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Tenali Rama Stories for kids

Who is Tenali Rama?

Tenali Raman Stories: Tenali Ramakrishna or Tenali Rama or also called Tenali Raman was a poet and King Krishnadevaraya’s advisor. He was well-known for his incredible wit, comedy, and intelligence. He was an Andhra Pradesh-born Telugu poet from the village of Tenali. He was one of the Ashtadiggajas, or the eight poets, of the Vijayanagar ruler Krishnadevaraya’s court. The story of Tenali Raman has also been adapted into an animated series by Cartoon Network (India) known as ‘The Adventures of Tenali Raman.’ 

About tenali ramakrishna stories

Tenali Raman Stories for kids all focus on his relationship with the king, as well as his intelligence and problem-solving ability. Tenali Rama stories or Tenali Ramakrishna stories make excellent bedtime choices for children.

Nothing compares to the charm of reading Tenali Raman stories in English, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of some of our favorites for you. These Tenali Raman stories would be a hit with your children if they like moral stories.

Read and listen to the funny Tenali Raman stories in English. This collection of stories will have you laughing out loud while also making you appreciate his talent. Learn how Tenali Raman obtained the ability to make people laugh, and how he used that ability to serve King Krishnadevaraya.

20 Best Tenali Raman Stories in English

Tenali Raman’s knowledge and intelligence are highlighted in the following 20 entertaining and engaging stories. This podcast brings to life some of the most popular anecdotes from his life and interactions in the royal courtroom and outside. These stories make for a great listening experience for young and adults alike. Scroll and read these amazing Tenali Raman Stories in English for Kids.

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1. Tenali's Entry in Royal Courtroom

Once upon a time there a lived a boy named Ram in a Tenali Village. As the family responsibilities of Ram grew, he started looking for some better livelihood opportunities. Coincidentally, Rajguru of Vijaynagar royal court was visiting tenali village. Ram tried his level best to please the Rajguru. In turn the Rajguru promised that he will convince King Krishnadev to appoint Ram as an advisor in his royal court.   However, the Rajgueu was cunning person and he simply dismissed the Ram’s matter after returning to Vijanagar.

After waiting for long, Ram went to Vijaynagar city on his own and planned to visit an esteemed poet of royal court – Thimanna. Thimmana was impressed with Ram’s intellect and he gifted Ram a pearl pendent received by him from King Krishnadev Raye. Next day Ram entered the Royal court. King Krishnadev Raaye was amazed to see the royal pendent around a stranger’s neck. When inquired about it, Tenali replied that he is the one who has won the heart of the person dearest to you – Thimanna. Even King was impressed with Rama’s intelligence and humor, so he appointed Rama as his royal advisor and awarded him a new name – Tenali Rama.

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2. Rajguru's Ride

Tenali was determined to avenge the Rajguru’s act of betrayal. So he teamed up with Rajguru’s servant and discovered that the Rajguru occasionally goes for hunting which was prohibited in Vijaynagar. Next time, when the Rajguru left for jungle, Tenali followed him. Tenali Raman caught the Rajguru red handed and agreed to keep his mouth shut on a condition. Tenali asked the Rajguru to allow him sit over Rajguru’s shoulders and give him a ride of entire Vijaynagar kingdom. Rajguru did what Tenali demanded.

When Rajguru and Tenali were passing by royal palace, King Krishnadev Raye noticed this unusual duo. As soon as the King realized that one person is causing intense trouble to another person, he got infuriated and ordered his guards to drag the person taking ride over another being’s shoulders to royal court.  On the other hands, Tenali sensed something is wrong, so he jumped off the Rajguru’s shoulders and requested Rajguru to climb his shoulder instead. Rajguru happily did what Tenali requested. Sooner, the royal guards arrived the scene. 

They pulled Rajguru down and dragged him to royal court. Krishnadev angrily instructed Rajguru to apologize to Tenali. Rajguru understood that all this has been orchestrated by Tenali, but afraid of getting his secret revealed, he preferred to remain silent. Scroll down to read and enjoy the summary of more Tenali Raman Stories in English for Kids.

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3. Rama and the Foolish Thief

Tenali Raman had a lush green garden in his backyard. Once upon a time, Tenali got so busy in the royal court, that he couldn’t find time to take care of his garden. As a result, the garden started withering. A few days later, Tenali Raman  spotted a few suspicious people hiding behind a bush nearby. Tenali understood that they are the thieves planning to rob his house soon. Tenali made a plan. He went inside the house and came out dragging a heavy box. He dragged that box up to the well in his garden and dumped it into the well. “No one can think that I am hiding my precious jewels in this well.” Said Tenali and started waiting for the night. On the other hand, thieves were very happy.

