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Akbar Birbal Stories – a set of moral stories inspired from the interactions of Mughal Emperor Akbar and his wisest courtier Birbal. The Akbar Birbal stories have been especially edited to suit the young kids and each story teaches audience an important moral lesson. 

Scroll down to read these fun Akbar Birbal stories or tune in to our podcast to hear them in Hindi. This Akbar Birbal Stories podcast is ranked amongst Top 100 podcasts in India. 

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37 Popular Akbar Birbal Stories For Kids

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List of Akbar Birbal Stories

Witty Stories of Akbar and Birbal

Here are some amusing Akbar Birbal stories that demonstrate the wit and intelligence of Birbal.

1. Akbar and Birbal's First Meeting (अकबर और बीरबल की पहली मुलाक़ात)

Once Akbar went deep into the woods, with his companions, hunting wild animals but with no luck. Tired and thirsty, they decided to visit the nearby village and met a young local boy named Mahesh Das who readily agreed to help them.

The boy had no idea who Akbar was, so he cross-questioned him when Akbar asked the little boy what his name was. Seeing his confidence and cleverness, Akbar gave him a ring and asked him to meet him when he grows up. Later the boy realized that it was a royal ring and he had just met Emperor Akbar. 

After few years, when Mahesh Das grew up, he decided to visit Akbar’s court. He was standing in a corner in the court when Akbar asked his noblemen which flower they think is the most beautiful flower on earth. Some answered rose, some lotus, some jasmine but Mahesh Das suggested that in his opinion it is the cotton flower. The entire court started laughing as cotton flowers are odorless. Mahesh Das then explained how useful cotton flowers are as the cotton grown from this flower is used to make clothes for people in summers as well as in winters.

Akbar was impressed with the answer. Mahesh Das then introduced himself and showed the Emperor the ring he had given years ago. Akbar happily appointed him as one of the noblemen in his court and Mahesh Das came to be known as Birbal.

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2. Fools List (मूर्ख लोगों की सूचि)

Akbar sometimes demanded strange things. One day he gave a bizarre order to Birbal to find him six biggest fools in their kingdom in a month’s time. Birbal respectfully agreed to Akbar’s order and left the place to carry out the order as directed. 

As he was riding his horse, looking for people, first he met a man named Ramu who was sitting on a donkey and carrying some grass on his own head thiking that it would help share the load of the poor animal. 

Then he met two people, Changu and Mangu, who were fighting because Changu said he will release his imaginary tiger on Mangu’s imaginary cow which they are going to get as a gift from the god.

In the evening Birbal met someone who was trying to find his lost ring in the lit area when actually the ring had fallen next to a faraway tree; but since it was quite dark there, the man thought of finding the ring in a lit area instead.

Birbal took the four of them to Akbar the next day. When Akbar asked who are the remaining two fools, Birbal pointed to himself and to Emperor Akbar for undertaking such an endeavor.

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3. Birbal's Guru (बीरबल के गुरु)

When Akbar’s guru paid him a visit from Mecca for a few days, it starts to intrigue Akbar to find out the details of Birbal’s guru who has tutored such a wise person. So when he questioned Birbal about his master’s whereabouts, Birbal informed him that his guru always remained silent and never goes out. Akbar insisted Birbal to introduce him to his guru. 

On the way back, Birbal saw a humble woodcutter and pleased by him, Birbal converted his attire to that of a Brahmin and made him sit on the pedestal of a big temple and directed him to remain silent under all circumstances. When Birbal brought Akbar to meet the monk, Akbar decided to test the monk and lure him with gold. 

But following Birbal’s directions, the monk paid no heed to Akbar’s repeated offers and continued to meditate. Angrily Akbar left the monk alone thinking him to be a fool. Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite.

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4. Answers To Three Questions (तीन प्रश्नों के उत्तर)

Akbar was extremely fond of Birbal’s intelligence and will often challenge him to demonstrate his wisdom. One day Akbar decided to test Birbal again and posed three questions in front of him. 

1. Where does God live?
2. How can you find God?
3. What does God do?

Next day, Birbal’s son volunteers to answers these questions in the court in place of Birbal. To answer the first question, Birbal’s son ordered a cup of milk and sugar and mixed them. He asked Akbar if he can see sugar to which Akbar said no. Then Birbal’s son said god is like this sugar 

For the second question, he used curd and asked if Akbar can spot butter in this? When Akbar said no as it will only come out upon churning the curd, Birbal’s son suggest that is exactly how one finds god i.e. by churning of heart.

