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Indian Parenting & Childhood- Parenting is often considered one of the most difficult and least appreciated jobs in the world. But it is also the most fulfilling one when you get to see your loved ones grow into responsible and kind human beings. There are several parenting classes, parenting blogs, parenting articles, and even parenting advice available in the online media but the process of upbringing a kid is full of challenges and struggles. Parents are always looking out for their child’s needs, physical safety, emotional well being, and mental development in order to prepare them for the life ahead. The way we raise our kids defines how they are going to be in the future. Therefore it can be concluded that parenting and child development are two parallel lines going together.

There is no particular parenting meaning or definition for “Good” or “Bad” Parenting, as it all depends on the type of relationship between a parent and the child. Parenting techniques vary from person to person. What might be inappropriate in one context and culture might be fully acceptable in another. But there are some general rules and guidelines which are followed the world over as good parenting practices towards raising great kids. Some of these are giving dedicated time to your kids, showing affection to children, sharing moments with them, listening to them, and understanding the needs of children. 

Good parenting acts or good parenting tips do not mean to be a perfectionist or searching for good parenting apps but creating an environment for the child that inculcates good moral and social values in them. When children grow up, they look up to their parents as their role models and parents need to earn this respect by proving their worth when kids are growing up.

In this podcast series of “Parenting & Childhood”, Chimes Radio organizes interactive sessions with some of the child consultants, psychologists, children authors and other experts to provide useful and practical tips on Indian Parenting, nurturing and child development. 

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Table of Contents

1. An Interaction with Samarpan Kala Kendra 

" ​​​A nation’s culture resides in the heart and soul of its people​ "
- Mahatma Gandhi

Indian classical dance is an integral part of our history and culture. Under the Ministry of Culture, India officially recognizes 11 Indian classical dance forms as native folk dance forms and one of them is Kathak. Kathak is derived from the word “Katha” meaning story. It is called the dance of love and dancers tell stories through their hand movements, body postures, and facial expressions.

To know more about this expressive art form, Chimes Radio brings to you an interactive discussion with Mr. Pradipto Chakrobarty and Ms. Ritu Gupta, founders of Samarpan Kala Kendra, a Gurgaon based dance academy focusing on classical Indian dance forms.

We talk about everything about dance – starting with how to encourage kids, why age is not a barrier to start dancing, how Indian dance forms compare with other western styles. Indian classical dance benefits and how dancing can be looked as an alternate professional career.

If you have ever thought that you are too young or too old to learn dance professionally, make sure you hear this podcast as it might change your perspective.

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2. Balanced Parenting: Guilt Free Parenting

" ​The best way to make children good is to make them happy "
–Oscar Wilde

Parenting is often like a guilt ride and especially for mothers in our patriarchal society. Sometimes the guilt is overwhelming and sometimes it is a low simmer but it is usually something that is experience by most of the mothers at some point in time. These two can often be seen like parallel lines that go side by side and can originate from n number of reasons like trying to balance house and office for professional women, managing kids in a joint household, or simply by comparing your own life with someone else’s on social media.

Many parents go through this feeling of guilt when they are not able to provide what they ideally wanted to for their kids and this leads them to indulge in a vicious cycle of guilt. Be it not giving proper time to the kids or not able to do the best for them or making professional choices a priority, it is the guilt that gulps upmost mothers.

In this episode of “Guilt-Free Parenting”, Chimes Radio talks to Ms. Mahalakshmi Rajagopal, a well-known intervention consultant based in South Delhi – and discusses various aspects of this subject. She is considered to be an expert in the field of parenting and has coached several parents over the years in her illustrious career to help them overcome these challenges.

She also talks about the wrong perception that single-parent kids have emotional difficulties when growing up and about the guilt management in fathers, which due to societal pressure stays suppressed. 

Hope you enjoy the podcast on Indian Parenting and benefit from it.

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3. Balanced Parenting: Anger Management in Parents 

" Power is of two kinds - one is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from the fear of punishment "
- Mahatma Gandhi

Parents are under tremendous pressure all the time due to both personal and professional lives and this can lead to boiling situations when kids act a bit more demanding. And as a result, parents tend to punish the children as a form of anger outburst. Punishment does inculcate fear in the child which might lead to issues in the future.

