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Why Listen To Us?

Audio helps with the complete cognitive development of the child by building their listening skills, communication skills, and imagination. All this, while keeping them away from the digital screens.

Also, we offer a wide variety of content on our app that consistently ranks amongst the best kids podcast charts both within India and globally.

Complete Cognitive Development

Utilize the power of audio to develop critical skills like listening, communication and imagination from an early age.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Learning can never be time bound. Tune in to our popular kids podcasts whenever you want to listen and learn.

Content Diversity

Not everyone enjoys the same thing, so we offer Indian podcast in multiple languages - English, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and Kannada (as we add more with time).

Family Content

Enjoy great content together as a family and develop strong bonds with your child. Handpick your favorite kids & family podcasts from a wide range of genres and languages!

Indian Podcast Genres



Enjoy screen-free time while listening to wide range of kids podcast stories in English, Hindi and other vernacular languages. Discover diverse Indian and global content. Ideal for bedtime, car rides, playtime and relaxing.


Sing & Dance

Tune in and dance with the kids to your favorite music and nursery rhymes that are also appropriate for their small ears. Ideal for road trips, Friday night with the family.


Play & Learn

Educate your children with fun, knowledge-based content customized podcasts for kids to help them in their development. Ideal for growth, imagination, and language building.

Top Kids Podcast Genres

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