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Bal Krishan Leela

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Lord Krishna Stories

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is one of Lord Vishnu’s avatars. Every household recounts his mischievous nature, love for his mother, fun with friends, and childhood stories. Krishna manages to enchant all of us, whether in the form of adorable laddu Gopal who loves eating butter, charming Krishna who loves playing the flute with Radha, or the form of Arjuna’s charioteer.

We’ve put together a special podcast with many stories about our little Bal Gopal’s life. These stories are about Lord Krishna as a child, his mischiefs, divinity, and special abilities.

10 Childhood Stories of Lord Krishna

Out of all Lord avatar Vishnu’s, Krishna is fondly remembered by everyone especially his childhood phase of Bal Gopal. Listed below are the 5 of the most popular and interesting stories about Lord Krishna’s childhood that kids enjoy. You can listen to these stories as bedtime stories for kids or to inculcate moral values in them.

1. Birth of Krishna

Once upon a time, demons in the form of arrogant kings had terrorized the whole earth. King Kansa  was one such demon who ruled over Mathura. Kansa was an usurper who himself became the king after removing his father King Ugrasen from the throne. The people of Mathura were very unhappy under his rule.

Kansa had a beloved sister named Devaki. The time came, when Kansa got his beloved sister married to his friend Vasudev. When Vasudev started taking Devaki away, there happened a celestial warning – “Oh Kansa. Today, the eighth child of the sister whom you are sending away with so much love will become the cause of your death.”

Kansa was furious on hearing the voice of Akash. He took out the sword and ran to kill Devaki-Vasudev. Then Vasudev promised Kansa to save his life and that of his wife Devaki that he would hand over any child born to Kansa. Kansa agreed to Vasudev but he did not let them go, rather he put them in the prison of the palace.

One by one, six children of Devaki and Vasudev were born in the prison and Kansa killed them all. His seventh child was also a son, this son was actually an incarnation of Lord Sheshnag. At that time Lord Vishnu gave an order to Goddess Yogmaya to go to Braj, where the wife of Vasudev – Rohini lives and then under the protection of Vasudev’s friend Nanda, take out the child from Devaki’s womb and keep it in Rohini’s womb.

Devi Yogmaya obeyed the command of the Lord. At the same time, such a rumor spread everywhere that Devaki’s seventh son was destroyed in her womb itself. Now the time has come for the eighth child. At the same time, in Gokul, a child was also about to be born in the house of Yashoda, who was also the wife of Nanda, a friend of Vasudeva. The girl child, who was born from Yashoda’s womb, was none other than the goddess ‘Yogmaya’.

Lord Vishnu appeared before Devaki and Vasudeva. He blessed him and told him- “Now I take the form of a newborn child. You need to go and leave me in the house of your friend Nanda in Vrindavan and bring the girl who was born to him and hand it over to Kansa. Don’t you worry, the guards will fall asleep while you are awake, the prison doors will open  automatically and the river Yamuna will give you a way to cross.”

As told by Lord Vishnu, Vasudeva took the newborn child form Shri Krishna out of the prison, as soon as he came out, the doors of the prison opened automatically and all the guards also fell asleep.

Vasudev easily crossed the river and reached the house of his friend Nanda in Gokul. There he put the newborn to sleep with Yashoda and came to Mathura with the goddess Yogmaya in the form of a girl.

After his return, the prison gates were closed as before and all the guards also woke up from their sleep. When the guards saw the newborn, they immediately took this information to Kansa.

Kansa got angry and reached the prison and went to the cell and tried to snatch the girl from Devaki’s hand and throw her on the earth. But that girl flew into the sky and took the form of Goddess Yogmaya and said – ‘Oh fool, what will happen if you kill me? The one who is going to kill you has reached a safe place after taking birth. He will soon punish you for your sins.’ Saying this Devi Yogmaya disappeared.

On the other hand, when Yashoda Maiya woke up, she found a sleeping child beside her. Nand Baba and Yashoda Maiya were very happy to see him. The boy was named Krishna, who was affectionately known as Kanha or Kanhaiya.

2. Killing of Putana

The child (little Krishna) was growing up as a blissful kid under the shelter of Yashoda Maa and Nanda Baba. Although he could not walk yet, but his Bal Leelas had started. Of which the most popular Leela is the killing of the demonic Putana.