It is important to understand the underlying issue here so we can handle the situations better, act upon the anger and handle it in a more mature way by developing our own coping strategies, and lastly to stay away from any forms of punishment as much as possible.

In this episode of “Anger Management in Parents”, Chimes Radio talks to Ms. Mahalakshmi Rajagopal, a well-known intervention consultant based in South Delhi – and discuss various aspects of this subject. She is considered to be an expert in the field of parenting and has coached several parents over the years on Indian parenting  in her career to help them overcome these challenges.

It is important to build a strong parent and child relationship. Keep listening to our “Parenting & Childhood” podcast for more techniques on Indian parenting.

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4. In conversation with Haimanti Mitra – Children’s Book Author

What have Peter Rabbit, Harry Potter, Mowgli, Aladdin, and Cinderella have in common? These are fictional characters from children story books penned down by some of the world’s most brilliant writers. Children’s stories have a great way of entertaining us and enhancing our imagination from an early age and even while we grow up, these characters are always a part of our childhood memories. Writing a storybook is all about penning down thoughts and imagination in a way that teaches children values, empathy, morals, culture etc. 
So for this candid chat, we have invited Ms. Haimanti Mitra, an upcoming children book’s author whose first book “The Magical Forest” hit the stands in early 2020. In this chat, we cover various aspects like how reading is an important skill for kids and what can parents do to encourage kids to develop this habit in children. She opines that reading is like an exercise that not only helps to overcome boredom but also boosts creative thinking, helps build a strong vocabulary and supports a child’s academic success.
To know more about Ms. Haimanti Mitra, her book, and her views on reading storybooks, listen to the podcast. 

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5. The Human Tendencies

The human tendency to regard little things as important has produced very many great things
- Geroge. C. Lichtenburg​

Human tendencies are the basic development of survival. It helps us to understand and adapt to the surrounding. We human beings have a certain set of tendencies that exist right from our birth and develop with time. In this special podcast, our very own RJ Nitin talks about various human tendencies that we start developing as a newborn baby and we keep working on them throughout our childhood.
The five human tendencies which are covered in this podcast are Exploration, Orientation, Imagination, Manipulation, and Communication. So if you are keen to understand why your kids act the way they do – be it touching various objects, developing a sense of direction or expressing their imagination in the form of painting or expressing in form of gestures or body language – check this podcast on human behavior. 

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6. Understanding Creative Writing in Kids – With Ms. Vijayshree

​Every word and picture speaks volumes about the imagination of the writer. And when words and syllables come together and take the reader’s on an emotional overdrive, we surely call it creative writing. Especially in kids, creative writing can be a great way to understand their deep-seated emotions and feelings. In other words, it is a unique way to get a glimpse into the emotional intelligence, maturity, and the thought process of a developing child.
Creative writing is now a very demanding career prospect, especially in the entertainment sector. If your child got that flair of creative writing then this podcast will surely help in nurturing that talent.
In this special podcast, we talk to Ms. Vijayshree of ‘Bellas N Bambinos’ who has been running Creative Writing workshops in Delhi and Gurgaon for young kids for ages now. In the discussion, we try to understand what creative writing means in young kids, its advantages and what cues can parents look out for to establish if their kids have a flair for it. 
Hope your enjoy this podcast and benefit from it.

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7. Embrace Yourself Without The Motherhood Guilt - Anupama Dalmia

Every mother has a story to tell, a battle to share, inspirational thoughts to spread and a life-time of experience to live. “Real Moms Real Stories” a special parenting podcast by Chimes Radio, in partnership with The Champa Tree”, brings to you the story of some inspirational mothers and their journey to motherhood. Listen to our real moms in a special December series of 4 episodes, sharing their real-life experience stories every Sunday only on Chimes Radio. Episodes are hosted by our very own RJ Manika, every Sunday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 P.M on Parent’s Club, an on-air segment of Chimes Radio.

We kick start our series of “Real Moms Real Stories” with such a mother who took the leap of faith and started something that had risks of its own. But she managed to touch the hearts of many with her creativity and grace. During the conversation, Anupama shared her very thoughts on motherhood and stated that motherhood changes a person in a lot of ways. It helps women discover how strong she is and what is she capable of. Apart from that it also helps in being a better version of ourselves. Motherhood is an ongoing process, the changes and learnings are constant. 

