Kittu Aur Chittu: Funny Jokes In Hindi

funny jokes in hindi

Funny Jokes In Hindi

Kittu Chittu is a fun Hindi jokes podcast for kids. Listen to our two loveable kids Kittu and Chittu, indulging in some regular day to day conversations with each other that are filled with fun/humor and some crazy logic. Representing a carefree attitude, in these Hindi chutkule, both the kids love to test each other’s knowledge on certain subjects. Often they get drawn into some whacky arguments that are filled with true innocence from deep in their hearts that is unique to kids of this age group.

So join us in his fun ride of “majedar chutkule” along with your family and let us take the parents (along with the kids) back to their childhood days. And may be, just may be, it will mind remind a Kittu of their best friend Chittu from yesteryears that they have now lost touch with. 

These Hindi jokes for kids are perfectly safe to be enjoyed with the entire family or for sharing it with your near and dear ones. So tune into this funny jokes in Hindi podcast – Kittu Aur Chittu Ki Masti Bhari Baatein. 

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Kittu Aur Chittu: Best Funny Jokes In Hindi

Serial No.Episode TitleEpisode Description
1Beautiful TragedyKittu and Chittu, the two fun loving kids, continue their chats and learn about Kittu’s reason for missing school. 
2AppleFriendly banter between Kittu and Chittu continues as they discuss what would have happened if apple had fallen on them instead of Newton.
3Household ChoresKids jokes between Kittu and Chittu continues as they discuss how they deal with household chores request from their parents.
4PoliceCute discussions between Kittu and Chittu continues as they discuss what they will do if thieves end up breaking into their house.
5Mummy Ki UmarKittu and Chittu discusses the age of Kittu’s mummy and Chittu is taken aback on hearing Kittu’s reply.
6Gir Gaya ThaChittu explains to Kittu why he was not able to join for play yesterday.
7BhagwanKids joke between Kittu and Chittu take another funny turn as Chittu is confused by the way people greets him everywhere.
8SurajKiddish discussions continue as they come up with an approach to look for sun if its dark outside.
9DahiKittu and Chittu hilariously discuss what is ‘Dahi’ called in English.
108 Ka HalfKittu and Chittu comes up with a new way to divide 8 into half.
11Head downChittu is feeling sleepy in the class and Kittu is worried what will happen if the teacher comes.
12Future TenseKittu and Chittu discusses what should be the future tense if it starts to rain?
13Mann KhattaKittu aur Chittu, the two loveable kids, continue as they discuss how to recover if one’s mood gets spoiled.
14Lamp Jala DoKittu requests Chittu to turn the lamp on and is surprised by his answer.
15Mother TongueEnjoy the fun chat while kids discuss why we call language as Mother Tongue?
16HomeworkChittu is puzzled why Kittu ate her homework in this laugh riot.
17Hotel Ka KhanaFun banter continues as Chittu complains about stomach ache and his plan to follow Doctor’s advise.
18Pooja Ke PhoolThe perfect byte size jokes for kids. Friendly banter between two loveable kids continues as Kittu brings the flower pot from the garden and Chittu is confused why she did that. 
1915 Fruits Ke NaamFun jokes continue as Chittu wants to test Kittu’s GK and ask her to name 15 fruits.
20Exam Main AbsentPoor Chittu is depressed with his performance in the exam and Kittu asks him why?
21Petrol Ke PricesKittu is worried about rising petrol prices but Chittu explains it to her that its not a cause of concern.
22Cold Se FaydaKids jokes continue as Kittu and Chittu discusses how cold can bring Kittu some benefits.
23The Brave KittuWhen a thief breaks into Kittu’s house, she shows exemplary courage. But what is the secret reason she decided to not let the theif get away?
24The Moon MissionKittu is intrigued. Chittu was sent to the moon by NASA but he didnt reach there. Would you like to find out why?
25Saari Class Pass Ho GaiKittu is elated that their entire class has passed the annual exam but Chittu is sad. Let’s find out why?
26Padhai Kaisi Chal Rahi HaiKittu is curios how are Chittu’s studies going on and as usual, he has a very witty answer for it.
27Apas Main BaatKittu is in a bad mood as she got an earful from her father and Chittu is curious to know what happened? Are you too?
28Sabji main namakKittu feels Chittu’s food is low on salt today and is concerned why is that. Chittu shows his best moral values in his answer.
29Exam Main MarksKittu is looking forward to the exams and has set high hopes for both herself and Chittu. Chittu tries to show her reality in his own way.
30Hindi Main CountingKittu is testing Chittu if he knows counting in Hindi. She is in for a shock. Would you like to find out why?

