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English is the language of everything in the world. People around the globe might have a different mother tongue but English is such a language, which is widely used everywhere. Did you know how so many countries are so good at spoken English? Throughout the past, Britishers have ruled several countries and forced people to learn English and even speak English. So slowly people adapted to this language and now it is the only language that helps connect us in a global world. 

The Importance of Spoken English:

  1. English is the language of global communication
  2. Spoken English helps in meeting new people
  3. Travelling is easier with a good knowledge of English
  4. Access to good education 
  5. Vast job opportunities 

In India, schools prefer children learning English as their first language. Even parents want their kids to speak this foreign language fluently. Psychology says, young kids have more grasp and more power of adaptability than children above 12 years. Spoken English classes improve social interaction in kids as they develop new skills and fluency in speaking  while communicating with kids from different cultures. Learning English also build kids’ confidence because they learn to talk fluently in English, develop vocabulary, and accuracy in what they do. Therefore it is important to introduce kids to spoken English as early as possible. Teaching basic English to kids from an early age enables them to build a bright future.

On the other side, kids who are not taught spoken English, find it challenging to pay attention, understand, and communicate in both verbal and written terms. They lack sentence formation and vocabulary, which increases pressure in later stages of life.

Chimes Radio, therefore, brings to you a whole new spoken English podcast for your kids. This Best Spoken English Podcast will help in increasing vocab for kids, help kids in learning English, and will even improve their knowledge of basic English. Every week, a new podcast is uploaded to our streaming mobile applications. Download the Free Chimes Radio app.

Our Original Podcasts are also available on your favorite streaming apps like Apple Podcasts, SpotifyGoogle PodcastsGaana, Jio Saavn, etc. So parents, engage your little ones with new and fun vocab for kids everyday only with Chimes Radio. 

Best Spoken English Podcast

             Vocab For Kids/ Word



Revelation (Noun)

An act of making known which is specially a surprising disclosure

Late Latin -Revelare, Revelatio

English- Reveal, Revelation

Community (Noun)

A group of people who share some some common things like race, religion, values, custom etc.

Late Latin -Communis, Communitas

English- Common, Community

Monopoly (Noun)

Complete control especially in the field of business

It also means possession or use of something which belongs to one person or a group and it is not shared by other people.

Greek- Monos, polein, monopolion

Latin- Monopoly

Charm (Noun)

Quality in a thing or a person that please others

It also means something that you wear or have because you believe that it is going to be a good-luck for you

Old Latin- Carmen

Old French- Charme/ Charmer

English- Charm

Recollect (Verb)

To remember something, especially by making an effort to do so

Old Latin- Recolligere

English- Recollect

Integrity (Noun)

Quality of being honest and morally strong

Old Latin- Integer

French- Integrite

English- Integrity

Movement (Noun)

An act of moving

It also means, a group of people who have the same aim or the same idea

Old Latin- Movere, Movimentum
English- Movement

Enlist (Verb)

Join a team like an army, navy or air force

English- Inlist

Dutch- Inlijisten

English- Enlist

Illumination (Noun)

The place from which light comes out

Late Latin- Illuminare, illuminatio

English- Illumination, illumination

Applaud (Verb)

To express  approval by clapping

Latin- Ad+plaudere, applaudere

French- Applaudir

English- Applaud

Fantasy (Noun)

A situation that is not true but imagined

Greek- phantazein, phantasia

Old French- fantasie

English- Fantasy

Recognizable (Adjective)

Something/ someone that is easily identifiable

Latin- Recognoscare

Old French- Reconnaissable

English- Recognize, Recognizable

Inspirational (Adjective)

To provide inspiration to someone

Late Latin- Inspirare,inspiratio

English- Inspiration, inspire

Compliment (Noun)

A statement or an action that shows admiration of somebody

Late Latin- Complementum

Italian- Complimento

French & English- Compliment

Vintage (Adjective)

Something of high quality and of lasting value

Latin- Vinum + demere

Late Latin- Vindemia

Old French- Vendange, Vendage

English- Vintage

Automated (Adjective)

Something which is operated by a machine without human interaction

English- Automation, Automate

Nostalgia (Noun)

A feeling of pleasure mixed with sadness when we think about happy times of the past

Greek- Nostos + algos

English- Nostalgia

Humility (Noun)

The quality of not thinking that we are better than others i.e. staying grounded

Latin- Humilitus

English- Humility


Collection of valuable objects like gold, silver or in today’s digital world, it can be intangible things too

Greek- Thēsaurós

French- Tresor

English- Tresaurus, treasure

Aesthetics (Noun)

The quality of not thinking that we are better than others i.e. staying grounded

Greek- Aisthethai, aistheta, aisthetikos

English- Aesthetics


To leave something like a job or some place or to stop doing something

Latin- Quies, Quie scere, quietus

French- Quiter, Quite

English- Quit

Endangered (Adjective)

An animal, plant, or anything else which is on the verge of disappearing from Earth

French- en

Anglo French- Dangier

English- Endanger

Civil (Adjective)

Used to represent the common man or citizens of a country

Latin- Civis, civilis

French- Civil

Amicable (Adjective)

Something that is made or done in a friendly way without any arguement

Latin- Amicus

Late Latin- Amicabilis

English- Amicable

Distinguish (Verb)

To recognize the difference between two things or two people

Latin- Dis+ stinguere= distinguere

French-  Distinguer

English- Distinguish

Dignity (Verb)

Quality or state of being worthy, honoured or esteemed

Latin- Dignus, dignitus

French-  Dignete

English- Dignity

Entity (Verb)

Something that exists separately and has its own identity

Latin- Esse, ens ent, entitas

French-  Entite

English- Entity

Unofficial (Adjective)

Something that is not accepted by a person or official of authority

Latin- Esse, ens ent, entitas

French-  Entite

English- Entity

Edifice (Noun)

A large or massive structure, like the Eiffel Tower

Latin- aedis+ facere= aedificium

English- Edifice

Empowerment (Noun)

Authority or power given to someone to do something

Old French- Prefix “En” & Power

English- Empower

Propel (Verb)

Driving or pushing something forward

Latin- pro+pellere= propellere

English- Propel

Migrate (Verb)

To move from one region or habitat to another

Latin- migrare, migrant, migrate

Solistice (Noun)

The time or date, twice in a year, when the sun reaches its maximum or minimum declination, to mark the longest and shortest days of the year

Latin- sistere, sol+ stit, solstitioum

English- Solistice

Enchanted (Adjective)

Filled with delight or charm

Latin- in+ cantare= incantare

Old French- Enchanter

English- Inchant, Enchant

Gratitude (Noun)

The quality of being thankful and readiness to show expression or return kindness

Latin- gratus

Old French- Gratitudo

English- Gratitude

Enrich (Verb)

To improve or enhance the quality or value of something

Old French- en+ riche= enrichir

English- Enrich

Statesman (Noun)

A skilled, experienced and respected political figure

Old French- homme d’État

English- States+man = Statesman





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