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Vikram betal

Betal Panchavimshati (Sanskrit: वेतालपञ्चविंशति ) is an ancient Indian story collection of a King and a Ghost. Internationally, these are popularly known as Vikram Betal Stories and were originally written in Sanskrit. This is a collection of very well known stories in India, and have also been translated into various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, English, and Marathi. Every narrative contains a moral lesson for the listeners.

About Vikram Betal Stories

According to folklore, the King of Ujjain, Vikramaditya or Vikram, is said to have promised to bring a ghost named Betal to a sage to help him complete his prayers. Following Vikram’s encounter with Betal, the ghost agrees to accompany him on one condition. During the journey, Betal will tell King Vikram a story and will ask him a question at the end. If Vikram gave the right answer, then Betal will fly back to his tree. If Vikram knowingly decided to stay quiet, then he will end up losing his life, and only if Vikram really doesn’t know the answer to Betal’s question, he can take Betal to the sage. And thus began the journey of Vikram and Betal.

Vikram Betal Stories is a collection of interesting stories that conclude with a question. Dig through this piece of history and listen to all the stories with kids and rest of the family.

Vikram Betal Stories - Introduction

List of Vikram and Betal Stories

Collection of Popular Vikram Betal Stories

(Popular Vikram Betal Bedtime Stories for Kids)

Vikram Betal Story 1: Who's committed the sin (पाप किसका था)?

Once upon a time in Banaras, there lived a prince – Vjramukut. Royal Minister’s son was a very good friend of Vjramukut. Once, both the friend decided to go to the Jungle. There was a beautiful pond in the Jungle, where a princess was bathing with her female friends. As Vjramukut and princess saw each other, they fell in love. The Princess gave a cryptic gesture to Vjramakut and then she returned back to her kingdom.

The Prince decodes the Princess gesture with the help of his friend and finds out that the Princess belong to Karnataka. Both the friends reached Karnataka. Soon both of them realized that the King of Karnataka would never agree to marry her daughter to the Prince. The Prince worked out a plan with his friend and framed the princess in a royal palace robbery. The King was disappointed with his daughter. He ordered the immediate deportation of his daughter outside the kingdom. The prince received the princess and returned back to Banaras where both of them lived happily.

Now, Betal asked – “ who is the sinner in this case Vikram?”

Vikram replied – “The King of Karnataka. The Prince did everything to get his lady love. But the King didn’t even trusted his own daughter and fell prey to the Prince and his friend’s trap so easily.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral : We should always use our own mind. 

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Vikram Betal Story 2: Who's the husband (पति कौन हुआ)?

Once upon a time there lived a man name Keshav near the banks of river Yamuna. Keshav was searching for a groom for her daughter – Madhumati. In this quest, such happened that, Madhumati’s father, brother and mother found three different grooms according to their choice respectively. But before the decision could be made, a venomous snake bit Madhumati because of which she died.  After this accident, the first lad took the belonging of Madhumati and went back to his home with Madhumati’s mementos. The second boy started living there only where Madhumati lost her life as if he is living along with him. The third boy left the village and learned a mystic art of bringing back dead to life.

Now the third boy used his newly learned art and brought Madhumati back to life. As soon as Madhumati resurrected, the first question was – whom should Madhumati marry?

Betal asked – “Can you tell Vikram who is the rightful husband of Madhumati?”

Vikram replied – “The boy who took Madhumati’s belongings as memento will be considered as his son. The boy who brought Madhumati back to life will be considered as her father. The boy who started living at the place where Madhumati demised, as if she is alive is the rightful husband of Madhumati.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral : Reasoning leads to all kinds of problem solving

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Vikram Betal Story 3: Whose sacrifice is bigger (किसका त्याग बड़ा)?

Once upon a time, there lived a King named – Roopsen, who ruled Burdwaan Kingdom. Once, a young man – Birbar,  approached the King for employment.  The King appointed Birbar as his personal guard. King Roopsen compensated Birbar well.

Few days later, The King Roopsen heard a lady crying bitterly in a field nearby. Roopsen ordered Birbar to go and inquire the matter. Along with ordering Birbar, Roopsen himself followed Birbar secretly. Birbar realized that the lady was an omen who is warning the King about an upcoming danger on his life. When Birbar asked some remedy to avert this danger, the lady told that there is a temple nearby. If Birbar relinquish everything and serve the temple, The King’s life will be spared. 

Listening to this, Birbar left his home and started serving the temple along with his family. However, the conditions in temple were quite harsh. Birbar and his family couldn’t survive in temple and died eventually. When the King came to know about this, he became hopeless. In grief and despair, he decided to kill himself.  Suddenly, Goddess of the temple appeared before King and blessed him for being pure in heart. The King requested goddess to resurrect Birbar and his family and Lo! The family was resurrected.

