boiled Eggs. 
  • Schezwan Boiled Eggs – Tomato-Onion slices  + Schezwan Sauce + Garlic Powder + Lemon Juice + Boiled Eggs.

About Deviled Egg

Deviled eggs are high in protein and nutrients. Hence they can be called as Superfoods also. 

Eggs are used in a number of cuisines and can even be prepared as a wonderful dish on their own. The fact that they may be used in both sweet and savoury cuisines demonstrates their versatility. Deviled egg is one of the most prevalent methods of consuming them. They’re also known as ‘stuffed eggs,’ because they’re delicious, healthful, and quick to prepare. People who consume deviled eggs burn more calories than those who eat carbohydrates or lipids. The metabolism is boosted as a result of this. Deviled eggs are extremely good for your eyes.

This recipe is inspired by the cooking without fire recipes for kids. Make this recipe of cooking without fire today and stay tuned for more fireless cooking recipes for kids.

Disclaimer: If you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients used, please avoid it or consult a physician.

FAQ's on Deviled Eggs recipes

Deviled eggs, if refrigerated, can sit for a week and stay safe to eat (peeled or unpeeled). Left unrefrigerated, though, the expiration deadline drops to about two hours. If Deviled eggs are left at room temperature for long periods of time, bacteria will grow at a rapid pace

Eating Deviled eggs for breakfast and staying away from junk food can be of great help in preventing a bloated belly.

No. Shell color, size or how hens are raised does not change the nutrient content of eggs

To peel a hard-boiled egg, gently tap egg on countertop until shell is finely crackled all over. Roll egg between hands to loosen shell. Starting peeling at large end, holding egg under cold running water to help ease the shell off.

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Benefits of cooking without fire for kids

Are you searching for a new indoor activity for your kids? If you want to keep your kids entertained, then cooking without fire is the way to go. It enables your child to cooperate with others and builds confidence as they try out new recipes, pack their own lunches, bake seasonal sweets, or assist with dinner preparation.

Fireless cooking not only teaches youngsters how to cook, but it also teaches them important life skills. This fosters children’s creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Children enhance their knowledge of basic abilities such as measuring, counting, and following instructions by using the cooking without fire technique.

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