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Overview of "The Wizard Of Oz"

The Wizard of Oz is inspired by one of the best-known classic American children’s novels. Originally written by author L. Frank Baum in 1900 under the title “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

The book narrates the story of an orphaned child Dorothy who gets uprooted from her home in Kansas along with her dog Toto and is taken to a faraway magical land of Oz by a cyclone. The place is full of wizards, witches, and extraordinary humans and animals. Dorothy finds the unique company of a scarecrow, a tinman, and a lion in her search for The Wizard of Oz – her only hope to get back to her aunt and uncle in Kansas.

Will Wizard of Oz be able to help her out of this situation? What will Dorothy and her friends need to do for the Wizard to seek his help? Join us in the epic adventure of Dorothy and her friends.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is one of the best-known children stories in American literature and is also adapted into several live action films.

Full Story Of "The Wizard Of Oz"

Chapter 1: The Cyclone

Dorothy lives in the midst of the great Kansas prairies, with Uncle Henry, a farmer, and Aunt Em. They lived in a small house with no cellar—except a small hole dug in the ground, called a cyclone cellar, where the family could go in case of any calamities.  Around their house, there is nothing but the great gray prairie on every side. Dorothy has a little dog Tot, her only source of fun and play.

One day, a cyclone came up while they were alone in their house and Dorothy got stuck in the middle of the room. The storm whirls the house in the air and carries it away. At that moment,  Dorothy felt like a balloon. Hour after hour passes by, and slowly Dorothy gets over her fright. In spite of the swaying of the house and the wailing of the wind, Dorothy soon closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.

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Chapter 2 : The Council with the Munchkins

When Dorothy and Toto wake up, they notice that the  house has arrived in a land of marvelous beauty. They are approached by a group of mysterious people who  are overjoyed to be reunited with Dorothy and Toto. They warmly welcome them to the Munchkins’ homeland. Dorothy is also thanked by the community for destroying the Wicked Witch of the East. Later, they are approached by the Good Witch of the North who informs them that they have arrived in the Land of Oz and the property is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant is led by a witch- two good witches, and two bad witches. One of the evil witches has recently died. As a result, only one evil Wicked Witch remains in the Land of Oz.

Dorothy inquires about her return home. The Good Witch  advises her to travel to the Emerald City and ask its ruler, Oz, The Wizard of Oz,  about how she can return home. The Witch also warns about  a significant risk they would be taking on this trip. In the Land, Oz is a wise figure. Dorothy agrees to visit Emerald City in order to meet the Wizard of oz. As Dorothy prepares to embark on her journey, the Witch of the North gives her a protective nod before disappearing.

Chapter 3: How Dorothy saved the Scarecrow?

Dorothy gets ready to go to Emerald City in order to see the Great Wizard. As a result, she chooses to wear the deceased witch’s silver heels. The shoes fit perfectly on her and do not wear out.  The shoes also provide her with some kind of charm, which she can use to outsmart the great witch. She embarks on a journey with Toto down the yellow brick road that will take them to the Emerald City. The road passes through a rural area. The countryside has some resemblance to the Kansas city where she used to live.

They were engulfed by darkness as they travelled. As a result, they decided to take a break and spend the night at the house of a wealthy Munchkin. Boq is the Munchkin’s name. Boq has a good will and is eager to persuade them to join the path. He is certain that they will be able to subdue the last evil witch and restore calm and stability to their homeland. He does caution them, though, that the trip would be long and hazardous. As a result, they must maintain a certain degree of brevity and be able to persevere in the face of adversity while concentrating on acts that will enable them to achieve the greatest results.

Dorothy and Toto set out on their journey the next morning. They come to a halt along the way to examine a Scarecrow topped a pole. The pole is in the middle of a cornfield. When the Scarecrow winks and then greets Dorothy, she is taken aback. The Scarecrow then asks Dorothy for assistance in moving down the pole. Dorothy is taken aback because she has never seen an inanimate object engage.

When Dorothy tells the Scarecrow where she’s going, he asks if he can accompany her. The Scarecrow says he’s made of straw and doesn’t have a brain. As a result, he wishes to pay a visit to the wizard of Oz in order to obtain the brain.

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Chapter 4: The Road through the Forest

Dorothy and Scarecrow take a walk together while conversing in order to learn more about one another. Dorothy then suggests that they should take a break for lunch. The Scarecrow then goes on to explain how he came to be. He also informs her that he has discovered that he lacks a brain, and that the situation has caused her a great deal of distress. The route grows tougher as Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow continue their journey. The passengers had no choice but to go through the gloomy forest during the night. Because Toto and the Scarecrow can see through the darkness, they have an edge. Dorothy, on the other hand, has a difficult time seeing through the darkness. They finally manage to find a log cottage where they decide to pass the night.