At night, the thieves entered the garden and directly went to the well. A vertex of the box was visible to them. Without wasting time, the thieves started fetching the water from the well in an order to empty it. When the box was clearly visible, a thief climbed down the well and pulled the box out of it. To their astonishment, the box was filled with pebbles. The thieves understood that they have been fooled by Tenali Rama. They ran away as fast as they could. However, Tenali’s garden became lush again as the thieves poured a lot of water into it.

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4. The Last Wish

Once, King Krishnadev Raye was regretting the demise of his mother without fulfillment of her last wish to eat mangoes. Clever royal priest thought of grabbing this opportunity to earn some gold. He suggested Krishnadev Raye to plan a feast for Brahmins of entire Vijaynagar and distribute 1 gold mango to each of them. This will pacify the departed soul. King did the same.

When Tenali Rama came to know about it, he planned to teach greedy priest a lesson. Few days later, he arranged a feast for all the Brahmins of Vijanagar.  After the feast, he guided all the Brahmin guests to his backyard where iron rods were being heated. Scared priest asked Tenali what’s this nonsense? To which Tenali told that his mother had severe pain in her knees. He kept on telling that an Ayurvedic doctor had advised him to punch a heated iron rod into his mother’s knee. 

However, before Tenali could make this happen, his mother demised. Now it is necessary to punch these heated rods into the brahmin’s knee in an order to pacify the departed mother. The greedy priest understood Tenali Raman’s gesture. Ashamed of his deed, the priest, along with other Brahmins, returned the golden mangoes to the King. Scroll down for more Tenali Raman Stories in English.

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5. A Handful of Grains

There lived a woman named Vidyulata in Vijayanagar. Vidyulata was witty, but arrogant lady. She declared that anyone who can outwit her will get 1000 gold coins. When Tenali Rama heard about it, he thought of giving Vidyulata a lesson. Disguised as a firewood seller, tenali started selling firewood in front of Vidyulata. After some time, Vidyulata comes out of her house and ask the price of a bundle. Tenali told that he will only take “a handful grain.” Vidyulata agreed and directed tenali to go and dump the bundle in her backyard. But when she brought a handful of grain  tenali denied accepting it. He kept on uttering only one thing that he had asked a handful grain and he will only accept a handful grain .

The matter turned into a heated argument. Finally Vidyulata and Tenali decided to present the matter before magistrate. When magistrate asked tenali the reason behind his stubbornness, tenali replied that he was only asking for one grain that can fill his entire fist – a handful grain, but unable to understand, arrogant Vidyulata was giving him a hand full of grains.  Vidyulata understood that she had lost the war of words. She compensated tenali as promised by her and stopped being arrogant.

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6. Salute To Tenali Rama's Donkey

Rajguru of Vijayanagar court was an orthodox person. He had strong dislike towards lower caste people. When Tenali came to know about it, he felt bad for those who were discriminated by the Rajguru. Tenali Raman asked Rajguru the reason for his behavior. “ The people of these caste are evil, and even If by mistake  I will look at them, I will be born as a donkey in my next life” replied Rajguru. Tenali realized that Rajguru needs to taste his own medicine.

Few days later, Krishnadev Raye was leading Royal procession through the streets of Vijayanagar. On the way, there was a group of donkeys. As soon as Tenali looked at Donkeys, he jumped off his horse and started bowing before those donkeys. Krishnadev Raye laughed and asked the reason behind this act. “I am paying respect to the ancestors of Rajguru, who had mistakenly looked at people of lower castes.” Replied Tenali. Rajguru understood the message. After that, he stopped discriminating any person.  

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7. The Treatment

Once upon a time, Delhi Sultan sent his spy disguised as a sage to the Vijaynagar kingdom. The spy was very ruthless. Whoever came to knew about the spy’s secret, was fed with a hallucinogenic drug. When Tenali Rama came to know about this, he decided to teach spy a lesson. Tenali somehow made the spy confront the man, whom spy fed the hallucinogen. The man was mentally ill and as soon as he saw his enemy, he hit his head with an intense blow.

