Ramayana Story in English

A Hindu epic story for kids. Scroll down to read and listen to the complete Ramayana story in English.

Ramayana story in English

The Complete Story of Ramayana

The Ramayana Retold For Children is a fresh new rendition of the centuries old tale of Lord Ram and Sita. This podcast is presented and narrated by the team at Once Upon A Time With Uttara and distributed by Chimes Radio. The Ramayana Story in English is narrated in an entertaining and thought-provoking conversational format. Perfect for young kids as young as 3 year old to listen and enjoy with their parents and grand parents.

The podcast not only talks about the significant events and stories of this wonderful Valmiki Ramayan epic, but also tries to view them through a contemporary lens, in order to answer the questions that kids might have while listening to this revered story. These stories will help to build imagination, vocabulary, comprehension, and appropriate life values among kids! 

Happy listening! 

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Disclaimer: A quick note to suggest that this podcast is only an attempt to re-tell this classic religious story in a contemporary way to today’s children. We have no intentions at all to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

"The Ramayana Retold For Children" Podcast

The Ramayana Story In English

Below are the list of chapters from the Valmiki Ramayan Katha but in a contemporary style.

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Sampurn Ramayan - An Overview

The story of Ramayan is one of the most popular epics of all times. Ramayana literally means “the journey of Lord Ram”. It is thus the story of Ram, his wife Sita, his brother Laxman, his close confident Hanuman, the evil demon king Ravan and the various events & adventures in their lives. Story of Ramayan is estimated to be written between 7th and 4th centure BCE by Maharishi Valmiki in Sanskrit. The original text had 24,000 versus and is one the longest mythological poems in the world. 

Over the time, the story has been written and re-written by many scholars and writers. One of the most famous of them was Tulsi Das and his version the Ramayana is called the Ramcharitmanas. 

This epic story teaches us all the difference between right & wrong and inspires us to always to do the right thing, no matter what. Listen to this podcast of the Ramayana story in English to learn and know about the important lessons of life. 

Start of Ramayan Katha - The Kingdom of Ayodhya

In the first part of Ramayan katha (story), we learn about the “Kingdom of Ayodhya”. Thousands of years ago, there was a powerful kingdom in southern part of India. It was called “The Kingdom of Kosala”, with its capital Ayodhya, situated on the banks of Sarayu river. 

The king of Ayodhaya, Dhasaratha had three wives-  Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. As the king didn’t have any heirs, on advise of Rishi Vasishtha, King Dhasaratha performed a holy prayer in order to have children. Soon God appeared before him with a pot of nectar, and advising him to distribute it among his queens. With the help of the magical nectar, the queens finally conceived and the great Princes of Ayodhya were born. Queen Kausalya gave birth to Ram, Kaikeyi to Bharat, Sumitra had twin boys, Lakshman and Shatrugan

The Battle With The Demon Tadaka

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, let’s learn about the “Demon Tadaka”. In olden days, Sage Vishwamitra was popular and known for his anger and temper. Everyone were afraid of him and never wanted to displease him. Once Sage Vishwamitra came to Ayodhya to meet King Dasharatha to complain about few demons or asuras, Maricha & Subahu. The sage requested the king to send Ram & Lakshman to fight the demons and to make sure the yagna is performed without any interference.

On their way, they encountered Tadaka, a fierce demoness but Ram and Lakshman managed to defeat her with an arrow. The forest was then feww from the terror of the demoness. But what happened to the other two demons? Continue listening to the  story of Ramayana story in English.

The Battle At Vishwamitra's Ashram

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, let’s continue further with ” The Battle At Vishwamitra’s Ashram”.

Ram and Lakshman proceeded to the ashram to fight Maricha and Sudahu, the two demons who would not let the sages perform any yajnas. The two demons were the sons of Tadaka, whom Ram and Laskhman defeated earlier. On reaching the ashram the disciples of Sage Vishwamitra started preparing for a grand Yajna. Ram and Lakshman stood guard and looked out for the two demons. On the sixth day of the Yajna, the two demons came to disturb the ceremony. 

The two princes fought a powerful battle with the demons and finally Ram defeated Maricha and Sudhau with two special astras or weapons. They were no longer able to disrupt the cermonies that day onwards. Want to know the names of the magical weapons? Listen to the Ramayana story for kids podcast to know further!

