Top 5 Christmas Stories For Kids & Family

Enjoy  some great bedtime Christmas Stories for kids

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The Christmas Stories- Christmas is always special. The holiday season is all about Christmas trees, baking cookies with family, decorating house, exchanging gifts, singing Christmas carols and of course, children’s favorite Santa Claus are all part of it. Kids hang up stockings at night for Santa Claus to fill it up with gifts. What a wonderful time of year it is!

But what is a holiday season without good stories right? And for occasion like Christmas you must read and listen to some popular Christmas stories to keep up with the holiday spirit. 

Christmas is around the corner and the cold wind is already blowing! To keep you warm, Chimes Radio brings a special collection of short, feel-good Christmas stories by our amazing team. These Christmas Bedtime stories are for everyone who is looking for some holiday cheer, especially at this time of the year. So wrap yourself up, snuggle up with your loved ones, pour in some hot chocolate and enjoy these heartwarming stories of Santa Claus, elves, reindeers and small boys and girls. Listen to this free podcast “The Christmas Stories” for kids & families and let the festive season work its magic on you and your children.

Also listen to our recreated Christmas songs to groove on this holiday season.

Top 5 Christmas Stories For Kids

Enjoy amazing short Christmas stories for kids & family

List of Christmas Stories

1. Zoe’s Amazing Powers

It was the onset of December in the Lapland and the place was buzzing with activity. Everyone was scrambling around to get all the gifts ready and packed for Father Christmas to distribute them to the children on the Christmas Eve. Round the clock, elves were working hard in the workshop to make beautiful toys but the postal service was still bringing trucks full of new letters from kids with their wishes. So to help the team, Father Christmas has hired a new elf named Zoe this year.

But the poor Zoe was feeling out of place. All other elfs were very nice to him and Father Santa took good care of everyone working in Lapland. But other elfs were fully trained in their work. Some were tasked on making dolls, few were working on board games. Some were assembling bicycles while others were busy packing them in beautiful gift papers.

But Zoe still being new, was always making mistakes. Whatever task he helped with, someone has to re-do it to ensure it is spot on for little child who gets that gift.  Looking at this being repeated again and again, Zoe was somewhat disappointed with himself. 

One day Zoe went to Father Christmas and said “Father, why did you hire me? I am not worthy of this place. When I look at my brothers and watch them make such fine toys, I feel depressed.”

Father Christmas smiled and replied “Dear Zoe, no one is worthless in this world. Your time will come and you will brighten the world with your talent. Now go to sleep as we have a lot of work to do in the morning.” 

Zoe returned to his room but he could not sleep and kept tossing and turning in his bed. It was midnight, perhaps, when Zoe heard a strange voice coming from some distance. Zoe quickly took his sledge and ran towards the sound. After going a bit far, Zoe saw two figures under a pine tree. When Zoe came closer, he realized that they were two polar bears – mother bear and her little son. 

The little bear was looking quite pale and mother bear was lying unconscious. Zoe quickly realized that mother bear had been badly hurt in a fall and needed help. Without thinking much, Zoe mounted the mother and baby bear on to his sledge and started pushing it to get them back to the village at the earliest. 

By then Father Christmas has also reached the spot with his reindeers and other elfs. Everyone saw how Zoe, a small elf, was trying to push the sledge with such a huge polar bear. Father Christmas immediately asked his reindeers to take over the sledge and fly it back to Lapland where the poor mother bear could be attended to. 

Then turning towards Zoe, Father Christmas said, “See Zoe, this is your super power. In spite of being such a small elf, you didn’t think twice to come to the rescue of a needy. You have a heart of gold and not everyone possesses it in the world. You have been bestowed with a very significant blessing, so keep helping others like this forever.” 

Zoe embraced Father Christmas delightfully while all other elves were clapping for him. 

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2. Santa’s Red Coat

It was the usual hustle bustle of December in Santa’s village at The North Pole. Everyone was busy with their yearly tasks in order to get things ready for Christmas. Alabaster snowball was busy in preparing list of naughty and good kids. Bushy Evergreen was busy supervising the gifts production. Wunorse Openslae was busy in taking care of the reindeers who were to pull the Santa’s sledge. Sugarplum Mary was engaged in preparing sweets and cookies. All in all there was lot of activity all around. 