When King Krishnadev Raye came to know about this, he became infuriated with Tenali. Without wasting time, Krishnadev Raye ordered his guards to execute Tenali. The guards took Tenali to some wilderness and buried him in the ground till neck. After some time, the guards left and a humped washer man passed by Tenali. Looking at Washerman, Tenali understood that the man is suffering from hump problem. Tenali thought an idea to come out of ground. Tenali convinced the washer man that he is practicing a proven remedy to fix hump. The Washer man, optimistic of getting rid of his old problem, dug Tenali out and buried got himself buried till neck. Clever Tenali once gain proved his wit and saved his life.

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8. Who is Wretched?

There lived a person named Murthy. It was rumored about Murthy that he is a wretched person. Whoever will see the face of Murthy in the morning wouldn’t get the meal throughout the day. When Krishnadev Raye heard about it, he desired to test this gossip. The King called Murthy to the Royal palace at night and looked at Murthy’s face the very next morning. The King didn’t get meal entire day. The King was convinced that Murthy is an wretched person. He ordered death penalty to Murthy.

When Tenali Rama heard about this, he became very upset. Tenali called Murthy’s wife and ordered her to do as he say. Next morning when Murthy was taken for execution, Murthy’s wife started shouting “Look Vijaynagar Kingdom, if you look at my husband’s face in the morning, you don’t get food, but if you look at Krishnadev Raye’s face in the morning, you get to die. Now decide who is more wretched.” Krishnadev Raye realized his mistake and he immediately ordered Murthy’s release.

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9. What is my Mother Tongue?

Once upon a time, a man of high intellect visited Royal court of Vijaynagar. King Krishnadev Raye was very much impressed with the intelligent man. Sometime later, Krishnadev Raye inquired the visitor about his home land. The visitor thought of being a bit mischievous so instead of directly answering the question, the visitor threw a challenge. The visitor challenged Kirshnadev Raye to find out his home land. All the courtiers tried their best to find out the visitor’s home land. When everyone failed, Krishnadev Raye entrusted this duty to Tenali Rama. Tenali claimed to reveal about the visitor’s homeland next morning. Everyone retired to their places.

At night, the visitor was accidentally served too much spicy meal on the dinner table. The visitor started shouting for water. Royal chef prepared new meal for visitor and asked for forgiveness. Next morning Tenali revealed that the visitor’s home land is Tamil. Tenali continued “I beg your pardon gentleman, but it was me only who deliberately asked the royal chef to serve you intensely spicy food. When you were shouting for water, you also cried “Amma” which is a Tamil word for mother. And when in pain, a person always calls his mother and that too in his mother tongue. Hence I can confidently say that your hometown is Tamil.” Once again everyone was amazed with Tenali’s wit.

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10. Tenali Rama & The Arabian Horse

Once upon a time, an Arabian horse trader visited Vijaynagar Kingdom. King Kirshnadev Raye was very much impressed with the horses brought by traders. He immediately purchased all the horses. Now rose the question of raring and domestication of these horses. Finally, it was decided that every royal courtier will take the responsibility of 1 horse and 1 Gold Coin would be given monthly to everyone for the maintenance of the horses. 1 Gold coin per month was not enough for rearing such a costly horse. However, no one dared to utter a single word against Krishnadev Raye’s wish.

1 Month later, Krishnadev Raye desired to inspect the horses. Every courtier fed the horse well, even if he had to sleep hungry sometimes except for Tenali Rama. When the horse inspector examined Tenali’s horse, he found it too aggressive and weak. Krishnadev Raye strictly asked Tenali the reason behind this negligence. To this Tenali replied, “ Maharaaj, if a horse can become this weak and aggressive because of being ill-fed, think about those royal courters who are sleeping hungry time and again but trying to feed the costly horses given by you in turn of merely 1 gold coin per month.” Krishnadev Raye understood the message. He immediately took back the horses from courters.

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11. Wedding of the Well

Tenali Raman got a new well dug in his backyard. According to Tenali’s family tradition, a new well was always worshiped before being used. King Krishndev Raye was also present at the ceremony. Looking at this strange tradition, Krishndev Raye became playful. Next day, the King sent an invitation to all the royal courters that he is planning his Well’s wedding and the wells in Courteer’s houses are cordially invited to attend this ceremony.

Everyone was puzzled. However, Tenali Raman assured everyone to come up with a solution. Next day, all the courters headed by Tenali Raman went to King Krishndev Raye. The King asked mischievously “Haven’t you come along your Wells to attend the wedding of my well? “ To this Tenali replied “Maharaaj, our wells are eager  to come and attend the wedding of your well, but, according to a tradition in our families, the well which is getting married must come and invite our wells personally. Only than our wells can come and attend the ceremony.” Krishndev Raye shouted “What nonsense! How can a well leave its place and go to invite other wells?”  A silence spread in the courtroom. Krishndev Raye realized his folly. He immediately dismissed his mischievous proposal.

