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Podcasts are a great way to encourage kids to get them away from digital screens. Podcasts enhance their imagination, creativity, knowledge, and visualization skills. Scroll down and introduce yourself to these best podcasts.

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Hindi Stories For Kids

Akbar Birbal Stories , Podcasts For Kids, Akbar Birbal Hindi Moral Stories, Best Podcasts

Interaction between Emperor Akbar and witty Birbal

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Hindi Varnamala Ki Kahaniyan Podcast

Hindi Varnamala Ki Kahaniyan Enjoy listening to popular Hindi Varnamala stories

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hindi folk stories, hindi moral stories, hindi stories for kids

Collection of folktales from various Indian states

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Vikram betal

Dig through the ancient story of a King & a ghost

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English Stories For Kids

Audiobooks Stories For Kids

Wizard of Oz Podcast Artwork

Story full of wizards, witches, extraordinary humans and animals

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Alice In Wonderland

A classic fantasy of a little girl and her mysterious world

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The Story of Pinocchio

The story of a clever puppet who can’t help stop lying

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Religious Stories For Kids

Mythological Stories For Kids, Mythological Stories for kids,Indian Epics and Puranas Stories for Kids

Compilation of mythological stories from Hindu religious texts

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kannada stories

Mythological stories from Hindu religious texts in Kannada language

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Educational Podcasts For Kids

news of the day

A News A Day Get to know about the top news of the day Listen Podcast In today’s world, we are bombarded with information through

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Animal Encyclopedia for Kids

Short animal encyclopedia for land, air and water animals

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book club

An interesting book every week for kids to enjoy

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famous Indian Personalities

Indians who shaped our country- their struggles and accomplishments

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Indian festivals

History & significance of the popular Indian festivals

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inventors and their inventions

Scientific masterminds and their greatest inventions

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Yoga for kids

Simple and effective yoga exercises for entire family

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Fun Podcasts For Kids

short poems for kids

Enjoy and sing-a-long these popular children poems

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World countries

Discover a new country, its culture, and flag every day

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myths and facts

Popular Myths & facts Bust some popular myths with mythbusters

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good news

Top 5 positive and inspirational news of the week

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This day's history

All you need to know about the significance of this date

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weekend getaways

Weekend Getaways Get to know about the top family weekend

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Places To Visit In India

Unique places across India that kids simply love

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Parenting Podcasts

mom bloggers, parenting bloggers

Interview series with top Indian parenting bloggers

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navratri recipes

Yummy ideas to feed hungry tummies on fasting days

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Indian Parenting, Parenting Podcasts,Parenting and childhood

Tips & tricks on Indian parenting and child development

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