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Sita's Swayamvar

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, let’s know about Sita – where she was born and how she grew up, and how finally Ram was able to overcome the challenge set by her father at her Swayamvar ceremony., ” Sita’s Swayamvar”.

Sita was the princess of Videha with its capital city, Mithela. She was found in the field by King Janaka. Sita is considered to be the child of the earth and a blessing in dishuise. Janaka adopted her and raised her as his own. King Janaka had another daughter, Urmila. Sita and Urmila were extemely fond of each other. When Sita reaches adulthood, Janaka organizes a Swayamvara for her with the condition that Sita would marry only that person who would be able to string Pinaka, the bow of the god Shiva. He wanted a worthy suitor for Sita.

Guess who participated in the Swayamvara? Yes, Lord Rama. Rama was able to lift up the bow of Shiva but breaks the bow in the process. After a huge confrontation with Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Vishu, F Sita married Lord Rama, and Lakshmana married Urmila. Do you want to know why was Parashuram so angry on Rama? Then, listen to the podcast, “The Ramayana Retold For Children.”

The Royal Weddings

In this chapter of The Ramayana story in English, learn how Rama and all his brothers got married to Sita and her sisters at the multiple wedding celebrations in Mithila.

The grand wedding was not just of Ram and Sita but also Laksmana and Urmila. King Janaka had a brother with two beautiful daughters, Mandavi and Shrutakirti. The sages proposed that the weddings of sita’s cousins should take place with Bharat and Shatrugan. The four brothers and four sisters would be able to live happily together in Ayodhya. After the wedding, with time King Dasaratha felt it was time to appoint the next King of Ayodhya. Listen to the Ramayana story for kids to know further!

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Rama Chosen To Be Yuvaraj

In this chapter of the Ramayana story in English, learn how Dasharatha decides to make Rama the next Yuvraj, or king, to take over the reins of the kingdom after his death.

King Dasaratha thought long and hard before making his decision. He also examined four of the Princes. After a great deal of judgment, he concluded to make Rama, the King of Ayodhya. Dasaratha found Rama to be the most courageous, strong, compassionate, wise and, the purest of heart. Dasaratha was sure that making him King would be best as he would always do the right thing. Ram would govern the kingdom in a way that would be best for its people.

The King announced his decision in open court and everyone was happy. There was celebration everywhere in the Kingdom and everyone was celebrating but Kaikeyi, Bharat’s mother. She had a maid Manthara who was a mean-spirited person and unfollowed managed to influence Kaikeyi in her words. She predicted that if Ram becomes King, he would send Bharat off to exile and would take away all his powers. Kaikeyi refused to believe it at first but Manthara managed to put it in her mind.

A long time ago Kaikeyi was offered two boons from King Dasaratha, where she could ask for anything she wanted and anytime she wanted it. Therefore, she decided to use her boons. Eager to know about what she asked for that made Ram go to exile for 14 years? Continue listening to the  story of Ramayana story in English.

Rama's Exile To The Forest

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will understand how Rama lost his position as Yuvraj and had to go live in the forest for 14 years. Sita and Lakshmana decided to accompany him as they could not bear to be apart for such a long time.

In the last chapter we learnt about the boons that Kaikeyi demand which left Dasaratha in dilema. The King had to honor his own promise and as a result he made a royal announcement. He stated that Bharat would be the next King and Rama had to go on exile for 14 years in the forest. The entire kingdom was sad and in tears.

Prince Bharat was not in the kingdom when all this was happening. As a result he was not in a position to object. In the middle of so much chaos, Rama accepted the command of Dasaratha without any question. Rama’s wife Sita and Lakshman decided to accompany Rama in his period of exile. As the three royals left to lead the lives of ordinary men, the entire Kingdom mourn their departure. Listen to the Ramayana story for kids to know further!

King Dasharatha and Shravan Kumar

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will hear the story of King Dasharatha when he was a young man and had done something terrible. As a result of this, he had been cursed to die, pining for his favorite son. This gives us an insight into the fact that when we do something wrong, we must face the consequences.

As Dasharatha lay in bed bed sick and close to death, he miss Rama and Lakshman. That’s when he remember an incidence that has taken place many years ago, when he was a young man. One evening when he was aiming to hunt a deer, he accidentally hurt a human. His arrow had hurt a young man, named Shravan Kumar who was filling water in the vessel from the bank of the river. King Dasharatha was deeply ashamed for what he has done and he passed away as he remembered this incident. Listen to the  story of Ramayana for kids to know more!