Now, Betal asked  “Birbar sacrificed himself and his family, The King was also about to sacrifice himself, but still if you have to choose one, then whose sacrifice is bigger?”

Vikram replied “ I believe that King’s sacrifice is bigger as Birbar was obliged to protect the King, but King was not obliged to protect the Birbar, still out of affection, the King decided to sacrifice his life.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral: A true king always stands by for his subjects 

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Vikram Betal Story 4: Who should be the groom (वर कौन हुआ)?

Once upon a time, there lived a person named – Haridas in Ujjain. Haridas was searching for a suitable groom for his daughter – Mahadevi. The daughter had only demanded a courageous groom for herself. One day Haridas met with a boy who was expert in building such chariot which were capable of reaching anywhere in almost no time. Haridas thought he has found a suitable groom for his daughter. The problem arose when he reached home and came to know that his wife and son have also selected two grooms for Mahadevi respectively. 

Before the matter was settled, Mahadevi was abducted by a demon. The boy who was selected by the Haridas’s son had a secret power using which he found the location of Mahadevi. After that, the boy who was selected by Haridas, used his magical chariot to reach the place immediately, where the Mahadevi was kept. And finally, the boy who was selected by Mahadevi’s mother fought with the demon and set Mahadevi free.

“Can you tell Vikram who is the most suitable groom for Mahadevi?” asked Betal

Vikram replied “Mahadevi wanted a courageous boy. So the one who fought for Mahadevi and set her free, is the most suitable groom for her. “

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral: Hard time requires courage the most.  

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Vikram Betal Story 5: Who are husband and wife (पति पत्नी कौन)?

Once upon a time there lived a King in Dharmpur . The king had built a grand temple in Dharmpur. Few days later, a young man visited Dharmpur. The man was mesmerized with the grandeur of the temple. On the stairs of the temple, he spotted a beautiful young girl and fell in love with her. The girl was washer-man’s daughter. The young man immediately started praying to the Goddess of the temple to grant him the wish to get married to the girl. The girl had also liked the young man. So, finally they came together.

After some time, the same young man along with his wife and friend again visited Dharmpur.  The young man thought of visiting the temple. He left his wife and friend under the tree and went ahead to visit the temple. Unfortunately, the young man’s fell from the stairs of the temple and died. Few hours later, his friend came to search him. Discovering that his dearest friend is no more he also gave up his life. When the wife came to know about the death of her husband and her husband’s friend, her grief knew no bound. 

She started crying loudly. Listening to her painful cries the Goddess of the temple presented herself to the girl. The Goddess gave her a sacred syllable to resurrect her husband and her husband’s friend. However, the girl uttered the syllable wrong and such happened that her husband’s body exchanged with her husband’s friend mind and same thing happened to the other person.

“Can you tell Vikram who should be considered as the real husband of the girl?” asked Betal.

Vikram replied “The Body which has mind of the girl’s husband should be considered as the real husband of the gir, as we are what our mind is.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral: We are what our personality is 

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Vikram Betal Story 6: Whose favor is greater (किसका उपकार बड़ा)?

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Chiramdev in Mithilavati. Chirmdev wanted to serve in royal court of Mithilavati, buthe was not getting an opportunity to enter the royal court. Once such happened that King of Mithilavati – Gunadhip went for hunting in jungle and lost his way. Coincidentally, Chiramdev found the King and he saved the King’s life. The King appointed Chiramdev as his guard.

Few days later, Chirmadev went to the sea shore. There he saw a temple. He thought of visiting the sacred place. On the stairs of the temple he spotted a beautiful girl. Chiramdev fell in love with that girl. The girl asked Chiramdev to go and take holy dip in the temple pond. As soon as Chiramdev dipped in the pond, he found himself back to the Mithilavati. Chiramdev  told the entire story to the King. The King agreed to help Chiramdev and went to the same temple near the sea-shore. They spotted the same girl there. However, this time the girl fell in love with the King. But the King asked girl to marry Chiramdev instead.

“Can you tell Vikram, whose favor is bigger, Gunadhip or Chiramdev?” Asked Betal

Vikram replied  “Gundhip’s favor is bigger as he was not obliged to sacrifice for chiramdev, but he did it out of affection.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral: A man should always keep his words.

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Vikram Betal Story 7: Whose sacrifice is greater (किसका बलिदान बड़ा)?

Once upon a time a, there lived a kind Prince – Jimutvahan. Owing to certain family crises, Jimutvahan was living in exile with his queen – Malayavati. One such day, Jimutvahan was going to a temple. On the way, he saw some debris. Also, a lady was crying beside the debris. When asked about he reason, the lady told Jumutvahan that there is a demon who eats the boys of these village. She further revealed that today is her son’s Shankchoor’s turn. Kind hearted Jimutvahan decided to face the demon head on.