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12. Menacing Flowerpots

King Krishndev Raye was gifted 3 precious flower pots by his ally. These flowerpots were so beautiful that they became dearest to the King. The King appointed a special servant to clean and look-after the flowerpots. Once a mouse passed over one of pot. The pot trembled and fell upon the ground. Needless to say that Krishndev Raye was enraged knowing this. The King ordered death penalty to the servant. When Tenali Ram heard about it, he became upset for the servant. Tenali visited the servant in prison and disclosed a plan to save his life.

Next day when the servant was taken for execution, the hangman asked his last wish. The servant desired to see the remaining two flowerpots. The flowerpots were presented  before the servant. The servant quickly picked the pots and crushed them upon the ground. The King’s anger knew no bounds. When he asked the reason for this, the servant politely replied “Maharaaj, these flowerpots are perishable and bound to perish one day, but at least before dying I have saved at least two invaluable lives which would have perished with these  pots.” The King realized his folly and ordered immediate release of the servant.

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13. Biggest Fool

One upon a time, An Arabian Horse trader visited Vijayanagar. The trader had a Strong, long tailed,  muscular horse. King Krishndev Raye was impressed with the trader’s horse. He immediately purchased the horse from trader. Trader was clever. As soon he realized that king is flattered by his horse, he told the King that he has two more such horses at his homeland and only if the King pays him in advance, he will bring it to Vijayanagar. The King paid 5000 coins to traders.

Days, months and a year passed. But the trader never returned. One such evening, Krishndev Raye saw Tenali Rama writing names of fools in Vijaynagar Kingdom. Krishndev Raye  was infuriated to see his name written on the top the list. When Tenali saw the King angry, he politely asked him “Maharaaj, what would you call a person who has paid a huge amount to a stranger merely on an expectation that one day the stranger would fulfill the promise and close the deal?” Krishndev Raye understood Tenali point. But still he asked that what if the trader returns. To this Tenali replied “Then I will strike off your name from the list and write the trader’s name on the top.” Then both of them had a great laugh.

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14. Toughest Job in the World

Once upon a time, everyone in the royal court was debating over the toughest job in the world. Most of the courters were looking at this debate as an opportunity to flatter their King. So according to them, toughest job in this world was that of the King. Tenali was not playing along with other courters. The King noticed Tenali’s silence and asked him his opinion on the matter. Tenali said “ Maharaaj in my opinion, the toughest job in this world is of a mother.” Everyone laughed. The King challenged Tenali to prove his point.

Tenali, unhesitatingly, called a lady with his kid. The kid was being told that the King can fulfill any of his desires. So the kid asked for an elephant. Lo! The elephant was brought. Now the kid demanded that the elephant must be given to him in a jute bag so that he can carry it to his friend’s house. Now everyone was puzzled. When no one could crack the kid’s demand, Tenali requested the kid’s mother to fulfill her kid’s desire. The mother brought a toy elephant and inserted in into a jute bag. The kid was happy and entire court accepted that the toughest job in this world is that of a mother.

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15. The Condition for Spending

Once upon a time, King Krishndev Raye thought of testing their courters. The King gifted 100 gold coins to every courter and asked them to purchase whatever they feel like, but, only after looking at the King’s face. Everyone was shocked to hear this peculiar condition.

One week later, all the courters assembled in royal court. Except for Tenali Raman, no one spent even a single gold coin. The King asked Tenali “How dare you spend so many coins without looking at my face Tenali. I made it very clear in the beginning that no one will make even a single purchase without looking at my face.” Tenali replied politely “ Maharaaj, every time I made a purchase, I saw your face …. Printed on the gold coins given to us.” The King realized that the currency of Vijayanagar carries the impression of his face on it. The King admired Tenali’s wit again.

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16. Human Nature

One upon a time, Royal court was divided into two halves over the issue of real human nature. One group was of the opinion that real nature of human beings can be changed while other group claimed that real nature of human beings can never be changed. Tenali Rama headed the second group. Finally, King Krishndev Raye proposed a plan to resolve the deadlock. The King said that both the groups should get a puppy and with the help of its tail, try to prove their respective points. Both the groups agreed to Krishndev Raye.