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Rama's Foray Into The Forest

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will learn where Rama, Sita and Lakshman decided to spend their next few years in the forest – in a lovely place called Chitrakoot, at the top of a hill. They did not yet know about King Dasharatha’s death.

The three of them traveled deep into the forest and reached the river Ganga and decided to spend the night there. They also met King Buha, the King of that region who was a devotee of Lord Rama. He requested them spend their 14 years of exile in his forest kingdom. But Lord Rama was not comfortable with the idea of living in comfort while he was banished. 

The next morning King Buha helped Ram, Sita and Lakshman to reach the opposite bank of the river. They finally reached Rishi Bharadwaj’s ashram where they decided to set up their own lodging in Chitrakoot. Listen to the story of Ramayana for kids to know more!

Bharat Goes To Call Rama Back

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will learn we will hear how Prince Bharat travels into the forest to bring Prince Rama back to become king of Ayodhya. However, Rama decides to honour his promise to King Dasharatha and doesn’t go back while Bharat decides to rule the kingdom only as a caretaker for Lord Rama till he can return after his 14 years of exile.

Furious Bharat explained his mother Kaikeyi about her terrible mistakes and left Ayodhya to meet his beloved brothers Rama & Lakshman. After traveling for few days when he finally reached Chittrakot, he fell down weeping at the feet of Rama. He informed about the death of their father and begged him to return back to take over the throne of Ayodhaya, as the rightful king. Listen to the  story of Ramayana for kids to know more!

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Living In Panchavati

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will hear how Rama, Lakshman and Sita all travel to Panchavati and set up a lovely home there, in the midst of a forest. They also meet and befriend an important friend who promises to be a protector to Sita. 

The three royals go the idea of setting up a lodging in Panchavati from Rishi Agastya. The Rishi offered Rama several gifts which will prove to be valuable in their coming years.

He gave Rama a bow that was made for Lord Vishu with celestial powers, the second was an inexhaustible quiver of arrows and the third was a special sword capable of killing demons. As they left the ashram and trekked through the forest, they came across, Jatayu, the king of vultures. Jatayu took the responsibility of ensuring Sita’s safety. Listen to the  story of Ramayana for kids to know more!

Soorpanakha's Visit To Panchavati

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will get to know of an incident that happened in Panchavati where the rakshasi Soorpanakha came to Panchavati and fell in love with Rama. She insisted on marrying him but he was not interested. Unfortunately, something terrible happened after that. 

Soorpanakha is considered one of the most important characters in the story of Ramayana. She was, in fact, the arrow that set in motion a series of events that resulted in Ravan’s demise. Soorpanakha was one of the demons who occasionally resided in the jungle. She met Ram during one of these visits and fell in love with him right away. Using Maya power, she disguised herself as a lovely woman and approached Ram.

She requested him to marry her, but Lord Rama had no desire to marry anyone else. That’s when she came up with the plan to harm Sita in order to live with Ram. When Lakshman realised Soorpanakha’s plot, he came to Sita’s rescue and cut off Soorpanakha’s nose. Continue listening to the  story of Ramayana for kids to know what Soorpanakha did next!

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Raavan & The Kingdom Of Lanka

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will learn all about Raavan and the mighty kingdom of Lanka.

Soorpanakha quickly made her way back to Lanka to complain to his brother, Raavan. Lanka was the Kingdom of rakshasas and Raavan was the King of Lanka. He was the most powerful of all. His actual name was Dashānana, the one with ten heads. The father was Raavan was a rishi and the grandson of Bramha while his mother was a demon princess Kaikesi. Raavan was a very able ruler, scholar and administrator. It was said that under Raavan’s rule, not a single person in Lanka would ever go hungry. He made sure that Lanka was one of the important trading ports in ancient world.

Raavan was a great follower of Lord Shiva. He once performed a very difficult Yagna or pennance to please Shiva. In order to show his devotion to Shiva, Raavan chopped off his own head in the banks of the Narmada river. This went on for ten times. Shiva was finally pleased by Raavan and gave him back his ten heads. Apart from Shiva, he once also performed a severe penance for Bramha and in return he received a boon that his life would dwell in his naval. This made him the most arrogant and powerful king of all times.