Suddenly Mrs. Claus came out looking for Father Christmas but he was nowhere to be seen. She had checked the entire house but couldn’t locate him. Then she went inside the Workshop but he was not there either. She went to check if he had been to visit his old friend Shinny Upatree, but he was not there as well. 

Finally, Mrs. Claus called upon Rudolph and asked him, “Rudolph, can you please go and find out where Mr. Claus is? With your bright red nose, it should be easy for you to search him in this foggy weather.”

Rudolph replied “Certainly mother, I will.” 

Rudolph then went on searching for Father Christmas. He looked for him near the frozen lake, then he checked inside the forest, then we went to take a look in the Candy Market, but he was nowhere to be seen. This really puzzled Rudolph.

Then it came to him that he should go and check near the pine trees on the outskirts of the village – a place which is very close to Father Christmas. And there Rudolph saw someone sitting under the biggest pine tree. He went near and realized that it was indeed Father Christmas.

“What happened, father? Why are you sitting here? We all were looking for you. Are you upset?” asked Rudolph.

Father Santa replied in a dull voice “Have you seen the my red coat with fur which I wear every Christmas, Rudolph?” 

“Yes Father, it is the best coat in the whole world. I absolutely love it.” replied Rudolph.

Father Christmas continued, “Well it might be, but I don’t want to wear that red coat anymore. I have become tired of wearing red all the time. I want something new. I want a green coat this Christmas. Green will look really good on me.”  

Rudolph chuckled “So this is the reason you are upset?” 

Father Christmas replied abruptly, “It could be a small reason for you Rudolph but not for me.”. 

Rudolph consoled Father Christmas and brought him back to the house and narrated the entire incident to Mrs. Clause.

Mrs Clause also chuckled “What’s the need to practice solitude for such a small thing, dear? I will ask one of the elves in the workshop and he will get a new Green Coat for you.”  

That brought a big smile on Father Christmas face.

The very next day Bushy Evergreen arranged a green coat for Father Christmas and that made him very happy. Father Christmas quickly took the coat from Bushy and put it on and jumped in front of the mirror to see his new look. 

Flaunting his new coat he said, “Ho ho ho ….. This day will go down in history! The legends will change from this day. Santa Clause is no more going to be a red coat wearing old man. Rather, this green color will be my new identity.” 

With this, Father Christmas thought of taking a walk in the Candy market in the heart of the village. But he could not stay happy for too long and reality dawned upon him. No one was able to recognize him in the green coat. While previously, his arrival in the Candy market was an attention worthy event and children used to surround him from all side shouting “Santa Claus, Santa Claus”; but today there was no such thing. No one even turned around to give him a second look.  Rather one kid commented “Mom, see a big elf is roaming in the market.” 

He returned home and took off his green coat. He shared the incident with Mrs. Claus. 

To cheer him up, Mrs. Claus said, “Dear, red coat has become a part of your identity.. Don’t discard your identity.” Father Christmas found some comfort in her words and once again he embraced his red coat.   

Few days passed… and it was the Christmas eve. Everything was ready – the sleigh, the reindeers, the gifts and Father Christmas with a big curvy smile. Elves and Mrs. Clause wished him best and  giving his pet laugh “Ho ho Ho” Santa started drifting on his sleigh in his shiny red coat.

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3. Rudolph the Red Nosed

In a far away place was a bright town called Lapland, and that was home to Santa Claus… the land was carpeted with snow all the year long. Santa, along with his elves and reindeers lived there merrily. 

Among the reindeers, there was one jolly good fellow. Rudolph. He loved to play in snow and enjoyed eating berries. 

One fine evening  Rudolph was playing in the snow, it was dusk, and he wanted to run a last lap before going home and joining  his brothers for dinner… as he sprinted off, something caught his attention and he stopped in his tracks. He suddenly noticed a bright red colored berry lying at some distance. Rudolph  started to imagine its taste in his mind and his mouth started to water. he leapt forward and immediately gobbled the berry. Chomping and relishing the sweet taste Rudolph returned back  home. 