She advised all the mothers out there to pursue what they want to do no matter what. One can change their career at any point in time, no matter what people say. “Derive your strength from the supporting section of your circle.” Anupama is a writer, a social influencer, an entrepreneur, a creative writing mentor, and a choreographer. Her passion for each of the things she does boosts energy in her to go much forward and be self-driven. She can embrace herself completely without any motherhood guilt. Society always expects mothers to be sacrificial. Someone who would leave everything for the sake of children and be after them. Kids don’t need sacrificial mothers. They just need mothers who love them, can spend time with them, and guide them through life. Anupama told that she might not spend 24 hours with her daughter but her daughter is her priority. “Let go off your motherhood guilt!”

Listen to Anupama talk more about motherhood and the importance of the creative field in kids’ life. The entire podcast of “Real Moms Real Stories” is in the “Parenting & Childhood” section of the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps.

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8. Communication With Kids During Family Separation - Ayesha N

Life is not a bed of roses but mothers definitely make it one. In the second episode of the series “Real Mom Real Stories” in association with “The Champa Tree”, we have Ayesha N who went through a stressful period in her life but did not let it affect her child in any way. Let’s listen to her the story of the renowned chef Ayesha. She has successfully paved her way through a stressful divorce and is raising her beautiful daughter, Samara, as a single parent. 

When asked about the secret mantra to balance both her professional life and mom’s life, she shared that with time she has stopped putting pressure on herself. Her secret mantra is communication. She talks and communicates with her daughter a lot. She gives her daughter a scenario of her busy schedule and makes her understand it. She also involves her daughter in whatever she does. Be it making a batter or cooking together or helping out in the kitchen, she involves her daughter in everything. Her tip to happy balancing is communication & involvement. She further shares the stressful phase of her life when she had to part ways with her husband. As a single mom and wanting the best for her child, she started researching a lot, came across various therapists to understand the best way to tackle separation ensuring that the kid is not impacted negatively. She jots down a few important points that every parent should keep in mind:

  • Be open- Let your child be familiar with the situation and understand the meaning of divorce. Make everything feel normal- Make your child feel normal. Make him/her understand that no matter what, kids are always going to be the center of the universe for their parents. 
  • Make your child feel secure

Listen to her advise other parents on separation and talk more about her lovely daughter and the surprises she received from her. The entire podcast of “Real Moms Real Stories” is in the “Parenting & Childhood” section of the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps. 

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9. Motherhood Is Not About Sacrificing, But Prioritizing - Usri Sen

Introducing Usri Sen, our third real mom of the series “Real Moms Real Stories”, brought to you in association with The Champa Tree, talking about her motherhood experience. In the professional world becoming a mother and taking a maternity break becomes a limitation for a woman. Society has made a definitive image and role of a mother. Mothers should not feel guilty about their professional life, they should rather have a balance between being rational and emotional. It is best to see and decide what is going to be best for the child in the long run. The equation with a child radically changes as he/she grows up as well as the trigger points of guilt. “What makes you feel guilty right now will be different from what will make you feel guilty in 10 or 3 years hence from now.”

People will always have a perception about you that cannot be controlled. They will give advice which has worked for them. But each experience is different, each state of mind is different, each child is unique and different. Advises that worked for certain people might or might not work for other parents. “A mother knows what’s best for the child.” The choice is always on mothers.

Usri shared her motherhood joy with us by sharing a few of her life’s experiences. She is thrilled to see how her son has started learning to understand things by just observing. Kids cannot be spoon-fed, they rather learn by observations.

This entire podcast of “Real Moms Real Stories” is in the “Parenting & Childhood” section of the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps. 

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10. Special Needs Kids Are The Purest Souls - Sonam Patel

In the last episode of Real Moms Real Stories, in association with The Champa Tree, our guest is Sonam Patel. Motherhood is a beautiful feeling but sometimes it can come with certain challenges. Sonam had her challenge when she had to deliver a premature baby of 33 weeks. Her baby was also diagnosed with Rubella within few days. But overcoming all the challenges, she stood by her son during his ear surgery at 3 months and heart surgery at 5 months. “Kudos to your bravery from Chimes Radio”!

It was a tough period for Sonam as a mother but her baby was very strong and soon he started to sit and walk by the age of 3. Even though it was hard for her family to deal with the situation but Sonam never gave up hope and always had a positive mindset. Sonam explained to us how special education is different from normal education at home. In the case of her son, after he started with special education, he did start expressing himself more and better. Even his listening time and activity time have also increased.