Soorpanakha complaint about the two young prince of Ayodhaya to Raavan. She also told him about Sita who was the reason for whom Lakshman chopped off her nose. She made Raavan promise to take revenge for her insult. Continue listening to the  story of Ramayana story in English to know what Raavan did next!

Plan Against Rama, Lakshmana & Sita

In this chapter of Ramayana story in English, we will hear about how Raavan, Soorpanakha and Mareech all made plans against Rama, Lakshmana and Sita and tried to take their revenge.

Raavan and Soorpanakha has decided to teach the three royals from Ayodhaya a lesson for cutting off the demon princess’s nose. As a result they started keeping an eye on them in the forest for few days.  They realized that Sita was left alone in the hut only when Rama and Lakshman would go out to hunt and gather food.

However, after the incident with Surpanakha, the brothers were extra careful and did not leave Sita alone. Only one of them would go at a time. Raavan seeked help of Mareech, who had magical abilities. So the plan was for Mareech to transform itself into a golden deer and lure away the brothers from the hut. As planned he was successful in doing so. Lakshman drew a Lakhsman rekha around their hut and warned Sita not to cross the border.  Continue listening to the  story of Ramayana story in English to know what Raavan did next!

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Sita's Abduction By Raavan

In this chapter we will hear about how Sita was abducted by the demon king Raavan by deceit and how brave Jataayu tried to save her. 

Ravana instantly disguised himself as an old monk and approached the hut after Lakshman had left. He requested for money, food, and water.  Ravana insisted that Sita leave the line. He said he couldn’t reach the water and asked her to step forward and hand it over to him. Sita went out of the circle, thinking he was a harmless, feeble monk.

Ravana seized her and revealed his true identity as soon as she crossed the line. He introduced himself as the King of Lanka and said that he had come to take her with him. Sita was afraid, and she warned Ravana that Rama and Lakshman would track her down and punish him for abducting her.

She tried everything she could, but it was all for nothing. Ravana was a tough enemy, and she was quickly defeated. He dragged her away to Lanka on his flying chariot. When Sita screamed out for rescue, Ravana was attacked by Jatayu, a ferocious bird. Jatayu fought Ravana courageously, but since he was so old, Ravana quickly beat him, severing his wings and causing Jayatu to collapse. 

While searching for Sita, Rama and Lakshmana came across a sick and dying Jatayu, who informed them of the battle with Ravana and that Ravana had fled south. Sita tossed her jewellery to the ground, hoping Rama would come to her rescue. Continue listening to the  story of Ramayana story in English to know what happened next.

The Search For Sita Begins

In this chapter we will hear about how Rama and Lakshmana set off on their mission to rescue Sita from the Kingdom of Lanka. They will also meet the sweet old lady Shabari, who was a devout follower of Rama.

As the search for Sita continues, Ram and Lakshman came across a strange headless creature called Kabandha. The demon was cursed by a sage. Lord Rama agreed to free him from the monster’s body. After than, he helped Rama and Lakshmana to find the River Pampa. He advised Rama to seek the help of mighty vanar king Sugriva. Sugriva was thrown out of his Kingdom by his brother. So if Ram and Lakshman agreed to help him reconquer his throne then Sugriva would help them in their quest to rescue Sita from Lanka.

On their way, they came across an ashram owned by an old lady called Shabari. She recognized the two prince’s and offered them a bowl full of berries. The next day, they left to reach to the Vanar king. Continue listening to the Ramayana story in English to know if Sugriva agrees to help the brothers.

Rama Forms An Alliance

In this chapter we will hear about the important alliance or friendship, that Rama managed to form with Sugreeva. Rama would help Sugreeva defeat his powerful brother Baali while Sugreeva would help Rama in his search for Sita.

If you remember Ram, Lakshman had to reach the kingdom of Sugriva towards the south of India, and they also had to face the mighty power of the demon king Ravan and his entire army. On their entire trek the brother duo were hoping to get from the Vanar King. They finally reached the hill after walking for many, many days.

