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In today’s world, we are bombarded with information through various channels. It is almost impossible to know what is important and what is not.

Therefore, developing a daily news habit is a great way to stay on top of the world around us. The “A News A Day” Podcast by Chimes Radio does exactly that, with in-depth discussions on the top story of the day. Every episode also includes a brief summary of the news and a quick look at the top stories around the world.

Listeners can also follow up with the latest news at any time by visiting our mobile app available on…. Let us help improve your vocabulary and make you an informed citizen of the world. 

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News of the day- Importance

1. How to choose the right news content for kids?

It should include human-interest stories, sports, entertainment, business, politics, science, and, most importantly, age-appropriate information.

2. Why should kids be familiar with daily news?

The news provides everyone of us with a glimpse into the world. Reading or listening to news regularly makes them  informed. It also allows kids to join in conversations at the dinner table and in the classroom, boosting their self-esteem by giving them something useful to say.

3. Why should kids listen to "A News A Day" podcast?

Kids are always curious. They learn new things everyday. But what about news? Why should they listen to the news every day? Turns out, there is a reason behind this. News is not just about politics and economy. It also provides information on health, sports,, education, technology – making it essential for their growth and development. making them young responsible citizens. 

Our podcast, “A News A Day” helps kid provide with all these information, making them stand out of the crowd.

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