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We all want to be the best parents in the world and to become so, as parents we do look out for being the better version of ourselves. In this era of technology, while Google is available at the touch of a button to solve most of our queries but we are better off not to take everything suggested on the internet at its face value. So for matters related to parenting, who else can be a better person to guide than a “been there, done that” mother. 

Chimes Radio is pleased to bring to you an exclusive and special podcast series “Chiming with Super Mom Bloggers of India”, where we get in conversation with Top Parenting Bloggers of India who have embraced the blogging world after starting their motherhood journeys and took their passion for the written word to another level. For years, these India’s top parenting bloggers have been providing guidance and parenting tips to their followers on various subjects ranging from general topics like art and crafts ideas for kids to very niche and sensitive topics like emotional well being in kids.

Episodes are hosted by our very own RJ Manika, a mother of two, every Sunday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 P.M on Parent’s Club on Chimes Radio. In each episode, we cover a sensitive topic which as parents we may be facing in our day-to-day life and try to understand a child’s psychology and emotional states better. Taking into consideration the current scenario of Covid-19, we all are under tremendous pressure. From doing daily chores to looking after the kids, to managing work from home- things can get out of control and get all messy very quickly. So in this series, the expert Super Mom bloggers and Top Parenting Bloggers of India share some parenting tips and tricks to wisely bringing up kids, proper work management, and the answers to your how-tos’. So whether you are raising a toddler or raising a teenager, you will find great value in these podcasts.

Parenting is solely about a beautiful experience through thick and thins after which all you conquer is the innocent smile of your kid. In this journey of parenting, we will never have answers to all the questions that life throws at us, so realize when to seek advice and be comfortable about it.

​​" To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today."
- Barbara Johnson

Parenting Bloggers:

Table of Contents

Episode 1: Benefits of Free Play in Enhancing Kids Creativity 

In the very first episode of “Chiming with Super Mom Bloggers”, Chimes Radio invited Ms. Anupriya Choudhary of Mommy Tincture as our expert guest.

During the discussion, the budding author and talented blogger shared her opinions and views on bringing up kids in today’s world.  Without a doubt, there has been a rapid change in the children’s lifestyles today compared to that of the previous generations.

 While earlier it used to revolve around friends, activities, and games, their life is now getting squeezed with the advancement of technology and everything is available in our palms “www.onyourpalms”. Looking into the current pandemic scenario, children spend most of their time either attending online classes or completing their homework. Anupriya strongly believes that the content kids consume through radio, television or the internet should be thoroughly monitored by their parents.

Further in the conversation, we delve into “Benefits of free play in enhancing kids creativity”. She emphasizes that the amount of free time kids get should not be devoted to mobile phones or any other digital screens. She suggests that parents should rather find time in their busy schedules and spend it with kids. “Spend some quality time and then encourage your kids to be of their own”. Parents need to let kids be independent and do whatever activity brings joy to them. It is very important to give kids this freedom to boost their creativity.  

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Want to know more about Anupriya and her work? Visit her Website now: Mommy Tinture

Episode 2:  Importance of Life Skills in Kids

​​In the second episode of “Chiming with Super-Mom Bloggers”, we had Ms. Reshma Krishnamurthy of Mums & Stories as our expert mom of the week. As a freelance writer, Reshma brought forward stories and experiences of different mothers in her blog.

​While talking about “Importance of Life Skills in kids post-pandemic”, Reshma shared her views on how the pressure and even fear of exams have now reduced on the children due to the pandemic.

She opined that “Parents need to be more positive minded and do what’s efficient for their kids”. Before COVID-19, the Indian family lifestyle has heavily dependent on house helps but this has changed completely. What has come to the fore is the need to teach these essentials skills like cleaning, organizing, and washing from an early age to the children, so they grow on to become independent and self-sufficient. “A lot of things in life are boring but you cannot shed away from responsibilities, so life skills are far more important than academics”, Reshma claimed while sharing her best parenting tips for bringing up kids whether pre-schoolers or teenagers. 