Well, Sugriva had once been extremely powerful and the ruler of a vast kingdom, but he had been ousted by his brother, Baali, who was now the king and the ruler of the kingdom. So Baali and Sugriva half-brothers. Bali was the son of Indra and his younger brother was the son of the SunGard. Baali was the ruler of the Kishkindha, and was a very powerful warrior and king. He had been granted a special boon by Lord Brahma that whenever he fought against anyone, half of his opponent’s strength would become his strength as a result, it was almost impossible to defeat Bali.

After defeating his brother Dundabhi, Bali followed a demon named Mayavi. Mayavi entered a cave, and Bali chased him. Bali followed him inside the cave but, before entering the cave, he commanded Sugriva to wait for a fortnight outside. He also stated that if he did not return from the cave after fifteen days, Sugriva would assume Bali dead. He observed blood seeping out of the cave after a month and figured Bali was gone.

Sugriva returned home after having closed the cave’s entrance with a massive rock to prevent Mayavi from fleeing. Baali was not dead, and when he saw the rock obstructing the cave’s entrance, he thought his brother Sugriva had deceived him. Baali was able to escape and return to the kingdom, banishing Sugriva.

When Rama and Lakshman came looking for Sughriv, he told them his story and informed them of all his troubles at that time, Ram realized that what had happened to Sughriv was not fair. And so he decided to help him regain his kingdom and defeat his brother Baali in return for help to find Sita

Then they met Hanuman. Hanuman was a minister in the court of Sughriv and an warrior. He was the son of the wind guard. He possessed many special and magical powers, but when he saw Ram, his heart melted and he pledged his devotion to Lord Ram and promise to serve him and take care of him for forever.

Hanuman was the most loyal and devoted follower of Ram of all time and carried out several brave and wondrous tasks during the war with Lanka. Soon, all of them came up with a plan of how to defeat Baali, but we will hear that story in the next chapter. So children continue listening to the Ramayana story in English to find out what happened next!

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The Battle Between Baali And Sugriva

In this part of the story, we will hear about the battle between the two mighty warrior brothers Baali and Sugreeva, and how Rama helped Sugreeva defeat Baali.

Sugriva felt more optimistic about his chances with Rama by his side. Sugriva challenged Baali to a fight as suggested  by Rama. Rama, on the other hand, was unable to distinguish between the two during the combat, which resulted in Sugriva’s defeat. Sugriva agreed to call a rematch after Rama asked Sugriva to do so. Sugriva went to the match with a garland this time. Rama threw an arrow at Baali mid-battle, piercing his heart and killing him, now that he could readily tell the two brothers apart. 

Baali realised his mistake and begged Sugriva’s forgiveness in his final moments. Sugriva was re-crowned king of Kishkindha, and he sent his army to aid Rama in his fight against Raavan. So children continue listening to the Ramayana story in English to find out what happened next!

Hanuman Leads The Search For Sita

In this chapter we will hear all about the Vaanar Sena led by Hanuman, Jambuvan and Angad trying to locate Sita and find clues to her whereabouts. Thanks to help from an unlikely friend, they are able to know for a fact that Sita is on Lanka. Now it is upto Hanuman to try and reach her.

In search of Sita, Hanuman, Angad, Jambuwan, and others travelled to the southern coast of India. They knew Lanka was located at the extreme tip.
Nobody was sure what to do next. Hanuman was adamant about not returning to Ram until he had confirmed Sita’s whereabouts. They sat on a large boulder near the ocean’s edge. Behind them, in a nearby cave, a massive vulture, almost starving, was delighted to discover these folks as prey! His name was Sampati. He had a tremendously sensitive sense of hearing, vision, and smell. He has such strength that he could consume a whole human in one bite! As a result, he planned to eat one of them to satisfy his long-standing appetite.

Jatayu’s older brother was Sampati. No sooner did he hear Hanuman talk about Jatayu and his brave act to protect Sita from the hands of Ravana than Sampati went closer to them to inquire more.   Hanuman described Jatayu’s brave deed in the attempt to save Sita. He also told Sampati about Ram, Lakshman, and Sita, as well as Ravan’s kidnapping of Sita. After that, Sampati decided to assist Ram in his effort to defeat Ravan and save Sita.

Sampati climbed to the apex of a high rock. He had powerful sight that could see for miles across the ocean. Sampati was gifted with the ability to see far away. He then told everyone about Sita, who was on the island of Lanka, sitting under a tree in Ashokvan, a lovely garden. He could also see that Sita was being held captive, and that numerous eyes, of Ravan’s demon lady-servants, were on her. He told others about the scenario. Angad, Hanuman, Jambuwan, and the others were delighted to know about Sita. But who would go to visit her? And how can someone cross the vast ocean?