For the third and final question, Birbal’s son asked Akbar to swap positions with him and then said that is exactly what god does – he turns a kind into a pauper and vice versa. Akbar had to agree on the intelligence that Birbal and his son have.

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5. The Magical Donkey (जादुई गधा)

Once Akbar gifted a very precious necklace to his queen which she safely in her room. But unfortunately, one day necklace was misplaced and queen was unable to locate it. 

Then Akbar came to know that not only the necklace but few other precious things have also gone missing in the past few days from his palace. Unable to resolve the situation, he asked Birbal to help.

Birbal brought along a friend of his, a magical donkey, to solve the mystery. He asked each suspect to go alone in the tent and hold the donkey’s tail and if the person was the thief, the donkey will identify him and give him a good kick.  Everyone followed Birbal’s instruction other than the thief. As Birbal had sprayed a powerful scent on Donkey’s tail and thief avoided touching the donkey’s tail out of fear, he was finally caught. 

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6. Most Beautiful Child In The World (दुनिया का सबसे खूबसूरत बच्चा)

King Akbar’s son was complimented for his beauty by everyone in the court. Akbar also agreed to the fact that his son was the most beautiful child in the world but Birbal did not agree to it completely. According to Birbal, Akbar’s son was definitely beautiful but not the most beautiful child in the whole world. 

Furious, Akbar challenged Birbal to bring to him a child who was more beautiful than his son and prove him wrong. After a few days, Birbal takes Akbar to a place in the disguise of a common man to meet a poor woman. Though the child is extremely poor and playing in mud, Birbal calls him the most beautiful child in the world. 

Akbar refutes this and the child starts to cry. Listening to this, child’s mother comes out and starts fighting with Akbar and calls her son the most beautiful child in the world. Then Akbar realizes that for a parent, their own child is always the most beautiful child in the whole world. Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite.

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7. Everyone's Thinking Is The Same (सबकी सोच एक जैसी)

One fine day while the court proceedings were on, Akbar noticed that everyone had conflicting thoughts to the same question and they were unable to come to a consensus. He started pondering upon the fact if ever everyone can think the same way? The confused king asked Birbal if he can explain this to him?  

Birbal politely replied that at times people do think the same depending on what the problem is. When Akbar asks Birbal to prove it, Birbal comes up with an idea that requires all the citizens of the kingdom to pour a bowl of milk in the huge tub kept in the palace. Since everyone thought that there is no point in wasting precious milk on king’s absurd demand, they all poured a bowl of water instead assuming that others will be pouring milk and they wont be caught. This eventually proved Birbal’s point.

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8. What God Does (ईश्वर जो करता है)

Birbal was a true believer in God and always maintained that there is always a good reason behind every decision of God.  Once a courtier, who was jealous of Birbal, explained his misery of how he lost a finger and questioned Birbal whether he still holds onto the belief of God being so great. Birbal gave the same reply “Whatever happens, typically happens for a reason”, which made the courtier very angry. 

Three months passed by and one fine day, the courtier while hunting deep in the forest was caught by a group of tribal people. When they decided to sacrifice him to please their god, the priest stopped them. It was the same lost finger that saved him from the tribesmen on that miserable day and he was finally set free. 

Next day the courtier then went back to Birbal  next day and told the entire story how the cut finger had saved his life and also sought his forgiveness.

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9. Life Extending Tree (उम्र बढ़ाने वाला वृक्ष)

A king of Turkistan was overly concerned about his growing age and came to know about a life-extending tree in India. He sent a letter to Akbar where he requested him to share some leaves of the tree with his courtiers for him. Akbar on consulting with Birbal, decided to capture all the soldiers of Turkistan in an unoccupied mansion and informed them that he can only provide the leaves when few of the bricks of the mansion break.

The tensed soldier stayed there for a few days and prayed to god day and night until an earthquake struck the kingdom. The wall of the prison where they were captured fell down and finally the soldiers were released as promised. Akbar then carefully explained the meaning of life to them and set them away to return back to their homes.

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10. Realizing Wrong Habit (गलत आदत का एहसास)

Akbar was quite disturbed and tensed about his son’s bad habit of sucking his own thumb. He tried a lot to cure this habit, but nothing worked. So he summoned a saint in his courtroom for help. After listening to the problem, the saint told that he would come after a few days with a solution and left. This behavior of the saint made Akbar very upset. 

