Story Behind Chimes

Chimes is an attempt by a group of dedicated media enthusiasts to build an online platform for the entertainment of kids. The idea originated when the founders got disheartened from listening to the mainstream music and grown-up conversations on popular radio stations.

School runs and long drives meant constantly changing channels to find something suitable for kids. This led to an honest attempt by the team to create an alternate source of entertainment which was appropriate for this age group while not pushing the kids down the path of screen viewing which is the other nemesis of our digital era.

Result is Chimes Radio™ which helps enhance kid’s imagination and creativity through story telling, educational podcasts, fictional stories and tons of fun and trivia.

Our Vision

The Team

Gaurav Gupta, Founder & CEO

With over 15 years of experience in the Media industry, Gaurav started Chimes Radio with a clear aim to provide parents an option to choose an alternative yet safe source of entertainment for their kids. Being a parent himself, he realizes the challenges of parenthood and had learned the tricks of the trade (sometimes in a hard way) over time. He looks after all aspects of the station from content to marketing to technology.

Swaroopa P, Creative Content Manager

Swaroopa is a season RJ, Podcast producer and Voice over artist. She has a soft spot for audio in her heart and loves the art of storytelling and communication. She believes in making 'Content that matters'. An avid art enthusiast yet having a childlike curiosity, is a combination to watch for.

Tasmiya Ansari, Content Writer

Being a literature student, Tasmiya takes pleasure in writing and immersing herself in learning about new and exciting areas. She believes that words have the power to inspire, educate, and connect people, and is committed to creating content that makes a difference.

Aproov Shrivastav, Digital Marketer

Apoorv is an old war horse with a deep association with Chimes from an early stage. He leverages his experience in Digital Marketing and Creative Content writing to convey the value add our platform brings to the lives of our listeners.

Omprakash, Software Developer

The tech champ, Omprakash a.k.a OP as he loves to be called, is the brain and heart behind the scenes. An avid art enthusiast, OP likes to experiment with new technologies and enjoy a nice day out in the Golden City.

Bharat Arora, Sound Engineer

Bharat is an enthusiastic & creative sound engineer. He comes with 10 years of experience in Radio, TV, & e-Learning industries and enjoys playing with sound on his machine. A very keen sound observers, he loves to play with musical instruments like drums and keyboards in his free time.

Rajul Shah, Content Writer

Rajul carries around 15 years of experience working with children. Besides having degrees in developmental counselling and special education, she's passionate about curating content for children to help them know more about this world.

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