Immediately Hanuman started growing in size. He became larger and larger. It was Hanuman who could reach Lanka with his magical abilities. He then prayed to Pavan Dev, Lord Indra, Surya and Bramha. He asked them all for their help and took a long leap from the beach with the intention to reach Lanka. Continue listening to “Ramayana Story in English” to know if he was successful in his mission.

Hanuman's Mighty Leap To Lanka

In this chapter we will hear how Hanuman overcame many challenges and reached the kingdom of Lanka to find Sita. He finally locates her in an Ashok Vatika, surrounded by rakshasis (lady-demons) guarding her.

On his way to Lanka, Hanuman encountered two main major obstacles. Mainaka, and Surasa.

Mainak: In the midst of the ocean, a mountain named Mainak met Hanuman. Fruit trees and lovely green grass grew abundantly on the mountain. Mainak requested that he rest for a time, but Hanuman refused, claiming that he cannot rest till Lord Rama’s mission is completed.

Sursa: She is the mother of snakes. She came to test Hanuman’s wits by telling him she wanted to swallow him. As a result, Hanuman began to grow in size, and so did Surasa . Finally, when she reached the size of 100 yojnas, Hanuman shrank to a little size, entered her mouth, and exited. That’s how he got through the test.

When Hanuman arrived in Lanka, he turned into a little monkey and explored the island in search of Sita. Finally, he came across a lovely garden guarded by demon-women. Sita was sitting under a tree when he entered the garden. He also saw King Ravana, who greeted Sita with dignity and requested her to be his queen. Sita, on the other hand, rejected, claiming that she is only loyal to Ram. Ravana returned peacefully. He told all the demon-ladies to bring her whatever she desired as long as she didn’t leave the Asokavatika.

Hanuman then descended from the tree and approached Sita. Continue reading the Ramayana story in English to learn about Hanuman’s introduction to Sita.

Hanuman's Capture And Escape From Lanka

In this story, we will hear how Hanuman found Sita in the Ashok Vaatika and carried back a token from her to Rama. But not before he was captured, and burnt down the golden city of Lanka in order to escape!

Hanuman approached Sita as she sat under the tree. He quietly climbed down the tree and owed down to her. At first she was a little shocked seeing a strange creature but Hanuman then presented a special ring of Rama to her. Sita immediately recognized it. Hanuman informed Sita that he has come as a messenger of Ram and she will be rescued soon. Sita then took out a precious jewel from her hair and gave it to Hanuman as a token of offering for Ram. Hanuman was about to leave when he was captured by the demons guarding the place. 

Hanuman was captured by the demons, and was taken to Ravana. Ravana decided to light Hanuman’s tail on fire. They soaked cotton strips in oil and wrapped his tail in cotton strips. As soon as the demons were about to light Hanuman’s tail, Hanuman used a magical spell to make it grow longer. Cotton and oil were exhausted but they  lit his tail anyway.

Hanuman, on the other hand, has shrunk to the size of a mouse, and as a result, his tail has shrunk as well. Therefore, he was able to flee, burning Ravana’s throne on fire and spreading a path of flames over Lanka. Hanuman jumped back to Rama, Lakshman, and the bears after dipping his tail in the sea. Many challenges and obstacles are yet to come. Continue listening to the Ramayana story in English.

The Bridge Across The Ocean

In this story we will hear about how Rama and his Vaanar Sena cross the mighty Indian Ocean by building a bridge and reach the island of Lanka.

Hanuman gave the news of Sita to the entire Vanar Sena.  They marched back to Kishkinda to tell Rama and Lakshmana the good news. Hanuman told Ram that Sita had been well treated and that all of her requirements had been met, but she was still sad. This increased Ram’s determination to rescue Sita. A  massive army of monkeys and bears was formed.  They again marched to India’s southern point and were now facing the enormous sea! It was a big obstacle in their path forward. Only Hanuman was able to cross it while others were unable to do so.

Lord Rama then prayed to the Ocean God to part the sea from between so that he and his army could safely walk across the distance to Lanka. However, Lod Varun was unable to do so. They collected huge rocks and bricks to form a bridge. Finally they filled the gaps of the sea with rocks and boulders and it was possible for the army to cross the ocean and wage a war with the demons. But there was going to be a long war ahead. Listen to the story of Ramayana for kids to know more!