After few days when the saint came back, he simply explained the boy about the consequences of his bad habit and the boy promised never to do it again. Akbar was furious that the saint could have done so last time itself and other courtiers also asked the king to punish the saint. Then Birbal jumped in and explained that since the saint himself had a bad habit of chewing tobacco, he couldn’t have asked the prince to quit his bad habit. But this time, the saint had come clean and he is able to preach confidently what he follows himself.

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11. Convincing a Stubborn Child (जिद्द पर अड़े बच्चे को मनाना)

Once an attendant in Akbar’s court broke one of Akbar’s favorite flower vase and when he was questioned, the servant lied to avoid punishment. But the truth was found out and servant was expelled from Akbar’s court because of the lie. Birbal argued that it is general human tendency to lie, not just to flaws or bad deeds but also to not to break the other person’s heart. 

Unable to understand Birbal’s philosophy, Akbar asked him also to leave the court. That was when Birbal decided to teach Akbar the depth of his argument. He asked a goldsmith to prepare a strand of golden wheat and took it to Akbar. He informed the court that it was given by a saint to him and if they grew it in the land, it will give a full crop of golden wheat strands. But only a person who has never lied in his life can do so.

When all courtiers backed off and Akbar himself hesitated to grow the strand, Birbal repeated his argument and everyone agreed that they have all spoken a lie at some point in their lives.  Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite.

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Moral Akbar Birbal Stories

Here are a few wise Akbar Birbal stories with morals and wit to share.

12. The Golden Wheat Strand (सोने की बाली)

Once Birbal was late to the court of Emperor Akbar. When he was asked for the reason, Birbal explained how he was stuck with his crying kids which caused him the delay in getting to the court. Akbar thought Birbal was lying and thus he was not impressed with the answer and insisted that convincing a child can’t be that difficult.

To convince Akbar, Birbal decided to pretend like a kid and showed Akbar the challenges one faces when trying to convince a crying kid. As a child, he first started jumping around and threw a lot of tantrums and sat in Akbar’s lap. Akbar kept asking him to behave nicely. Then Birbal asked for a sugarcane and insisted Akbar to cut it into pieces and then changed his mind again and asked for full cane from the cut pieces. Finally Akbar was fed up and lost his cool. Akbar had to finally agree that convincing a kid is not easy.

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13.Emperor's Parrot (बादशाह का तोता)

There was a religious man who had the learned the art of training parrots. He would catch parrots with his charm, teach them manners, and then sell them to noblemen at a high price. So one day the man came to the court of Akbar and offered him a parrot. Akbar ordered a servant to look after the parrot very carefully and never give him news of any bad happenings with the parrot. 

But due to the change of environment, the parrot fell sick and died. The poor servant got cared and thought that Akbar would punish him now as the parrot was very close to the emperor. He immediately went to Birbal seeking his help. 

Birbal then took it upon himself to deliver the news to Akbar. He told Akbar that his parrot has become a saint- who just looks up, neither eats nor moves. Akbar immediately visits the parrot and discovers that it has died. He understood Birbal’s smartness and his mistake in the end.

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14. Birbal's Polenta (बीरबल की खिचड़ी)

Once on a cold winter day, Akbar and Birbal were walking by the lake. Out of curiosity, Akbar stopped and put his finger into the freezing water and immediately took it out saying, “I don’t think anyone can sustain a night in this cold water”. Akbar promised a sum of 1000 gold coins to whoever could spend a night standing in the cold water of the lake. 

Soon, a poor man came forward and spent the entire night standing in the freezing water. In the morning, when the poor man went to the court to collect his reward, Akbar asked him what made him able to stand in the freezing water whole night and the man replied, “My lord, I kept looking at a lamp that was burning at a distance on the roof of your palace, and spent my entire night looking at it”. On learning this, the emperor refused to offer the reward as he felt it was the warmth of the lamp which helped the man. The poor man then sought help from Birbal. 

Next day Birbal didn’t go to the court. When Akbar sent a messenger asking about him, Birbal told him that he had put some polenta on fire and will come as soon as its ready. This intrigued Akbar and he came to Birbal’s house and found the polenta pot hung high in the air with a small fire burning on the floor. When Akbar said that this heat can’t reach the pot, Birbal suggested that similarly the heat of a small lamp couldn’t warm the poor man in the lake. Akbar realized his mistake and gave the reward as promised to the poor man. 