After the supper, Rudolph got up and went to wash his hands  at the basin  humming and tapping  while he was washing his hands, he took a look at his face in the mirror… what was that!!!!  his nose had turned into a bright red light. Rudolph became very happy and dances with joy looking at  his new red bright nose. Next morning  when he got up he heard laughter all around him… when he opened his eyes he saw all his brother reindeers standing  in a circle around him and laughing on his nose. 

All the day long they mocked him for being so different, no one wanted to play with him or  to sleep with him because of his shining bright nose, as they said it disturbed their vision and   The light emitted from was so bright that no one could sleep in its presence.   Rudolph became really sad, he wanted to get his old nose back, but to no avail. In the end, dejected he started to keep to himself, and not talk to anyone else.

Many moons passed and came the Christmas season…, there was lots of hustle bustle in Santa Clause’s workshop. All the elves were busy getting and packing gifts and his fellow reindeers were eating a lot to store food for the Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve Father Christmas was getting ready to leave  his elves were helping him sledge the reindeers. 

Santa was ready to leave, but  as soon as he opened the door as gush of snow entered inside and a snow storm followed. ” OOOOO, such a weather. How will I find my way in this?”

Santa Clause did not want to be late in delivering gifts to the children, despite the poor weather conditions. He started thinking about some solution. At that very moment, sensing the commotion Rudolf walked in side the workshop,with his bright red nose“Huraah” Santa jumped from his place as he saw Rudolph. 

“Rudolph, would you like to help me?” asked Santa.

Rudolph said “I would be more than happy to help you Father Christmas. Please tell me what I am supposed to do.” 

“You need to show me a way in this foggy weather. Your bright luminous nose can be very helpful to me.” Said Santa.

Rudolph was not expecting any such thing. On hearing what Santa Clause just said, , his joy knew no bound!!!!

Rudolph proudly led the sledge through the foggy weather and lit up the way using his bright red nose. 

No one mocked Rudolph from that day. Rudolph became the most important reindeer in Santa’s team from that day.

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4. The Broken Gifts Machine

It was middle of December and the Santa village in the North Pole was the busiest place in the world. Final reviews of the list of naughty and good kids were being done. Cookies and cakes were being loaded in ovens. Santa’s sledge was already cleaned and painted for the big night. And of course … gift production was in full swing. 

“Creak …. Creak .. Creak…” the gift producing machine suddenly started making harsh deafening noises before coming to a complete stop. (sfx) Pin drop silence spread throughout the Santa’s workshop. Everyone looked at Bushy Evergreen, the inventor and in-charge of the gift producing machine, he himself looked puzzled.

Bushy Evergreen was an intelligent elf. He was an avid reader and used to devote most of his time breaking and fixing things, like most inventors do. His problem solving skills were exceptional and it was his idea in the first place that this gift machine came into being to cope up with the ever increasing demands of the kids worldwide. 

He took his toolset and opened the machine. After examining it thoroughly, he realized that the machine had completed its life cycle and he will have to build a new one. And with this thought, he gave a very concerning look to everyone in the workshop.  

 “What’s the matter dear?” Father Santa stepped into the workshop and asked. “Why has everyone stopped working?” 

Bushy Evergreen came forward and replied “As unfortunate as it is sir, the gift producing machine has become obsolete now and will not work. I can build a new one but that is going to take some time. I don’t think I can deliver a new machine before Christmas.”

Everyone gave a big sigh. Father Santa was also quite worried now but asked Bushy Evergreen to start working on the new machine immediately. 

Father Christmas had million of thoughts running through his mind, and he whispered to himself, “It’s mid December already and the gift machine has stopped working. There are millions of kids who are waiting for me to deliver their favorite toys. What if, I fail them? All the fun will be spoiled.  No! No! No! God cannot let that happen. He will show me a way. There must be an alternate. We will have to resume making gifts by hand till the time Bushy Evergreen builds the new machine.” 

With these thoughts he went off to bed but was unable to sleep at all. Early in the morning, Father Christmas got out of his bed and went towards the workshop. On his way, he  heard the pitter-patter sounds of snow boots, among from all directions around the workshop. When Santa looked around he saw hundreds of men and women from nearby villages walking towards him. 