Chapter 5: The rescue of the Tin Woodman

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and Toto left the cottage in the morning and traveled down the road. They hear a moan as they continue to drive. They eventually figure out that the sound is coming from a guy made of tin. The guy requests that Dorothy locate some oil to apply to his joints. He claims that by doing so, the joints would become more flexible. Dorothy promptly responds to the man’s plea. Tin Woodman is able to reclaim his prior abilities after that. When she tells him they’re headed to the Emerald City, he asks if he might accompany them. Dorothy agrees to the request, and the Woodman believes that the Wizard of Oz will grant him a heart.

Woodman tells his newfound buddies about how the Wicked Witch of the East placed a spell on him as they walk together. As a result of the magic, he was transformed into a tin woodman. He also has a conversation with the Scarecrow, which leads to a debate regarding brain and heart. Whereas  Dorothy is unsure about what she and Toto will do regarding food.

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Chapter 6: The Cowardly Lion

Dorothy walks across the woods with her pals. A lion appears out of nowhere and charges towards them. The Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow are knocked out. The lion tries to bite Toto, but Dorothy slaps him. Ironically, the Lion admits to the group that he’s always been a coward. The activities he’s done have been an attempt to break free from his cowardice. He feels that in order to overcome his fear, he must engage in a high degree of activity and practice. The notion might also help him figure out how people deal with the various terrifying events they encounter on a regular basis. Dorothy and his crew agree to have Lion join the squad, hoping that he would be able to overcome his fear of meeting the Wizard of Oz.

Tim Woodman had an incident in which he kills a beetle by mistake. He begins to cry and expresses deep sadness in his heart. The Scarecrow rubs oil into his joints in order to gain the capacity to speak. The episode also demonstrates the Woodman’s emotional state. Although he denies having them, he appears to be more concerned with those in his immediate vicinity.

Chapter 7: The Journey to the Great Oz

The gang resumes their journey as daybreak arrives. They reach a spot with a steep ravine as they continue their journey. The vast majority of them are unable to cross to the other side. The Coward Lion is in charge of ensuring that they are able to cross to the other side. As he takes them to the opposite side on his back, he makes three trips. As the gang moves further, they come to a location where there is a large ditch. Tin Woodman fells a tree and uses it to construct a bridge. As a result, the gang is able to cross securely.

They have a high level of teamwork, as seen by their actions. Despite the difficulties they face along the path, they are committed to being able to care for one another. The gang is pursued by terrible beasts known as the Khadijahs as they continue their journey. Tim Woodman cuts down the bridge’s opposite end. The Khadijahs end up in the ditch as a consequence. The group focused further on some of the precautions that it may need to take while going in order to avoid some of the risks that may arise.

As the gang succeeds in outwitting the Khadijahs, they are confronted with a new problem. They arrive at a large river. The Tin Woodman is then advised by the Scarecrow to make a raft. However, they are engulfed in darkness before the Woodman can complete the raft.

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Chapter 8: The Deadly Poppy Field

The gang uses the raft to cross the river, but the Scarecrow becomes trapped in the middle of the river on the pole. The lion rushes to the rescue, and helps them. He swims to the other side of the river and pulls the raft to safety.

The Scarecrow gets separated from the group, and members of the group attempt to locate him. Fortunately, the Scarecrow is rescued by a kind stork. When they reach the field of poppies, they find a new challenge. The poppies have a strong scent. It has the potential to put the Lion, Dorothy, and Toto to sleep. Dorothy and Toto can be carried by the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, but the Lion is too heavy for them. As a result, they leave the Lion alone. They stand at Dorothy and Toto’s side until they are able to awaken from their long slumber.

Chapter 9: The Queen of the Field Mice

While waiting for Dorothy to wake up, Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow notice a wildcat chasing a mouse. Tin Woodman swiftly slashes the wildcat’s life. The mouse comes to a halt and tells them that the wildcat they just killed is known as the “Queen of all Field Mice.” Tin Woodman’s assistance has made the mouse extremely happy. As a result, he offers to grant him any wishes he may have.

The Scarecrow asks the mouse to send “thousands” of subjects to her. A lengthy piece of string is required for each subject. During this time, the Tin Woodman constructs a carriage for the mice to attach to. The goal is for the mice to move the wagon in the same way that horses do. The mice work rapidly, pulling the cart to the Lion’s location. The Lion is lifted and placed on top of the wagon by the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow. They then assist him in being rolled out of the poppy field.