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Kittu Aur Chittu: Best Funny Jokes In Hindi (Contd.)

Serial No.Episode Name Episode Description
31500 ka 50-50Kittu and Chittu have found some 500 rupees and are thinking what to do with them?
32Sun Par LectureChittu is so excited that tomorrow their class teacher is going give a lecture on sun. But that worries Kittu a lot. Let’s find out why?
33Kho Gaya ThaKittu is concerned why Chittu couldnt make it to playground yesterday and Chittu explains his problem. 
34Mom’s SacrificeKittu and Chittu are discussing their mother’s and how they have made such huge sacrifices to look after the kids.
35Cookies Kittu is a bit upset today as she and her mom have hosted some guests at their house and they have spoiled Kittu’s plans.
36Passing MarksKittu and Chittu are worried as one of their friends is crying after the final marks are announced. But should she be worrying really?
37Cow and GrassKittu and Chittu had some homework given by their teacher but Chittu seems to have some problem with his final work. Shall we try to find out what happened?
38Lost PhoneKittu’s mom’s phone got lost and our loveable kids Kittu and Chittu are worried. Then Kittu reveals the story behind this mystery.
39MoustacheChittu had a great incident to tell when his father went to the barber after the lockdown.
40Landline vs MobileLet’s join our loveable kids Kittu and Chittu as they discuss the difference between a landline and mobile phone.
41I am Going

Kittu is struggling to understand the translation of “I am going” and seeks Chittu’s help. Let’s find out what happens next?

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42Chawal Se BarfKittu has a new magic up her sleeve and is wondering if Chittu can do the same? Let’s find out the secret behind Kittu’s magic.
43MilkChittu is upset that his mummy asks him to drink milk daily. When Kitty explains it helps to grow, Chittu has his own reasons to not to believe it.
44Neighbour AuntyChittu is very happy today that the aunty in their neighbourhood talked to her today. And Kitty wants to know the reason. Let’s find out what actually happened there?
45Train RideKittu had fun time sitting on the window seat in a train. Chittu tells her that his mom never allows him to do so and then Kittu tells him her secret. Enjoy this funny kids podcast to find out all about it.
46Math Exam Main FailChittu has flunked his math’s exam but is casual about it. Kittu is confused if Chittu’s father was upset about his results or not. Are you? Let’s find out the details is this kid’s special jokes podcast.
47Dog Par EssayChittu is suspicious about the essay Kittu had written on her dog and wants to know the truth behind it. Do you?
48Maths Ka HomeworkKittu is working hard on her maths homework while sitting on the floor and Chittu gets curious about it.
49SamosaKittu is eating samosas in a very peculiar way. Chittu wants to know the reason behind it and is amazed to hear her reason.
50Water Ka FormulaKittu is quizzing Chittu on water’s chemical formula and Chittu is being his usual self. Let’s enjoy this fabulous kids’ joke.
51Sabse Purana AnimalKittu has a very interesting question for Chittu and Chittu answers it using a very simple yet effective logic.
52Result Aane Wala HaiAs soon as Kittu informs Chittu that results are to be announced tomorrow, he gets worried and tells Kittu that he will have a lot of work to do tonight. But we are wondering what can that be? 
53Enegery Wala ChapterChittu wants to know the definition of energy from Kittu but she only knows a part of the answer to this question.
54Sher Aaya ToKittu is trying to test Chittu on his wittiness and ask him what will he do is a tiger comes after him. What do you think he will say?
55ABCD SunaoKittu is checking Chittu if he knows his ABCD. What do you think? Does he?
56Lohe Se PaaniChittu is impressed with his father’s word of wisdom but Kittu, never to be let back, goes one up over him.
57Paani Le AaoKittu is at Chittu’s place to study. Suddenly Chittu starts to feel thirsty and asks Kittu’s help. Let’s find out what happens next.
58Daadi Ko GiftKittu’s grandmother’s birthday is coming and she has thought of a perfect gift for her. Chittu is curious to know why she selected what she did.
59Kuch Thanda Hai KyaChittu is over to Kittu’s place. Trying to be a nice host, Kittu asks if Chittu would like to have something? Shall we find out how does that conversation went?
605 AamKittu has a tricky mathematics question for Chittu related to mangoes. Would you like to hear what was the question and what was Chittu’s answer?