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15. The New Minister (नया मंत्री)

It is known by all how much Akbar was fond of Birbal and considered him to be one of his dear friends. But one day Akbar got frustrated with him and Birbal, unable to understand Akbar’s mood, kept on cracking jokes on him. Suddenly Akbar burst out in anger and dismissed Birbal from his court duties and asked him to never return back. Birbal left in peace thinking that once Akbar’s temper cools down, he will be summoned back to the court.

Days passed by but no one from the court arrived to fetch him. Akbar tried to replace Birbal with a new minister but no one could meet up to the standards of witty Birbal. Therefore, Akbar decided to spread the word that whoever will answer his questions properly will be appointed as the next minister in his court.

On the day of the selection, Akbar’s other ministers started asking questions “How many shells are there in the seafloor?” Some aspirants answered lakhs while others said crores but one man named Chandan answered: “The count of total human eyes in the world is equal to the number of shells in the seafloor.” Next question was what is the prime happiness for the human body to which Chandan said it is to stay happy. Third question was what is the biggest weapon and Chandan said its intelligence. 

Fourth question was how one can separate sand and sugar without water than Chandan suggested to let ants in the mix and they will take all the sugar away. Similarly more questions followed and Chandan impressed everyone with his knowledge and witt.

Akbar had already guessed from the answers that it was Birbal only in the attire of Chandan and was happy to take him back in his court when Birbal revealed his true identity. Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite.

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16. Pandit's Defeat (पंडित की हार)

One day a priest came in the court of Akbar with his wrist full of golden bangles and threw a challenge to Akbar. He suggested he will question the nobleman of Akbar’s court and if he looses, all the bangles that he has collected from great men all across the world will be Akbar’s but if he wins, Akbar will have to offer him another golden bangle. Birbal was summoned to face the challenge and the priest started questioning him. 

The priest asked Birbal the first question – Usually our brain is in our head but when does it leave? Birbal said in old age. Next question was when does shame leave your eyes? Birbal said that is when you do something wrong. Next question was when does bravery leave one? Birbal suggested that when we are afraid of something. Last question was when does power leaves our body? Then Birbal suggested that happens in old age when we are unable to do our own chores. Priest understood that he has lost therefore he gave all his bangles to Akbar and left.

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17. Matters of Mind (मन की बात)

Once, Akbar declared that whoever will be able to read the other person’s mind and voice his thoughts properly will be awarded five thousand gold coins. Astrologers and noblemen from all across the country came to undertake the test but the ministers of Akbar’s court would deny the reward for everyone. They will change their mind at the last minute and even if someone guessed correctly, they would reply “No, No! I was not thinking about this. This is wrong.”

Finally a Brahmin who was an expert in this decided to take up the challenge. He has understood the tricks of the ministers that they did not want anyone to win. So he went directly to Birbal for help and Birbal gave him the task of making Birbal’s astrological chart just by looking at his face. The Brahmin was exemplary good in his skill and completed the task effortlessly. Birbal was very pleased and decided to help him out.

The Brahmin then went to the court and accepted Akbar’s challenge. When Akbar asked what’s going on in the mind of each nobleman there, Brahmin said,” All the ministers are thinking of Akbar’s long life, protection of his throne and well being of the kingdom.” Everyone had to agree to his answer as no one dared to demean the king. 

Akbar was very pleased with the Brahmin and asked him a second question as to what is going in his mind. Brahmin using his skills answered that Akbar was thinking about the welfare of his ancestors. Akbar was pleased with the answer and offered him five thousand gold coins as announced.

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18.The Real Owner (असली मालिक)

King Akbar was a very popular and well-known king. It was because of him that all the other kings lived in peace together. One day a king of a different place, King Faizal, decided to meet the witty Birbal and see his intelligence in person. The king took a disguise of a farmer and left for Delhi to meet Birbal. On his way, he saw a old lame man asking for help. The old man wanted to go to Delhi but no one would listen to his request. King Faizal felt bad for him and decided to help the man. He helped the man to climb the horse and they resumed their journey to Delhi again.

When they reached Delhi, King Faizal asked the old man to step down of the horse. Instead the old man started shouting and pretended to be the owner of the horse. He even accused King Faizal of being a thief who was trying to steal the horse. King Faizal was so astonished that he had no clue what to say, so they decided to visit the court of Akbar for a fair judgment. Akbar asked Birbal to look into the matter and find a solution. 