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Chapter 10: The Guardian of the Gate

Following the yellow brick road, the four companions and Toto continue their trip to meet the Wizard of Oz. The adventurers arrive at the Emerald City’s wall the following afternoon. The wall is described as “thick, lofty, and green.” They want to enter the city and are granted permission by a green-skinned man. The man warns them that the Great Wizard of Oz is the most dreadful of all. He demonstrates to them that the Wizard of Oz is widely feared in the city. The man hands out green eyeglasses to everyone of the travellers to put them on. The glasses help to keep the passengers from being blinded by the city’s “brightness and glory.” He then guides the passengers through a gateway that transports them to the Emerald City.

Chapter 11: The Wonderful City of Oz

The metropolis is glistening, and the nature of the city’s attractiveness astounds everyone. Everything, even the skin of those with whom they come into contact, is green. The groups arrive at the Emerald Palace and spend the night there. The company is escorted to the Throne Room of Oz the next morning. They each speak to the Wizard of Oz one at a time.

Dorothy sees the Wizard of Oz as a huge head with no body. He tells her that he will not return her to her home until she has killed the Wicked Witch of the West. She’d also have to show proof that she murdered the Wicked Witch. Dorothy is both startled and dismayed by the information she receives.

The Wizard of Oz appears to each of the passengers in a distinctive form. He does, however, deliver the same word to all of them. He states that he will not grant any of their wishes until the Wicked Witch of the West is dead. The information revealed to the pals saddens them all. As a result, they retire to bed with the intention of starting their expedition the next day.

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Chapter 12: The Search for the Wicked Witch

The group departs the Emerald City the following morning. They travel west in order to reach the Wicked Witch of the West’s Land. The Wicked Witch of the West spots the gang from afar. As a result, the Witch sends her minions to destroy the group. She initially sends a wolf pack,  then the crows, bees, and finally the Winkles. She sends a group of minions to attack the group, but they all fail. As a result, she summons the Winged Monkeys with the help of her golden cap. The Monkeys are able to toss the Tin Woodman down a rocky gully and rip the Scarecrow to shreds.

The Witch is aware that Dorothy’s shoes have a hidden secret power. As a result, she hires Dorothy as her maid and confines the Lion in a cage. When Dorothy’s slippers are stolen by the Wicked Witch, she becomes so enraged that she picks up a bucket of water and dumps it over the Witch. “Like brown sugar,” the Witch vanishes quickly. Dorothy takes a few moments to sweep the melting mass out the door. She then rushes over to the Lion and informs him that the Witch is no longer alive.

Chapter 13: The Rescue

Meanwhile, the Winkles have been released from the Wicked Witch’s shackles and are eager to save and fix the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman. Dorothy and her companions are now ready to return to the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy also tries on the dead witch’s Golden Cap. She is taken aback when she realises how well it fits her. As a result, Dorothy wears the Golden Cap.

Listen to the Full Audiobook of The Wizard of Oz on the Chimes Mobile App available for free on Google and Apple App stores. 

Chapter 14: The Winged Monkeys

The travelers find out that there is no road between the witch and the Emerald City.  Dorothy and her companions spend several days wandering through the woods before coming across a road that leads them off the place.

Dorothy uses the enchanted whistle that the Queen of the Field Mice had given her to summon the mice for assistance. The Queen also instructs Dorothy that she can use the Golden Cap to summon the Flying Monkeys. The Winged Monkeys’ king agrees to fly the visitors to Emerald City.

He also informs her about the Winged Monkeys’ history and that the Cap grants three wishes. She has used one of the wishes by requesting to be flown to Emerald City. When they arrive, the monkeys drop their passengers off in front of the city’s gates and take off.

Chapter 15: The Discovery of Oz -The Terrible

When Dorothy and the other travellers arrive in Emerald City, they  wait several days for the Wizard of Oz to agree to meet with them. After the Scarecrow threatens to bring the Winged Monkeys, the Wizard of Oz agrees to meet with the group. The tourists are led to Oz’s Throne Room, where he speaks to them in a loud voice. He sits on the throne, hidden from view. The passengers remind him that they have granted his desire, and they now hope that the Wizard of Oz will honour his promise. The Wizard of Oz tells them that he will consider their request. 

The Lion roars in wrath, causing Toto to knock down a screen in the corner of the room.The real Oz was hidden behind the screen. He was a con artist who used spectacular effects to deceive the people he ruled. He’d been doing it for a long time without them noticing.