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Kittu Aur Chittu: Best Funny Jokes In Hindi (Contd.)

Serial No.Episode TitleEpisode Description
61Answer Hai 55Kittu and Chittu are writing an exam and Kittu is trying to help Chittu with an answer. Shall we find out how does that go?
62Birbal Ka JanamChittu is showing off his history knowledge but Kittu as usual has a witty answer up her sleeve.
63Poori DukaanKittu has heard from her grandmother that in her times, one could buy the whole shop for 10 rupees but that’s not possible anymore. Chittu agrees with her but his reasons are slightly different.
64Jeb GaramKittu hasn’t been very nice to an uncle who visited her place yesterday and Chittu wants to know why?
65YuddhKittu is wondering if Chittu has ever seen a battle (yuddh) in his life and he has a very cute answer to the question.
66Double Decker BusBoth Kittu and Chittu get very excited to see the double decker bus. But soon, things change. Do you want to know why?
67Yuddh Dekha HaiKittu wants to know if Chittu has ever seen a battle (yuddh). He says he has but is unable to share the details. Do you want to know why?
68Third World WarKittu and Chittu are discussing what will happen if the third world war breaks out. Do you know what their conclusion was?
69Mehnat Ka FalChittu’s mother has told him that result of hard work is always sweet. But Kittu doesn’t agree. Do you want to know why?
70Aadhar LinkKittu checks Chittu’s scorecard and is surprised to see he has score only half of what he is claiming. He has his own logic to explain the anomaly.
71Doctor Se Puchchna HaiKittu and Chittu are passing close to a doctor’s clinic. And Chittu has a very important question that he wants to ask the doctor. Would you like to know what is that?
72300 Kgs Kitne HueChittu has an interesting maths question for Kittu. He wants to know what we should call 300 Kgs. Do you want to know the answer? Listen on.
73Doctors Aur Students Main SimilarityChittu is curious to know if doctors and students have any similarities. And we think Kittu has a perfect answer.
74Pen Aur PencilKittu is surprised that Chittu has brought a pen to school when madam has categorically asked them to use pencils. Chittu has his own reasons. Do you want to know what?
75Mummy Ka Birthday GiftIt was Kittu’s mummy’s birthday and Chittu wants to know if she got any birthday gift and what happened after that?
76Paros Ke Bachche Ka NaamChittu is curious to know the name of Kittu’s neighbor’s son. When Kittu tells him and the reason why he was named so by his parents, he is thankful that the kid was not born on another festival day.
77History 1869Chittu is testing Kittu’s general knowledge and asks her what happened in 1869. She is quite prompt to answer that one. Then Chittu asks her next question to which she has a great answer.

Kittu Aur Chittu: Best Funny Jokes In Hindi (Contd.)

Serial No.Episode TitleEpisode Description
78Fast FasterKittu wants to test Chittu’s Hindi skills and ask him to explain some basic English words in Hindi. Do you want to check Chittu’s answers?
79Sidha GharKittu has come to know that Chittu is not going back straight to his house after school and advises him to do so. Chittu being Chittu, has his own arguments.
80Ball Neche KyunChittu is testing Kittu’s science knowldege and asks him a very difficult question. Kittu has, as usual, a very clever answer for him.
81Mini maxChittu is testing Kittu’s knowledge of relations. He poses a tricky question but Kittu has an apt answer for his questions..


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