As soon as the demon came, Jimutvahan started combating it with his full might. However, the demon caught Jimutvahan in his hands and fled into the sky. Suddenly, Shankchoor reached the scene. Seeing their King’s life in danger he disclosed to the demon that Jimutvahan was not his prey, rather Shankchoor was. Listening to this, the Demon’s heart melted. He was very impressed with the Jimutvahanas penance. The demon promised not to eat the village boys.

“Can you tell Vikran whose penance was bigger?” Asked Betal.

Vikram replied “ Shankchoor’s penance is bigger. Jimutvahan was a kshtriya King and it was his duty to save the life of his subjects. But this was not the case with Shankchoor. Shankchoor saved the life of Jimutvahan purely on humanitarian basis hence his penance is bigger.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral: Humanity is the most sacred religion

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Vikram Betal Story 8: Who is the most educated ?

Once upon a time there lived four siblings in a village. Once they decided to go and learn the art of resurrection from a learned master. After completing their learning they were returning back to their village, and then they saw a dead lion on their way. The siblings decided to showcase what they had learned. However, the fourth and the youngest brother begged to differ.

The first and the eldest brother arranged the bones of the Lion. The second brother covered the bones of lion with skin. As soon as third one was about to resurrect the lion, the fourth brother tried to stop him, but no one listened to him. So the fourth brother climbed the tree. As soon as the third brother spelled a sacred chant to resurrect the Lion, the Lion came back to life and ate all three brothers.

“So tell me Vikram, who was the most educated of all the three siblings?” Asked Betal

Vikram replied “The one who tried to stop all the three brothers. As he had a common sense to examine the consequences, while other three brothers lacked the common sense to envision the consequences of their action.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

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Vikram Betal Story 9: Why did the thief laugh and why did he cry?

Once upon a time, there lived a King named –Randheer in Chandrahridaya Kingdom. Once, such happened that robberies increased significantly in town. Despite intense efforts to curb the menace, the robberies didn’t stop. Finally, King Randhir decided to himself catch the thief. The King disguised as a common man started patrolling the town. Randhir succeded when he found the thief. But it was not just a thief rather an entire gang who was robbing the town.  The King put his life in danger and caught the Thief and his gang.

While the thief was paraded throughout the town, a trader’s daughter looked at him and fell in love with him. The trader’s daughter requested his father to save the life of the thief. However, King Randhir was determined to punish the robbers so he did not agree to spare the thief. Next day, the thief was taken for execution. When the thief heard about the trader’s daughter and her feelings for him, first he laughed and the he cried.

“Can you tell Vikram, why did the thief first laugh and then cry?” Asked betal.

Vikram replied “ The thief first laughed because he pitied on such a nice girl for falling in love with a crook, the thief then cried because he thought that had such a nice girl came into his life earlier, why would he walked this walk to execution.”

Hearing the correct answer, Betal fled back to the tree trunk. 

Moral: Love conquers all. 

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Vikram Betal Story 10: Who is the intelligent one?

Once upon a time, there lived a Brahmin named – Govind in Dharmpur. Govind had two sons – Hatidatt and Somdatt. One such happened that Govind required a tortoise to perform a ritual. The ritual was being performed to invite wealth and prosperity. So both the sons started fighting to bring tortoise. Finally the matter reached royal court. The King decided to know the talent of both the sons of Govind and then arrive on some conclusion.

The first son claimed that he can smell and tell the place from where the food has come.

The King ordered his chef to bring some food from kitchen. The first son smelled it and told that the grains had been sown in a field near royal palace. His claim was verified by the chef. The king was amazed.

Now the King turned to the second son. Second son claimed that he can tell inspect the bed and tell whether it can used for sleeping or not.

The King ordered his servant to bring a bed. The second son of Govind inspected it and told that the seventh layer of this bed has a thorn which makes this bed unfit for sleeping.

The King was again amazed. The King could not decide anything.

“Can you tell Vikram who is the intelligent one among both of them?” Asked Betal

Vikram did not know the answer for the first time. Beta, happy with Vikram’s honesty agrees to go along with Vikram.

FAQ'S On Vikram Betal Stories

Vikram Betal is based on Kashmiri poet Somdev Bhatt’s poem ‘Betaal Pachisi,’ written in the 11th century.

After Vetal is satisfied with Vikram, he assists him by foreseeing the yogi’s treachery and explaining a ploy for avoiding it. Vikram eventually succeeds in bringing the corpse to the yogi, and just before the rite’s conclusion, he tricks and kills him.

Yes, Vikram Betal is a popular Indian Mythological story.

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