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Chapter 16: The Magic Art of the Great Humbug

Although the Wizard of Oz claims that he is not a wizard, Dorothy and her friends believe that he must keep his word. He utilizes his resourcefulness to “satisfy” the travellers’ desires. First, he stuffs the Scarecrow’s head with bran mixed with pins and needles. He also chops the Tin Woodman’s chest open and inserts a silk heart stuffed with sawdust within. He pours a plate of medicine to give Lion courage. After drinking the potion, the Lion feels “full of courage.” On the inside, Oz finds it difficult not to be crafty when everyone expects him to perform things he knows he can’t. He, on the other hand, has no idea how to get Dorothy back to Kansas.

Chapter 17: How the balloon was launched

The Wizard of Oz has Dorothy wait three days as he tries to come up with a way to return her to Kansas. Later, he summons her and tells her that he believes a hot-air balloon can transport her out of Oz. They build a silk-green balloon and attach it to the clothes basket. The Wizard of Oz departs, proclaiming his visit to a brother wizard. While a crowd watches, he fills the balloon with hot air and climbs into the basket. Toto, on the other hand, has vanished amid a swarm of people pursuing a kitten. The balloon has already risen by the time Dorothy discovers Toto, and the Wizard of Oz departs without Toto and Dorothy.

Listen to the Full Audiobook of The Wizard of Oz on the Chimes Mobile App available for free on Google and Apple App stores. 

Chapter 18: Away to the South

Dorothy was relieved that she didn’t have to float around in the balloon any longer. She, on the other hand, must return to Kansas. The Scarecrow makes a request for the Flying Monkeys to be summoned. The Monkeys arrive and explain that they are unable to leave the Land of Oz. The Soldier with green whiskers suggests that she seeks assistance from Ginda, the Good Witch.  Despite the fact that the route to the south is straight, it is hazardous. The Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Woodman decide to accompany Dorothy.

Chapter 19: Attacked by the Fighting Trees

The next morning, Dorothy and her pals left. They depart Emerald City and travel south to the Land of the South. They arrive at a very dense forest. The Scarecrow tries to guide the tourists, but he is suddenly twined by branches and thrown to the ground. By chopping the branch, the Woodman saves the Scarecrow. The travelers make it through the quivering trees and are blocked by a wall made of China.

Chapter 20: The Dainty China Country

The Woodman constructs a ladder for them to climb over. The travellers are taken aback by the appearance of the other side of the wall. On the opposite side, there are china houses and people scarcely taller than Dorothy’s knees.  They meet a Chinese princess who Dorothy hopes to bring to Kansas. She denies that anyone who is transported out of China becomes stiff and immobile. The travelers realize they are out of place in their surroundings and decide to depart.

Listen to the Full Audiobook of The Wizard of Oz on the Chimes Mobile App available for free on Google and Apple App stores. 

Chapter 21: The Lion becomes the King of Beasts

They pass through another woods and come to an area filled with hundreds of wild creatures. The creatures become quiet when they see the Lion. A tiger approaches them and informs them that a giant spider is hunting for wild animals in the jungle. As a result, the Lion volunteers to kill the spider on their behalf. As a result, they’d have to bow down to him as the forest’s king. The animals cheerfully accept the proposal, and the Lion departs to find the spider. The Lion discovers the monster sleeping and effortlessly kills it by beheading it with his paw.

Chapter 22: The Country of the Quadlings

Dorothy needs to pass through one more hurdle before they reach the Witch of the South. They have to deal with the Hammer Heads. It is a tribe of beings who do not have arms. They also have stretchable necks and use their heads like clubs. They have no way of passing through them until the Scarecrow remembers that Dorothy has the last chance to summon the Winged Monkeys. Dorothy calls the Monkeys, and they fly the travelers out of the land of the Quadlings.

Chapter 23: Glinda The Good Witch grants Dorothy’s wish

Glinda greets the guests, as Dorothy tells them that she must return to Kansas. In exchange for the Golden Cap, Glinda happily agrees to help Dorothy. However, before dealing with Dorothy, she makes certain that all of her companions have somewhere to go. She instructs the monkeys to fly the companions to their respective destinations. She then let the monkeys free indefinitely. Glinda informs her that the silver shoes she possesses have the ability to transport her back to her home. All she has to do now is knock three times on the silver shoes. She takes Toto in her arms and clicks the shoes as directed. She has arrived at her new home amid the Kansas grasslands. The silver shoes she had been was “Lost forever in the desert”.

Aunt Em comes from her house to water her cabbage plants. She notices Dorothy approaching her. “My darling child! Where in the world did you come from?”  Dorothy informs her that she was in the Land of Oz. Her aunt was overjoyed to see both of them.

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