Birbal as always quickly came up with a plan. He took both of them to the horse shed where there were several horses and asked them to identify the horse that belonged to them. The old man failed to do so but King Faizal instantly figured out his horse. This way Birbal once again managed to solve a case and King Faizal was highly impressed with his cleverness.

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19. Birbal's Justice (बीरबल का न्याय)

One day Birbal suggested to Emperor Akbar that if he ever makes a mistake, then Akbar should let Birbal choose the jury to decide the quantum of his punishment. One fateful day when Birbal did something wrong and was to be punished, Akbar let him choose his jury as promised.

Birbal called for 5 cobblers to decide his punishment. They were very pleased to help Akbar but they also found it a very good opportunity to seek revenge from him since long back Birbal tricked them all. The first cobbler asked Birbal to pay a fine of 150 gold coins.

The second cobbler thought that it was a hefty amount and might affect his family, so he reduced the fine by 20 coins from the original amount. Even the others continued to reduce the fine and finally it was decided to charge Birbal a fine of 40 gold coins only. Akbar understood why Birbal decided to choose his punishment because for a cobbler even 20 coins a year is a very big deal, so this way Birbal saved himself from a huge punishment.

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20. Emperor's Worth (बादशाह का मूल्य)

One day a minister in Akbar’s court brought up quite a weird topic. He came across a person in the market who used to work as a servant in a rich person’s house but was asked to leave by his master because he considered his servant to be a fool. The servant polity left, but before leaving, he mentioned to his master that the master doesn’t know how to value a person. Upon hearing this everyone present in the court got very confused. 

They all wondered how can a person’s value be measured. Therefore everyone requested Akbar to find a solution to this confusion. In the next meeting, Akbar decided to take an example of himself and asked everyone what do they think of Akbar’s value.

Birbal as always had a solution and thus recommended Akbar to call all the jewellers and money lenders of his kingdom. Akbar asked the same question to them and gave them a time of 15 days to properly evaluate his own value. He even asked Birbal to accompany them for 15 days. After the stipulate time, everyone again came back to the court. The head of the jewellers ordered for scales and asked Akbar to sit on one side wherein on the other side he started to place gold coins. 

Suddenly one jeweller from the crowd started shouting “Got it! Got it!” which made Akbar very angry. He angrily responded, “Is my worth equal to just one gold coin?” Then the jeweller explained that the gold coin is not any ordinary one. Just like Akbar is the king, similarly that gold coin is special and greatest of all. This made Akbar so happy that he rewarded the jewelers with a hefty prize.

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21. The Way To Heaven (स्वर्ग का रास्ता)

Once Akbar went to a barber to cut his hair and after a while, the barber suddenly asked him a weird question. He asked whether or not Akbar ever has sent someone to heaven to enquire about the whereabouts of his late family. Akbar was shocked to listen to this. 

The barber then explained to him that Vajeer Abdullah of Akbar’s court is able to do this. The next day Vajeer Abdullah was summoned to the court and he described King Akbar the way to visit his late family. He said that Birbal can do this task. All he has to do is sent Birbal to heaven. Birbal asks for four days before he leaves for heaven. 

Finally the ritual was carried out and Birbal used wet wood to create a lot of smoke to escape unnoticed through a tunnel. Months passed by and finally one day Birbal came to the court. His look was completely different. He had long hair, overgrown beard and looked very rough. When asked about the reason behind his look,  he said that since there is no barber in the heaven everyone staying there is facing this problem and wants a barber there, including Akbar’s own father. 

Akbar ordered to send his barber to heaven. But as soon as the barber heard the order, he confessed to the part of the evil plan made by Vajeer Abdullah to get rid of Birbal. 

Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite. Listen to this full Akbar and Birbal story in Hindi.

22. Milk of an Ox (बैल का दूध)

One evening, when Akbar and Birbal were sitting together in the garden, Akbar requested Birbal to get him ox milk as it is required to make some medicine. Birbal understood that Akbar is trying to fool him but Birbal being Birbal assured Akbar that he would get it for him. On returning home, Birbal was trying to figure out the solution but could barely think of one. Then his daughter on hearing the story promised Birbal that Akbar would get his answer in a week.

Two days later Birbal’s daughter came up with a solution. In the middle of the night she took a pile of clothes and went near the river to wash them. She started beating and washing the clothes so loudly that Akbar, who lived near the river, woke up and ordered his guards to check what was the matter. The guards then asked her to come along with them to the court where the girl explained her misery. She said that her father gave birth to a baby and she was busy all day looking after them,  so she had no time to wash clothes during the day. 