A child with special finds it hard to feel accepted in society. “Judgment and Momshaming is prevalent in our society”. People need to understand that every mom tries their best to be the best mom, best wife, and best daughter-in-law. Sonam like everyone was deeply affected by the judgment passed on by her parenting style but now she hardly cares since she knows that no one can treat her baby better than her.

This entire podcast of “Real Moms Real Stories” is in the “Parenting & Childhood” section of the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps. 

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11. Writing For Kids- Vibha Batra, Indian Author

Authors are often referred to as great observers as they tend to notice minute details which they pen down and share with the world. They bring characters to life with the ink of their pen. In this episode of Parenting & Childhood, we have Vibha Batra, an Indian author. Not only an author but she is also an advertising consultant, poet, lyricist, translator, columnist, and playwriter. She has published 17 books which include writing for adults and also little kids.

“When writing for children, you have to be very careful. You cannot bore them even for a little bit.” Vibha said. There is a different reading mentality when it comes to adults, they prefer to read the complete book and then review it. But for children, they will just stop reading when bored. The two books for kids under 11 years old written by Vibha Batra are The Euro Trip & Merry the Elephant’s Rainy Day. Her recent published work,The Secret Life of Debbie G, illustrated by Kalyani Ganapathy, published by Harper Collins, is about how a 16-year-old becomes an online sensation overnight. Listen to the podcast to know about all her 17 published works and all her other notable works above and also available on Free Chimes Radio mobile apps. 

12. Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi- Lockdown 2.0: Handling Anxiety in Kids

“Parenting & Childhood,” a Chimes Radio Original Podcast, introduces our listeners to “Dr Pallavi Chaturvedi,” a trained parenting expert and coach. She is the Vice President of the Early Childhood Association, the Founder of Brainy Bear Pre-School, and the Founder of “Get Set Parent With Pallavi,” India’s fastest growing YouTube channel.

Dr. Pallavi discusses “Handling Anxiety in Kids During Lockdown” and various parenting approaches in this podcast. We all know how tough the year 2020 was with no outings, lockdown, and social contact coming to a halt, and now in 2021 with the sudden increase in cases again, children are greatly impacted. Dr. Pallavi put a positive spin on the situation, pointing out the opportunities for children to bond with their parents and vice versa.

Many parents enrolled their children in multiple online courses in addition to their usual online classes when the lockdown began, resulting in an increase in their screen time. But, as Dr. Pallavi put it, “Screen has become the teacher of children” because there is no other way.

It is difficult for children to deal with the numerous changes that have occurred as a result of the lockdown. Dr. Pallavi shared her concern and a few strategies to maintain psychological balance and wellness in children.

  • Validation– Parents must affirm and listen to their children’s feelings about the situation. It is critical to provide them with age-appropriate information.
  • Reassurance– Talk about the initiatives taken by families, neighborhoods, and the government’s to bring the situation under control.
  • Don’t put any pressure on kids-Now is not the time to put academic pressure on them or to over-discipline them. Allow the children to be themselves while still taking care of their mental health.

Dr. Pallavi concluded with a few steps that can be taken for children once the situation has calmed down and the pandemic has passed. Listen in order to learn more about them. Available on Free Chimes Radio mobile apps.

13. "Motherhood In Times Of Covid" by Dr. Leena Shreedhar

A mother creates, loves, cherishes, and raises a little child. This Mother’s day comes with several challenges because of the unprecedented wave of Covid-19. Expected mothers and new mothers are worried because it is about the wellbeing of their little ones. So in this Chimes originals podcast, Parenting & Childhood”, we bring to you a very senior doctor from Manipal Hospitals, Dr. (Lt Col) Leena N Sreedhar. In this interview, she discusses “Motherhood In Times Of Covid” and provides tips for expecting mothers to prevent getting infected by Covid-19.

In this pandemic, the expecting mothers are always worried and in doubt of whether they should visit the hospital or do a video consultation. Unfortunately, when near the due date they have to come to the hospital which stresses them both mentally and emotionally. 

