When is Maha Shivratri Festival 2024: Date, history, and everything you must know

Maha Shivratri 2024: It is a Hindu festival celebrated in honor of the god Shiva. Check the date of Shivratri 2024 and all the other details you must know.

maha shivratri

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Hindus in India celebrate Maha Shivaratri, which is one of the most important festivals. Devotees worship Lord Shiva on this day. Maha Shivratri will be observed on Friday, 8 March 2024. It is observed every year on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of the Falgun month. This solemn festival commemorates “overcoming darkness and ignorance” in life and in the world. It is honoured by remembering Lord Shiva and chanting prayers, and fasting.

About Maha Shivratri

According to legend, Lord Shiva performs his heavenly dance or ‘tandav’ on Maha Shivratri, which literally translates to ‘the great night of Shiva.’ In Hinduism, it is a major holiday. Lord Shiva is said to remove all negative energy and difficulties from the lives of his devotees. Devotees who are truly committed stay up all night. Others go on a pilgrimage or visit one of Shiva’s temples.

Significance Of Shivratri Festival

The significance of Maha Shivaratri is described in a variety of legends. This is the night, according to legend, when Lord Shiva performs the divine dance of creation, protection, and destruction. The importance of dance tradition to this festival has a long history.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati married on Maha Shivratri. Devotees fast on Shivratri to impress Lord Shiva. Girls fast and perform Puja according to all the rituals in order to get desired groom, as Mata Parvati did. Fasting on this day is also thought to bring good fortune.

This Indian festival is considered the most auspicious of the 12 Shivratris observed each year. Shivratri is said to be the night when Shiva and Shakti, the femininity and masculinity sources of power that keep the world in balance, come together.

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Maha Shivratri Mantra

  • Om Namah Shivaay
  • Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraay
  • For better concentration, use the Shiv Dhyaan Mantra.
  • Mahamrityunjay Mantra to help you live longer
  • For good health and wealth, chant the Shiva mantra.

Shivratri 2024 Celebrations in India

In Tamil Nadu

The Annamalaiyar temple in Tamil Nadu celebrates Maha Shivaratri with a lot of pomp and fanfare. On this day, a 14-kilometer barefoot walk around Lord Shiva’s temple on top of the hill is known as ‘Girivalam’/Giri Pradakshina.

In Andhra Pradesh & Telengana

Shivratri yatras are held at Mallayya gutta. Devotees also perform special Pujas.

In Kashmir

The Hindus of Kashmir celebrate Maha Shivratri which is known in Kashmiri as “Herath,” a word derived from the Sanskrit word “Hararatri,” or “Night of Hara.”

In Central India

On the day of Shivaratri, a large group of devotees gathers to offer prayers at the Mahakaleshwar Temple, one of the most venerated Shiva temples.

In Punjab

Various Hindu organizations arrange Shobha Yatras across the country. For Punjabi Hindus, it is a major festival.

How is Shivratri celebrated in India?

  • Shivratri isn’t a particularly happy occasion.
  • This is a night for self-reflection and deep reflection with the goal of growing and letting go of anything that is getting in the way of our success.
  • Some people celebrate in the morning, while others hold pujas and jagrans in the evening.
  • On Maha Shivratri, devotees also fast for the entire day, eating only the next day after bathing.
  • The fast is observed not only to obtain Lord Shiva’s blessings, but also to put one’s own resolve to the test.

FAQ'S on Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri is on Friday, 8 March 2024.

It is celebrated at night because it is at night when Lord Shiva performs the heavenly dance.

The vrat or fasting is optional on this auspicious day but many people There are several who opt for the ‘nirjala’ vrat, where people don’t consume any water or food through the day.

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