Akbar furiously questioned her that how can any man give birth to a baby. Birbal’s daughter taking the advantage of the situation asked Akbar rhetorically how can an ox produce milk then? Akbar understood his mistake and happily rewarded Birbal’s daughter.

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23. Half Sun, Half Shade (आधी दूर धुप, आधी दूर छाया)

Birbal is one of the closest mates of Akbar but there was a time when Akbar was so angry with Birbal that he ordered Birbal to leave his kingdom forever. Birbal without any complaint left and stayed in a far off village for months. Akbar was very sad without Birbal being around him so he decided to look for him. He sent his men all over the kingdom but no one could trace him. Then Akbar came up with an idea.

Akbar announced that whoever will come to visit the king in half sunlight and half shade will be rewarded. Everyone wished to try but none could succeed. When Birbal got to know about this quest, he asked his neighbor to keep a woven bed on his head and to visit the court. The man did as Birbal asked him to and was announced the winner. 

Akbar knew that this can’t be the solution of the villager, so asked him to reveal the real brain behind this. Villager then informed Akbar that a Brahmin man was staying in his village for few months and he gave him the idea to do so. Akbar ordered his guards to bring Birbal back and this way he got his gem back again.

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24. Butter Merchant (घी का व्यापारी)

One day two businessmen named Sevamal and Mandbudh came to Akbar’s court seeking for resolution to their dispute. Sevamal complained that last month, he had lent Mandbudh some money but now Mandbudh is refusing to pay him back. He complained that, in fact, Mandbudh is disagreeing with the fact of ever taking money from him. 

Akbar asked Mandbudh his part of the story and Mandbudh told that Sevamal is just lying and trying to hurt his business. Akbar then asked Birbal to get to the conclusion of the matter and to find out who is lying.

Birbal heard the story from both sides and then decides to visit the market to know more about them. He sent his servant to the market and on his return, he tells Birbal that everyone considers Sevamal to be a very humble man whereas Mandbudh is a clever and selfish person. Birbal then gets an idea and asks his servant again to put one gold coin each in two separate bowls of ghee and then to sell it to both Sevamal and Mandbudh. 

The next day Birbal declared Mandbudh as the real culprit as he never returned the gold coin but Sevamal being a humble person returned it which proves that Mandbudh is a liar and is capable of committing a false deed. Akbar then punishes Mandbudh and orders him to give back the money.

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25. The Three Idols (तीन मूर्तियां)

Everyone is aware of Birbal’s intelligence and wise decisions. But when the King of Iran came to know about Birbal, he decided to test him. The king sent three idols to the court of Akbar. The idols were exactly identicals to look at. There was a letter attached to them where the king mentioned, “ Emperor Akbar, among the three idols, identify and label the good one, the beautiful one and the bad one and then sent it back to me. Or else accept your failure.”

It was a difficult task to complete as all the idols looked exactly the same. After a long time, Akbar decided to summon Birbal for help. He explained the entire trivia to him. Birbal took the idols with him and asked for a day to solve this puzzle. The next day when Birbal came back to the court, Akbar asked him for the answers, the good, the bad, and the most beautiful.

Birbal explained his examination and informed Akbar that all the three idols have a small hole in their ear. In the case of the first idol, the hole leads to the mouth. In the second idol, it leads to the other ear and in the case of the third one, it leads to the stomach but gets stuck there. So in conclusion, the first one is the bad one, the second one is neutral and the third one is the best. He further explained the hidden meaning of each idol to all the people of the court and once again proved to be the wisest of all. 

The three idols were then labeled and sent back to the King of Iran. The impressed king sent a letter complimenting Emperor Akbar and his wise gem Birbal.

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26. Where is the seed? ( बीज काहा है?)

Like we all know, Birbal was emperor Akbar’s favorite gem and consultant. Be it a small issue or something huge and important, Akbar always looked up to Birbal for help and advice. As Birbal was preferred more in the court of the king, the other members were often jealous. 

One day when Akbar came to court, he noticed that the courtroom be very silent and no one was even talking during the discussion period. When the confused king asked the reason behind the sudden silence, an elderly man came forward and complained to him that even after several years of service they have given to the king, Akbar only prefers Birbal. The man also explained how insulted they all feel because of the partiality. 