1. How can the expecting mothers prevent getting infected by Covid 19?

– Three important factors to follow are:

  • Wear a face mask well covering the mouth and nose.
  • Maintaining social distancing. They must visit the hospital with a proper appointment to avoid the crowd.
  • Frequent handwashing and hand hygiene

2. Is it safe for the expecting mother to get themselves vaccinated?

– As of now, vaccination is not being promoted or allowed for pregnant women. They must follow preventive measures and avoid any kind of movement out of the house. 

3. How dangerous it is when an expectant mother is infected by Covid-19?

– Since pregnancy is a state where immunity is low, therefore Covid-19 can create a lot of havoc during this time. Almost 85% of pregnant women are seen to have very mild symptoms or are completely asymptomatic. One should not panic at all but undergo a proper cure.

4. What are the conditions in which mothers can have to save delivery during this time?

– If a Covid positive woman is coming for her delivery, then:

  • She must maintain contact with her gynecologist, who can assure a safe delivery
  • Guidelines suggest that she must be kept in a separate labor room where special arrangements are made for her
  • The newborns are isolated and are also tested for the infection
  • Since the transfer from mother to child is extremely rare, therefore one should not panic about the fact that newborn should also be infected

Dr. Shreedhar further informs us about the post-delivery precautions for mother and child that are necessary these days and how hospitals are treating both the child and mother after the delivery. To learn further about these important factors, listen to the podcast now. Available on Free Chimes Radio mobile apps.

14. In Times of Covid Don't Ignore Hepatitis with Dr. Lovkesh Anand

The 28th of July is recognized as World Hepatitis Day. With the ongoing pandemic that began in 2020, our whole focus has been on Covid-19, and we have somehow overlooked the threat and mishaps that Hepatitis can cause. “Hepatitis can’t wait!” is the theme for World Hepatitis Day 2021. To make us all well aware about this condition, we have Dr Lovkesh Anand – Consultant – Gastroenterology of Manipal Hospitals.

Question: What is Hepatitis and what are its forms?

Answer: The term Hepatitis comes from two words, “Hepa” meaning liver and “it is” meaning inflammation. Thus, any inflammation or swelling of the liver is called as Hepatitis.

The various causes and forms are: Alcoholic, Non-alcoholic, Drug induced liver injury, and Viral Hepatitis

Question: Which kind or type of Hepatitis is more prevalent in kids?

Answer: Hepatitis is broadly classified as Acute Hepatitis & Chronic Hepatitis.

In Acute Hepatitis, the condition flares up suddenly and goes away. But in some rare cases it can also lead to either chronic hepatitis or can cause acute liver failure.

In Chronic Hepatitis, the condition is of long-term and might lead to permanent scaring , liver failure or even liver cancer.

Question: If a child is suffering from Hepatitis what are the symptoms?

Answer: There are 5 major types of Viral Hepatitis: Hepatitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, and Hepatitis E. Out of these A & E are more commonly seen in children. B & C are chronic forms which can also be seen in both adults and kids but in severe cases.

HAV infection in children is typically an acute, self-limited illness, but this does not develop jaundice at all. It is present as fever, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, discomfort, and diarrhea.

Learn about the Chronic Hepatitis and the importance of Hepatitis vaccination in children. Also find out if there is any link present between Covid-19 and Hepatitis.

15. Interview Session With Great Little Minds- Innoventure 2020 Winners (Part1)

Artificial intelligence is in high demand right now. Adults are undoubtedly seeking its assistance in this fast-paced environment, but what happens when children begin to work with artificial intelligence? It undoubtedly aids students in improving their problem-solving abilities.

We have such children in this podcast interview, whose thoughts and skills are completely out of the box. They are the national winners of the “Intelligence Plus Innoventure 2020, India’s Largest Ideation & Entrepreneurship Challenge For School Children”. In this competition, students are given a problem which they have to solve with a unique, user-friendly solution with the help of technology.

Satyaj Hedaoo , City Pride School, Nigdi, Pune

Satyaj is a lover of music, art, and astronomy. He is also very fond of writing poems and stories.

Entrepreneur Idea: His Innoventure problem was to establish a park for disabled people with play items. For this problem, his out of the box solution for physically handicapped people was designing two equipment and three play materials. His prototype was about a sensor-based wheelchair and a stick for visually impaired children. His three play materials include a slide, a swing, and a merry-go-ground specially designed with added features to make play enjoyable for specially-abled children.