After a month, both the groups assembled again under the supervision of Krishndev Raye. The First group was disappointed as they tried real hard, to straighten their puppy tail and prove that human nature can also be changed like this, but couldn’t succeed in this venture. So they lost the claim. The second group was cheerful. On behalf of the second group, Tenali Rama presented the puppy. The puppy had been really week and was hardly able to stand on its own. Though, its tail was hanging straight. Tenali explained “The puppy’s tail has been straightened because of sheer weakness. But if this puppy regains its strength, it will again bend its tail fully. Similarly, Human nature changes only for a while when he is week. However, once human regains his strength, he comes back in his true personality.” Krishndev Raye applauded Tenali’s opinion and his way of expressing it.

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17. The King ‘s Promise

King Krishndev Raye was very happy with Tenali Raman’s service to Vijaynagar. So he decided to gift Tenali, the revenue of one entire village of Vijaynagar. However, Krishndev Raye forgot to process the paper work for the proposal and the gift remained distant dream for Tenali.. But Tenali Ram was not going to give up so easily.

One such day, Krishndev Raye was visiting the city along with Tenali Raman. Suddenly, Krishndev Raye saw a camel and expressed wonder over the peculiar hump of camel. Tenali grabbed this opportunity to remind king about his promise. He immediately spoke “May be, the Camel was some king who forgot his promise to grant revenue of one village to his courtier.  And this peculiar hump is the punishment awarded to it by God.” Krishndev Raye understood Tenali’s message. As soon as they returned, Krishndev Raye ordered their servants to initiate the paper work to grant revenue of a village to Tenali.

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18. Precious Gift

Once upon a time, King Krishndev Raye became very much angry with Tenali Rama. The King ordered Tenali Rama not to show his face again. However, when he arrived the royal court next day he saw Tenali Rama sitting in the royal court with an earthen pot over his face.

The King got infuriated and asked Tenali Rama the reason for defying his order. To this, Tenali replied “Maharaaj you ordered me not to show my face again, and I don’t think you are able to see my face across this earthen pot, so when did I defy your order.” The King laughed and asked Tenali to remove the pot and resume the daily routine.

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19. Defying the Order

Once upon a time, King Krishndev Raye was celebrating his victory over an enemy kingdom. On the orders of the King, one table, full of gifts was kept in the middle of the royal court. Every courter was free to pick one gift from the table.

Tenali Rama reached royal court, a little late that evening. By the time he reached, the table was empty. Only one small silver plate was lying over it. Tenali picked the plate and hid it in his clad. When Krsihndev Raye saw Tenali hiding a little plate as if it was an expensive item, he asked the reason from Tenali. To this, Tenali replied “Maharaaj, till now you are known for gifting me expensive things, but if anyone will see this little silver plate, as a gift for me, your reputation will be tarnished today. So I am hiding it inside my clad so that everyone would think Tenali has again gotten some precious gift from Maharaaj.” Krishndev Raye became very happy with Tenali’s wit. He gifted a pearl necklace to Tenali in turn.

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20. How Many Pigeons

Once upon a time, King Krishndev Raye thought of playing with Tenali Raam. The King ordered Tenali to find out the number of Pigeons in Vijaynagar. Now this was somewhat absurd. However, after two days, Tenali appeared before the King and said “Maharaaj, there are total 1,01,909 pigeons in Vijaynagar.” Amazed King questioned Tenli’s information. To this, Tenali clarified “Maharaaj If you have doubt, you can yourself reexamine the count of pigeons in the kingdom. If the number is lesser, this means some pigeons have gone outstation to meet their relatives, and if the number have increased this means some pigeons from outside have come to see their relatives living in our kingdom.”

Krishndev  realized that he has lost to Tenali. He admired Tenali’s wit once again.

Did you enjoy reading these short story of Tenali Raman?

FAQ's on Tenali Raman Stories For Kids

C. L. L. Jayaprada wrote Tenali Raman Stories

Tenali Ramakrishna was an Indian poet, scholar, thinker and a special advisor in the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya

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  1. These Tenali Raman stories are hilarious! I can’t believe how much fun I’m having reading them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. These Tenali Raman stories are hilarious! I can’t believe how much fun I’m having reading them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Great post! I love Tenali Raman’s wit and clever solutions. My kids are going to enjoy these stories so much. Can’t wait to read them with them! 😊

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4 thoughts on “Tenali Raman Stories For Kids”

  1. These Tenali Raman stories are hilarious! I can’t believe how much fun I’m having reading them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. These Tenali Raman stories are hilarious! I can’t believe how much fun I’m having reading them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Great post! I love Tenali Raman’s wit and clever solutions. My kids are going to enjoy these stories so much. Can’t wait to read them with them! 😊

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