The Last Peace Proposal

In this story we will hear how Rama made a final effort to avoid the war with Raavan’s army completely and try and negotiate for peace. Angad was sent as the messenger for peace to Raavan’s court, who unfortunately refused the proposal.

Ravan’s youngest brother, Vibhishan, accompanied Ram in his noble quest.  The entire army arrived in Lanka. Ram wanted to avoid a war, so he sent a peace proposal. In Ravan’s court, Angad was chosen to represent Ram. Angad arrived in Ravan’s court and explained that Ram had sent him to secure Sita’s release. Ram’s final appeal to Ravan should be heard to avoid a war.

Ravan, on the other hand, did not accept the proposal. He advised Angad to go back and forget about Sita, mockingly. The demons were then challenged by Agnad to move his leg by an inch. If they succeed, the entire army would leave Lanka immediately. But no one, not even Ravan, could pull it off.

Angry Ravan ordered the demons to capture Angad but he flew off. He reported back to Ram that there is no other way to rescue Sita other than war. Thus, the entire started getting ready for a battle. Listen to the story of Ramayana for kids to know more!

The Great Battle Starts

In this story we will hear how the battle between the Vaanar Sena and Lanka’s Rakshasa army started and who all started fighting.

Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Sugreev, and Vibhishan met to discuss their final plan. The Lankan guards were attacked by Angad and his brave warriors. The guards were defeated after a brief battle, and Angad and his group crossed the Lankan border . In order to defeat the demons, they positioned troops everywhere. Ravan was alarmed by the news and dispatched an additional force to fight Ram’s men. They, too, were beaten.

Indrajit, Ravan’s son, was sent to defeat Ram. Indrajit hid behind a cloud and shot serpent arrows towards Ram. This made Ravana very pleased. Lord Indra helped Ram and Lakshman in winning the battle since they were fighting for the right. Ravan was upset by this, and in a desperate attempt to win, he summoned Kumbhakarna, his powerful brother, to the court. Ravan believed Kumbhakarna could overcome Ram and his army on his own. Continue listening to “Ramayana Retold For Children in English”.

The Mighty Kumbhakarna

In this story, we will hear about Raavan’s younger brother, the mighty Rakshas Kumbhakarna, who was so powerful that Rama himself had to defeat him.

Demon Kumbhakarna was so powerful that the King of Gods’ Indra himself was afraid of him. He was said to remain awake for six months and sleep for next six months. If anyone would wake him up while he slept, he would turn ferocious and would be so hungry that he would literally eat up every living being he finds in his way.

It was very difficult to wake Kumbakarna up. They beat many drums, made elephant trumpets near his ear but he would not wake up. Finally, they cooked much delicious and wonderful food and placed them all around him. It finally helped Kumbarana to wake up. The enormous giant ate and drank everything. He finally went to meet his brother, Ravan.

Ravan then sent his brother armed with gigantic spears in the battlefield. Hanuman, Angad, and Sugreev fought the huge demon but they all failer in stopping Kumbhkarna. He even moved passed the arrows that Lakshman aimed at him. Finally, Ram took charge of the front himself. He used his special weapon to defeat Kumbhkarna. He defeated the mighty demon.

Ravan was terribly upset on hearing about the death of his brother and blamed himself. Seeing Ravan so upset his sons decided to take charge in the battlefield and defeat Ram, Lakshman and the army. But one by one they all met their end by the warriors of the Vanar sena except for Meghnand or Indrajit. Continue listening to “Ramayana Retold For Children in English” to know what Meghnad did.

FAQ'S on Ramayana Story in English

Research carried out by anthropological scientists states that the events of the mythological story Ramayana occurred for real thousands of years ago.

The war was over and Ravana was defeated.  Sita was found and rescued. Many versions of the Ramayana end with Sita and Rama returning to their kingdom after fourteen years of exile, and the beginning of Lord Ram’s glorious reign.

According to historians, Ramayana has to be 9300–10000 years old.

Rama is the eldestson of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya. Rama was a virtuous prince and was loved by the all. He was exiled from Ayodhya due to the plotting of his stepmother, Kaikeyi.

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