One of them, who looked like their leader, came forward and spoke to Father Christmas, “Greetings Father! We all live nearby and when we heard the loud machine breaking sound, we realized something is not right. Then your elfs told us that gifts machine need to be replaced but it wont be quick enough. So we all have come down here to help you and your team prepare the gifts in time. Santa’s workshop has been producing gifts for years and this time won’t be any different. We all will deliver each kid their favorite toy again this year.” 

Santa’s joy knew no bounds and his heart was filled with gratitude. Everyone in the workshop started rejoicing. Within minutes, sewing thread, needles and fabrics were picked up again and finished dolls, teddy bears, puppies and bunnies started to be packed. 

And Santa’s workshop produced more gifts than ever that Christmas!

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5. The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Christmas

Like every Christmas season, this year as well,  Father Christmas’s   majestic gift workshop in Lapland had a lot of hustle and bustle, he along with his elves was busy preparing  the Christmas gifts for children across the world… Every elf had a duty to fulfill . Alabaster Snowball, the keen looking elf,  had the task to make the lists of naughty kids and nice kids. Father Christmas uses this list to distribute gifts to nice kids and lessons to naughty kids. And you know why Albaster was given this duty? It was because of a special power he had…very special one… a power almost all of us want to have, that of being able to see everywhere and  know everything!!!!

 Within the action packed workshop, Alabaster could be seen closing his eyes, Twitching his neck to listen to various children and quickly scribbling the list, he had a long task to complete…  While listening to one such wishes, he stopped, and paid extra attention to a particular conversation; it was a boy named Tom in some distant city talking to his friend Leslie. 

“But I am not quite sure if Santa is real or not?” Tom said.

Leslie replied “though I have never seen him, but I have always seen a beautiful gift kept beside my bed the very next morning of Christmas Day.” 

I have gotten gifts too, but I am sure my grandpa used to sneak them to me till last year, but this year I will not receive any gifts as grandpa is no more with us” Tom said sadly

Leslie said “ Then if you get a gift this year too, will you believe in Santa then?.” 

“ I don’t know, I will have to wait till Christmas!! ” Said Tom shrugging.

 After hearing this Alabaster went straight to Father Christmas. Alabaster narrated everything to him. Father Christmas laughed and admired Tom’s ability to reason things out He called for all the elves, who came running and formed a neat huddle, “ Ho ho hooo…. let is make Tom believe that I am real”  “Yes!!!, Lets gooooo” Cried all the elves in unison.Few days passed, and arrived Christmas Eve… The weather was chilly cold and it started to snow…. As far as can be seen, music, carols, Christmas trees, lights, bells, cake were the only things one could see. Toddlers dressed as Santa Clause were looking enticing. They were wandering here and there adorned in beautiful red fur coats and red Santa Cap. 

“Do you remember Tom when you were like them, Grandpa  used to dress you up like Santa” Chuckled Tom’s father. 

Tom replied “ Yes daddy I remember, that was the best time I had with him… I miss grandpa”. 

Tom and his parents heard some Christmas Carols, lighted the Christmas tree and decided to sleep.

As the world slept, a distant tune could be heard, which starting becoming louder and louder (sfx Jingle Bells)

The night passed  Tom woke up in the morning and found a nicely wrapped gift beside his bed. 

“OH!! did daddy keep the gift this year?” Tom whispered said quickly waking up and started un-wrapping the gift excitedly. He discovered his favorite video game inside the box. But wait! There was a letter within the box, he quickly opened it and what he saw there was unbelievable, he could see the definite strokes of his  grandfather’s handwriting. This thing amazed him, how could grandpa write this letter from heaven? Tom started reading the letter – 

“Dear Tom, 

 I am delighted to see you growing and flourishing. 

Here I am sending your favorite video game through Father Christmas. Don’t keep playing it the whole day. Focus on your studies side by side. 

And don’t stop believing in magic.

Love, Grandpa.” 

Tom could sense tears in his eyes, but they were tears of joy. He immediately rushed to Leslie’s, not waiting to tell her that he too now believes in Santa Claus!!!!

Enjoyed reading and listening to Christmas Stories?

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FAQ's on Christmas Stories

The famous Christmas story for kids is A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens in 1843.

Some of the good Christmas stories are:

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Gift of the Magi
  • The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
  • The Polar Expres
  • The Snowman

Christmas is celebrated by the Christians on December 25, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

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