Bible Stories For Kids

bible stories for kids

Stories From The Bible

Bible Stories For Kids- These are short stories for kids stories inspired by one of the most famous religious texts in the world, the Bible. This book has been the guiding light toward the paths of righteousness and just for Christian people world over for centuries and Chimes Radio is now pleased to bring the moral lessons from it to our listeners. Narrated in easy to follow and friendly style in the Hindi language, these stories are a great source to inculcate strong moral values in kids from an early age.

The Bible is a collection of Christian, Jewish, Samaritan, Rastafarian, and other religious texts or writings. It is a compilation of texts of different forms in the form of an anthology, all of which are linked by the belief that they were revelations by God collectively. These texts include history, hymns, prayers, proverbs, parables, didactic letters, poetry, and prophecies. Over the course of 1500 years, 40 authors have written the Bible. The 40 writers in the Bible always carry a central message: the God who created all of us wants a relationship with us. In other words,  he wants us to know him and to have faith in him.

Not only does the Bible inspire us, but it also tells us about life and God. It does not answer all the questions we have but sufficiently answers many. It shows us how we live with compassion and purpose, how to connect with others. It encourages us to depend on God for strength, guidance, and to enjoy his love for us. The Bible tells us also how we can live forever.

The Old Testament or Hebrew Bible tells the history of the people of Israel over a millennium, starting with the creation of the world and humanity by God, and contains stories, laws, and moral lessons which constitute the foundation of the Jewish and Christian religious lives. The New Testament describes the tale of Jesus’ life, from his birth and teachings to his death and later resurrection, which is the foundation of Christianity. Listen to these Bible stories for kids also available on the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps.

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Bible Stories For Kids

5. A Wise Man's Story (बुद्धिमान पुरुष की कहानी)

This story is inspired by the Bible.

This is the classic story from Bible. It narrates the story of a wise man who instead of rushing to accomplish his goals, did things the right way and put in all the hard work and hence reaped rewards in the long term.

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4. David aur Goliath (डेविड और गोलियथ)

This story is inspired by the Bible.

This is the classic story from Bible. It narrates the bravery of a young little boy named David, who took on the biggest fighter of the enemy and defeated him with his skills in a duel. Enjoy listening to bible stories for kids. 

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3. A Noble Man (नेक आदमी)

This story is inspired by the Bible.

Once a person was crossing through a dense forest. He was cornered by some thieves, stole his belongings, and left him injured. The injured person first sought help from a priest who was crossing over but the priest just ignored him. Then he sought help from a temple worker but his plea for help was again ignored. Finally, he saw a Philistine crossing over. He didn’t expect the philistine to help him as their two communities were on fighting terms. But to his surprise, the Philistine not only helped him, took him to a doctor, and also gave him some money to get his treatment. Enjoy listening to bible stories for kids. 

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2. The Parable of Talent (हुनर का दृष्टांत)

This story is inspired by the Bible.

Once there was a rich merchant who had three servants. When he had to go abroad for some time, he called all his servants and gave them each few coins. First, two decided to invest and helped grow the wealth. But the third one instead of working hard to grow the wealth decided to hide it somewhere and relax. Upon his return, the merchant was very happy with the first two servants and appreciated them but was quite disappointed to see that the third one lost an opportunity he so carefully presented to him to show his talent. Enjoy listening to bible stories for kids. 

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1. Extravagant Son (उडाउ पुत्र)

This is one of the Bible Stories For Kids.

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who had two sons and he loved them the same. When kids grew up, the elder one stayed at home and supported his father while the younger one, took his share of the property and wealth and walked out of the house.  Younger one traveled afar and spent lavishly on all kinds of merry-making and soon ran out of money.

There was a massive famine in his new place and in these troubled times, he joined a farmer to help him with his livestock and ate the same food which was given to animals. Then finally he decided to go back to his father and seek forgiveness. Upon seeing his younger son come back, his father was elated, forgave him, and organized a huge celebration. While the elder brother was a bit upset to see his younger brother just walk back like this, the father explained to his elder son to not be jealous and let bygones be bygones.

The moral of the bible story is that we should stay in harmony with everyone and forgive those who have made a mistake. Enjoy listening to bible stories for kids. 

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