Adishree Dubey , Ryan International School, Kundalhalli, Bangalore

Adishree lives in Kochi, and her hobbies include playing piano, reading books, and also baking.

Entrepreneur Idea: Her Innoventure problem was to find a solution to illegal parking. For this concern, her out of the box idea consisted of three steps: infrastructure, technology, and policies. She suggested that market places should be allotted a special area and for each space there should be a multilayered parking to save the space.

Ronith Lahoti, Indus International School, Pune

Ronith is a 14 years old student from Pune.

Entrepreneur Idea: : His Innoventure problem was regarding frontline works and the struggles they have during the Covid-19 pandemic. His out of the box idea was to create an application through which patients could directly communicate with the frontline workers. Through the app, the patients can book an ambulance to the closest hospital and check the room and doctor’s availability.

16. Interview Session With Great Little Minds- Innoventure 2020 Winners (Part 2)

Artificial intelligence is in high demand right now. Adults are undoubtedly seeking its assistance in this fast-paced environment, but what happens when children begin to work with artificial intelligence? It undoubtedly aids students in improving their problem-solving abilities.

We have such children in this podcast interview, whose thoughts and skills are completely out of the box. They are the national winners of the “Intelligence Plus Innoventure 2020, India’s Largest Ideation & Entrepreneurship Challenge For School Children”. In this competition, students are given a problem which they have to solve with a unique, user-friendly solution with the help of technology.

Apoorva Singh, Unicent School,Kompally, Hyderabad

The youngest of the all, Apoorva is a bibliophile, innovator, creator, thinker, astronomer, problem solver, and a climate activist.

Entrepreneur Idea: Her Innoventure topic was related to the visually impaired people and how they would access public places in an easier way. Her out of the box idea was to develop an application, SBS- See Blind Service that would help a person by navigating them through VLC and voice embeded system.

Siddhant Pandit, Indus International School, Pune

Siddhant is tech lover who enjoys hiking, cricket, football, and academic.

Entrepreneur Idea: His Innoventure idea was related to the issue of fake news and how there is no effective way for people to verify fake news. His out of the box idea was a three part solution. The first way was to create awareness by using simple mass mediums. The second part was the use of technology- machine learning and satellite imaging to verify information. Last step was about incentivizing media houses to not publish fake news.

Avishi Airen , Gyanshree school, Noida

Avishi is a vibrant and an enthusiast reader. She loves sketching, listening to music, and playing basketball.

Entrepreneur Idea: Her Innoventure idea was to understand the problems faced by people that are either blind/ deaf/dumb and to create a unique solution that solves some of their problems. Her out of the box idea was a prototype of voice-controlled head band which can inform them about things around them to make their life a little easier.

17. Breast-feeding Precautions for Covid Positive Mothers

World Breast Feeding week is celebrated in the first week of August. To talk about it in general and breast feeding by Covid affected mothers in particular, we have Dr Yashica Dudesar, HOD and Consultant- Obstetrics and Genecology, Manipal Hospitals. Listen in to know the entire conversation we had with the expert available on Free Chimes Radio mobile apps.

18. Creative Ways to Teach Kids Yoga

In this episode of “Parenting & Childhood”, we are going to talk about Yoga. Yoga is a group of exercises which provides mental, physical, and spiritual calm to those who practice it. People who practice yoga lead a happy & healthy life.

Parents want to introduce yoga to their kids in an effective manner. So to talk about it more and give appropriate suggestions, we have Daniela Mattos, a KRI-Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, an astrologer & Author. She is also a youtuber and has written a book, “Sat Nam- Becoming Your Own Guru”. She shared her experiences and thoughts on “Creative Ways to Teach Kids Yoga.”

Important takeaways from the podcast:

  1. Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing exercises are all interconnecting increasing your focus and concentration
  2. There is no ideal age for children to start Yoga and Meditation. It depends on the family time and routine
  3. To keep children focused while meditating in terms of concentration and focus, make yoga fun. Introduce and name yoga poses with animal names, make stories or scenarios to teach movements, and more
  4. Too much screen time often make kids cranky and irritated, so to avoid it Yoga comes as a savior. Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation and manages their anxiety keep minds calm.

To know more about Yoga insights for kids & families, listen to the podcast available on Free Chimes Radio mobile apps. 

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