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Want to share your story of motherhood? Visit her Website now: Mums & Stories

Episode 3: Planning ensures WFH parents can spend time with kids

​In the third episode of “Chiming with Super-Mom Bloggers”, we have      Ms. Jhilmil Bhansali of “Mommy in me” sharing her views on how to strike a balance between work and parenting responsibilities during the pandemic and how “Planning ensures work from home parents to spend time with kids”. During the discussion with RJ Manika, she shares some handy tips from her own personal experiences on how to find that balance. Her other parenting tips revolve around ensuring parents get to spend some quality time with children and engage them in age-appropriate tasks.

​Jhilmil also emphasizes on the need to limit the device usage – not just for kids but for both parents as well as children. One very handy suggestion from her is to encourage kids to get involved in activities on their own which allows parents to catch up with the office work in the meantime. She recommends defining a fixed boundary of work and fixes some time posts after which no office work could be entertained. Advance planning for weekends with kids activities like baking, reading, painting, and others is also on to suggestion list for other parents.

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Read excellent blogs on parenting and guidance by Jhilmil directly on her website. Visit: Mommy In Me

Episode 4: Screen Time Impacts Sense of Balance in Kids

Celebrating motherhood further, Chimes Radio is out with its fourth episode of “Chiming with Super Mom Bloggers” series  and this time we have Ms. Devishobha R. of Kidskintha with us on how “Screen time impacts the sense of balance in kids”. Devishobha, a very humble person herself, recommends everyone to always be connected to their roots, adopt humility, and stay grounded, no matter how successful they become in life.

She believes passing on this same message and ideologies to our children is very important in present times. Talking about the problems and imbalance in daily life caused due to Covid-19, Devishoba suggested that parents can help children to cope up with this situation by giving them quality time and their attention. Children are missing out on a lot of things and also social interactions, therefore, as parents, it is very necessary to talk to them and interact on one to one level. Devishobha says “It is very easy to go deep down the digital tunnel and live in digital gadgets but it is also important to make connections”. As a parenting tip, she recommends treating this time at the home as a blessing and not isolating yourself from kids.

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Episode 5: Non – Academic Learning at Home

​Chimes Radio brings one more episode of “Chiming With Supermom Bloggers” where we discuss parenting and motherhood. In this episode, we have Vaishali S Sharma of “The Champa Tree”, our supermom blogger of the week. Our expert mommy shares her views on how parenting has changed over the years – from the 80s’ to 90s’ to the present 2020, there has been a vast shift. Earlier people used to live in a joint family but now families are dispersed into nuclear families. And as we all know, things change through generations.

​About the impact of Covid-19 on children, she says “The little ones stay in a scary world where they hear about the virus but hardly understand.” She suggests that this period is the perfect time to teach children about various things apart from bookish knowledge and regular subjects. This is the time to teach children life lessons and virtues like kindness, love, gratefulness, the meaning of family time, sharing beautiful moments, teaching household activities, etc. As parents, we now have the liberty to spend more time and interact with our children. So, people should take advantage of this situation and “encourage and motivate the kids”.

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Visit The Champa Tree by Vaishali, one of India’s leading Motherhood & Parenthood Blog.

Episode 6: Physical Activity Is  Great Way for Family Time During Pandemic

​We have reached episode 6 of the “Chiming with Supermom Bloggers” series where we talk to Minakshi Bajpai of the acclaimed blog ‘‘. She is one of the effective and gifted mom bloggers of India. In this skull session, she talks about how “Physical activity is a great way for the family during a pandemic”. We as a whole have experienced a 180-degree shift from our customary life activities because of this pandemic in the flicker of an eye.

At first, kids were deeply affected by the unusual routine, however, now with time, they have adjusted the way of life of online classes, video calls, and recess at home with family. Minakshi accepts that even though this circumstance of the pandemic is unpleasant, yet it is likewise a surprisingly beneficial turn of events for each one of those expert guardians who never get sufficient time with their children.

 “Make hay while the sun shines!”

For guardians, keeping kids active and simultaneously working from home has become monotonous. Since youngsters can’t go out and play, we ought to indulge them in physical exercises at home and make it a piece of day to day schedule. Our expert mommy blogger shared her little practice routine which she and her family normally follow while exercising together. 