Akbar decided to ask a question to everyone present in the room to prove themselves better than Birbal. His question was, “Where are seeds planted?”  But no one was able to tell the right answer. Akbar then summoned Birbal. Birbal asked for a glass of water and explained that there is a seed in every place if taken well care of. Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite.

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Popular Birbal Stories

Here are some amusing Akbar Birbal stories that demonstrate the wit and intelligence of Birbal.

27. The Pilgrimage (तीर्थ यात्रा)

Once there lived a poor woman who used to cook for other people to earn money. Every month, she used to save a certain portion of her money so that she could have a peaceful life in the future. Her earnings were very dear to her. One day a few of her known people decided to go on a pilgrimage. She decided to join them in the journey but was worried about her small fortune. Neither did she want to carry so much money nor leave it unattended. 

The poor lady finally decided to seek help from a sage. Sage declined to have to do anything with it but when she persisted, he asked her to bury it in his ashram with a warning that he is not responsible for it.  After burying the money, she left for the pilgrimage

On her return, she went straight to the sage in his “ashram” to get her money back but was stunned to find nothing upon digging the place where she hid it. Money was nowhere to be found. She could not blame the sage as he had already renounced himself from having to do anything with it, so she sought help from Birbal. After listening to her story Birbal made a plan and sent two of his guards to the sage to seek help with their wealth. 

One of the soldiers asked the sage to hide his brother’s fortune as he was going out of town. At the same time, the old lady visited the saint and asked for her wealth. This time sage worrying that he might loose the big fortune for small pittance of the old lady, hurriedly shower her where the money was. As soon as she got her wealth back, the second soldier came around announcing that the brother was back in town and first soldier doesn’t need to hide his treasure. Thus the fraud sage was left with nothing.

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28. Brahman's Will (ब्राह्मण की इच्छा)

Once upon a time, in Delhi, there lived a Brahman who insisted on being called “Shastriji” despite having no knowledge of the Vedas. He tried hard as a child to learn the Vedas but was never able to remember what he read. Desperate Brahman sought to Birbal for assistance. Perplexed Birbal, paused for a moment to consider his options before instructing the man to carry out his orders. 

After few minutes Birbal had an idea and asked the Brahman to execute it.  The Brahman went near Birbal’s house the next day, as per Birbal’s order, and began loitering. Birbal instructed some nearby children to refer to the Brahman as “Shastriji” until he became annoyed.

The kids began to irritate the Brahman by calling him “Shastriji” from that day forward, and the Brahman would scare them away. After a few days, the entire town became aware of the event and began referring to him as “Shastriji.” This is how Birbal fulfilled the Brahman’s wish.

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29. The Magical Stick (जादुई छड़ी)

Once upon a time, there lived a businessman who was fascinated by jewelry and liked wearing them. He used to wear a diamond necklace. One day he kept his necklace on the table and went for a shower. When he came back, his diamond necklace was nowhere to be found. He gathered all his servants and asked them to return it if anyone has taken it. None came forward so the businessman went to the court to report his complaint. 

Birbal listened to his story and asked the man to come along with his servants the next day. The following day when all of them arrived, Birbal gave each servant one stick and informed them that it is a magical stick to detect the thief. The stick of the thief will grow four fingers taller overnight. Birbal then asked all the servants to return to the court the next morning. The thief who took the necklace was very scared. He cut the stick four-finger shorter to be safe. 

But it was revealed the next morning that it was no magical stick but just a trick to find the thief. Thus, Birbal once again proved to be the wise gem of the court of Akbar.

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30. Clever Thieves (चालाक चोर)

Many years ago, there was a businessman in Delhi. Two thieves disguised as business merchants once came to meet him. They pretended to be from China and requested the innocent man to sell a few jewels for them. As an honest man, he requested the thieves in disguise to hand it to him and that he would look into their request. The criminals demanded that the man should not deliver the jewels to one of them alone under any circumstances. 

A few hours later, one of them returned and asked for the jewels. He showed the other merchant standing in the road talking to few people. Convinced, the businessman handed him the jewels back. After sometime, the other thief also returned and asked for jewels. When informed that his partner has already taken them away, the thief became enraged and started yelling. He threatened and instructed the businessman to get his jewels at whatever cost.

The case went to Badshah Akbar’s court, where Birbal heard the entire narrative and then instructed the second thief to bring in his other partner as that was the demand put by them when they handed the jewels the first time. Birbal apprehended and punished the second thief when he had no answer and was attempting to flee the court.

