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How Can Educational Podcasts Help Teachers and Students?

Enhance listening skills

Listening is an essential skill that students need to develop. By listening to engaging stories and education podcasts on Chimes, students can improve their listening skills and comprehension.

Stimulate creativity

Chimes offers a variety of podcasts on education that are designed to spark the imagination and creativity of children. Teachers can use these podcasts as a starting point for creative writing assignments or other activities that encourage students to think outside the box.

Learn New languages

Chimes has a range of podcasts in different languages, including Hindi and English which can help students grow their vocabulary and improve their language skills.

How can Audio Be A Great Aid for Teachers?

Wide range of Audio Content

You can use wide range of our educational podcasts that cover topics such as science, history, and geography which may supplement your regular curriculum.

Bilingual content

Listen to a range of podcasts in different languages, including Hindi and English. You can use these podcasts to help students build their vocabulary and improve their language skills.

Easy to use

With an easy to use mobile app, content is well recommended to you as per your child’s age group. Let the app recommend the content and you just enjoy whatever piques your interest and requirement. 

Risk Free trial

We offer a 7-day-risk-free trial, allowing you to explore the platform and its features before committing to a subscription.

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