She recommends that doing simple and easy activities like skipping, hopping, spot-running and other physical activities will even make it easier for children to exercise along with you and when as a family you do something, it keeps the energy level consistent. Aside from physical exercises, youngsters can get another diversion to explore themselves and be occupied in leisure activities like singing, dancing, painting, writing, reading, rehearsing musical instruments, and learning a new subject like coding. Kids can even assist in family errands and it is the most gainful approach to show them household duties.

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From fashion to fitness to beauty tips to parenting tips and much more. You can find it all here:

Episode 7: Cooking and Kids

​Kids are often fussy eaters and when it comes to healthy eating, mothers surely struggle for new ideas to build this habit in kids. So to speak more about “Cooking & Kids”, today we have Simran Oberoi of “Ovenderful” who is sharing her special tips on healthy cooking and healthy baking for kids. Kids are very open to experimenting with their plate and exploring their taste buds, unlike adults who have already developed strong preferences. 

We as parents are often worried as junk food proportion on the plate has increased over the years, so the sooner the children are driven towards healthy eating habits, the better it is for them. Simran shares her 3C’s with parents that they can follow to keep children away from junk foods: 
• Creation: To find sources that give parents easy and quick access to recipes. 
• Cultivation: Provide enough opportunity to kid to cultivate the habit of eating healthy.
• Consistency: To remain consistent in your approach with all kinds of food. 

She proposes this is the most ideal approach to keep kids away from junk food without putting any pressure on them that why they should not consume it. Creating an own plate full of nutrition and experimentation is what a child needs. Simran feels that our society is patriarchal in nature and hence a lot of men and boys in the pandemic are struggling. Cooking is a very important life skill and should be taught to all kids irrespective of their gender. From a young age, they should at least know the basics of what consists of a kitchen. Parents should involve their kids in kitchen work as a start and then slowly proceed to make them learn how to cook. “The sooner we start, the better” Simran adds. 

She concludes by stating that every task should be age-appropriate and one can start with baking with young kids of say 2 to 4 years old because it is more fun-oriented and helps improve motor skills. Slightly elder ones like 6 to 8 years can do more complex things like measuring etc. in the kitchen. Cooking thus acts as a great bonding exercise between kids and parents.  About her own blogging journey, Simran feels she has been very fortunate and her focus on cooking and healthy baking has been a great idea. She feels new bloggers like her can also bring great content to the audiences which they will thoroughly enjoy. 

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Wanna bake something delicious for your little ones? Check out some fantastic recipes by Simran. Visit her website Ovenderful now!

Episode 8: Preparing Kids to Face Social Stigma

This season of “Chiming with Supermom Bloggers” comes to an end in this episode where our super mom blogger of the week Sanskriti Ramgad talks about “Preparing Kids to Face Social Stigma”. Children often face certain discrimination while living in the society – be it related to their skin color, obesity, dominant left hand, gender-bias, or anything else – all these stigmas can leave a huge psychological impact on kids even as young as toddlers. They lose self-confidence or tend to become more conscious, turns aggressive, and abusive at times due to external criticisms.

It is very important as parents to observe your children and their actions and try to understand the underlying reasons behind that behavior. The child is often giving silent shouting signs of “Help me!” but not able to put it in words.  Parents should not blame the child in these situations but try to understand what they can do to ease it out and help them fight inner daemons. Also, it is very important to not to blame your child but extend support and love towards your child.

Sanskriti goes to on relate a very pertinent example of how she prepared her own daughter to handle social stigmas. She feels that parenting has changed a lot since our childhood days in our country as earlier there were limited luxuries and it was need-based which is no longer the case for millennial parents. Education has accelerated, technology is everywhere and all this makes them super confident and also competitive. But as parents, we need to draw a line somewhere and ensure kids are not going down the wrong path especially online. Sanskriti also feels that kids have been confined due to pandemic and online schools are not able to provide wholesome education like physical development, sports, etc.

 While social distancing is going to be a new normal till vaccine comes out but the road to complete recovery is going to be a long one. Sanskriti feels that is quite unfortunate that even schools have gone online but she personally doesn’t support and hence the screen-free entertainment platforms like Chimes Radio comes very handy especially for young kids and avoid adverse effect on their health. Too much screen time can impact kids in multiple ways like watering or drying up of eyes, headaches, sleep patterns, social skills degrade, etc. and need to be monitored.

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