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31. Sword of a Brave Soldier (बहादुर सैनिक की तलवार)

Following the death of one of Akbar’s brave soldiers, the soldier’s old wife faced plenty of difficulties and poverty in her life. When Birbal learned about her situation, he summoned her to the court with the soldier’s sword. The next day, the old lady visited Akbar and asked him to keep her husband’s sword in his treasury. She explained to Akbar how precious the sword is to her because it is her husband’s sole remaining memento.

Akbar carefully examined the sword and asked the old lady to take it back since it was old and rusty. As she was about to leave, Birbal walked in and ironically indicated to Akbar how unique and valuable the sword was it was in the hands of the Emperor Akbar. Akbar realized the significance and quickly ordered his courtiers to weigh the sword and offer the old lady the equivalent amount of gold coins. Once again, Birbal had used his wit and cleverness to help common folks of the kingdom.

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32. Egyptian King's Test (मिस्र के राजा की परीक्षा)

The Egyptian King was quite impressed listening to all the stories of courtier Birbal and invited him to visit him once. When Birbal reached there, Birbal was received by a courtier. When he went to the courtroom the next day, someone was sitting on the throne but Birbal went to one of the courtiers and wished him and this person was in fact the real Egyptian king. He explained how he was able to recognize him as the true Egyptian king. 

The next day he was taken on a visit to the palace and also shown around the palace including a toilet where they have hung Emperor Akbar’s picture. Rather than being insulted, Birbal cleverly suggested that the persona of Akbar is so that it will help anyone who is using the bathroom. This way Birbal once again showed his wittiness to ace the challenge thrown at him.

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33. Forest God (जंगल का भगवान)

Once Emperor Akbar fooled Birbal by placing an apple in a tricky way. When Birbal went to touch the apple out of courosity, Akbar caught him red handed and said he was placed this to catch a thief who has been stealing from the palace. Then Akbar used that incident every time he met Birbal by asking him how was the apple.

Frustrated by this, one day Birbal decided to sort this matter for good. When next time Akbar went to hun alone in the jungle, Birbal doned a mask and new attire of a forest god and scared Akbar. Terrified, Akbar followed his instruction when he ask Akbar to run towards a big tree screaming “like the forest god”. 

Next day when Akbar tried to tease Birbal, he replied that the apple was like the forest god. Akbar never ever brought the topic up again. 

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34. Whatever You Like (जो आपको अच्छा लगे)

Once lived a common man named Hunar who had collected a lot of wealth by his hard work. When his hut caught fire, a greedy neighbor came to his rescue but tricked him to steal all his wealth. He promised to give the poor man whatever he likes and keep the rest with him. When he managed to save the jewels from the hut, he kept all of them and handed over the empty bag to the poor man.

The poor man sought help from Emperor Akbar and Birbal. Birbal called the neighbor and asked what was promised. The neighbor confirmed that he had promised to give whatever he liked to the old man. When Birbal asked him again what he liked in there, he said all the jewels. Then using his wittiness, Birbal ordered the man to hand all the jewels to the poor man as he has promised to do so.

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35. Two Difficult Questions (दो कठिन प्रशन )

Once Emperor Akbar decided to test the intelligence of his courtiers and asked them two difficult questions.

  1. Which river’s water is the sweetest?
  2. What is that which doesn’t get light from either the sun or moon?

When everyone failed to answer the questions to Akbar’s satisfaction, he asked Birbal to give his views. Birbal as usual smartly and wisely solved another quest of Akbar’s and proved himself to be one of the nine gems.

Among the many Akbar Birbal stories for kids, this one happens to be their favorite. Listen to this and other Akbar Birbal Stories on the free Chimes Radio mobile apps.

36. Tree's Real Owner (पेड़ का असली मालिक)

Keshav and Govind were neighbors and once went to Emperor Akbar’s court to resolve their dispute regarding the ownership of a mango tree located near their house. Akbar asked Birbal to look into the matter and Birbal used his cleverness to find who is the real owner of the tree.

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37. Awkward Justice (अटपटा इन्साफ)

Once Akbar asked Birbal to handle a very delicate matter when someone stole the money of a poor little child. Birbal decided that the thief was a piece of rock and ordered to get it punished. But that didn’t make sense to anyone in the kingdom. Had Birbal really lost his mind?

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Takeaway from Akbar Birbal Stories

These Akbar Birbal stories act as a medium for imparting morals in children that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Which of these stories is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments section.

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