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Popular media content is a Mess

Media content is often designed for adult age groups and hence is often unfit for kids consumption. Unfiltered access to such content can have negative effects on their development and growth, especially in early formative years.

Screen addiction has long term implications

Research has proven that giving kids digital screen to keep them engaged is detrimental for their mental well being and emotional growth.

So What Is The Way Out?

Even we wonder. Despite such a dire need, large players offer limited options for kids education and entertainment. And even when available, they are mostly tied to screens.

Chimes: Kids Audio Stories

Screen Free Education and Entertainment

See your kids transform into calm, relaxed kids with better attention spans and multi-dimensional cognitive development.

Safe and Age Appropriate Kids Content

Nurture your child’s emotional and psychological development with the help of podcasts and audiobooks, specially tailored for their growth, development and educational needs.

Safe Haven For Kids - Dedicated iOS and Android Apps

Trustworthy and credible space for your kids to hang out on their own, while pushing the boundaries of their knowledge and global awareness.

Content Across Tens of Genres

From a wide catalog of kids podcasts and audiobooks, you can pick specific content tailored for your kids preference and needs. And new content is added every week.

Suitable for 3-15 years of age

Choose your kid’s age and let our AI engine recommend the content that suits that age group. Feel free to customize further based on your kid’s interest, level of understanding and maturity.

Premium Experience

Become premium subscriber and listen to thousands of episodes without any restrictions and ad-free to maximise your kids learning experience.

Personalize The App, The Way You Want

Mark Your Favorite Podcasts For Lightning Fast Access

Love a podcast? Mark it as favorite and access it lightening fast from the “Favorites” tab. Quick and convenient access so your child uses the time enjoying the content and not searching it.

Never Loose your Spot

Had to abondon the podcast in between? No problems. The app keeps track of your last listened podcasts and you can restart from where you left off with a single click of button, direct from Homepage. Enjoy seamless continuity of content, even across sessions.

Your App, Your Language

Control the App language directly and choose between English and Hindi interfaces, providing better accessibility to non-English speaking users. After all, we are “Made In Bharat”!

Choose Your Favorite Theme

Every child is different with their own preferences. Hence, the app let your child choose the colour theme that appeals to their sensibilities.

Adjust player Speed

Adjust the podcast playback speed to match your interest and use case. Trying to learn something new, go slow to allow time to comprehend and grasp key points. Enjoying an adventure story, maybe going fast will add to your listening experience.

Choose Your Favorite Player Design

Experience the coolest audio player in both Classic and Gaming Console designs, a first for the industry.

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