Nanda Baba understood very well that in the kingdom of Kansa, many demons roam in Braj, which threatens both his family and Gokul. But at the same time he had full faith in his God that he would definitely protect him.

There lived a demoness named Putana in Braj who was very cruel and powerful.  She loved harming young children to entertain her mind. Kansa knew that according to the prophecy, the child who would end him was growing up hidden somewhere. So he ordered Putna to roam every town and village and make the children his prey. One day Putna took the form of a beautiful lady and reached Gokul. She reached Nanda Baba’s house in search of small children. There he saw that little Krishna was sleeping in his cradle.

Little Krishna (Bal Gopal) knew very well the reason for Putana’s coming there. But to teach Putana a lesson he silently pretended to be in sleep with his eyes closed. Putana went ahead and lifted little Krishna in her lap.

Putana had brought poison with her. Seeing the opportunity, saving everyone’s eyes, she mixed the poison in the vial of milk. Then with great love, Putana tried to feed the same milk to Bal Krishna. Bal Krishna threw the vial of milk aside and hit Putana on the chest with a mighty punch, which made Putana scream. Bal Krishna continued to hit punches one after the other.

Putna cried out in pain, her screams reverberated all around and there was a fierce roar. Being in so much trouble, Putana could not retain her elusive form and came back to her original demonic form. Bal Krishna continued to strike with his fists and in no time Putana died. Putana was a huge demoness and all the trees nearby were crushed under her when she fell. Even though Putana was a demoness but it is said that she got salvation due to her death at the hands of Lord Krishna.

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3. Kicking the Bullock Cart

A year had passed since the birth of Krishna. On the auspicious occasion of his first birthday, Nand Baba kept a big celebration. There was a crowd of many cowherd gopis in the house. The Brahmins who came in the festival were giving many blessings to little Krishna by reciting the mantra.

Nand Baba was giving food grains, cow, and more items to the people who came for the celebration. After some time Yashoda Maiya anointed Krishna. Then she saw that little Krishna was sleepy. He lovingly put him to sleep in the cradle and kept that cradle under a bullock cart away from the noise.

After some time, Little Krishna woke up and started feeling very hungry. He started crying to drink milk. But because of the celebration in the house, there was so much noise that no one could hear his cry. Bal Krishna is known only for doing Leela, so to attract everyone’s attention, he hit the bullock cart parked near the cradle so hard that the bullock cart overturned. On that bullock cart, pots filled with milk and curds were kept. All those pots and other utensils were broken and the wheels of the bullock cart got dislocated and scattered everywhere.

All the cowherd, Nanda Baba and Yashoda Maiya were shocked to see this incident. They started saying among themselves – “Hey what happened, how this bullock cart overturned on its own?” The other children playing there said – “Kanha, while crying, kicked this bullock cart in such a way that it overturned on the other side.”

But none of the people standing there believed the words of the children. Everyone thought that how can a small child turn a bullock cart in one stumbling block? Yashoda Maiya was very scared. Nanda ji consoled her by saying that it was God who had saved Kanha from some big trouble or else the bullock cart could have fallen on his side too. None of the villagers understood that this is a very small leela of Krishna in front of what they are going to see in the future.

4. Killing Demon Trinavrata

There lived a demon named Trinavarta in Braj who was the servant of King Kansa. He could take the form of a fierce storm. After the killing of Putana, Kansa had doubts that Devaki’s eighth son was probably in Gokul. So he ordered Trinavarta to go to Gokul and hunt Bal Krishna.

Little Krishna was already aware of the arrival of Trinavarta in Gokul. He thought that today the people of Braj should be freed from this demon. Child Krishna was in the lap of Maiya Yashoda at the time of Trinavarta’s entry into Gokul. To teach Trinavarta a lesson, it was very important for little krishna to send Maiya Yashoda away from him. He thought of a trick and made himself heavy as a rock with his divine power.

Maiya Yashoda was astonished at the sudden weight gained by her child. She took the name of the Lord and went to do the household chores herself, leaving the child Krishna to play on the ground. By then Trinavarta had started his elusive game in Gokul. Entire Gokul got engulfed in the storm of Trinavarta. Dust spread everywhere. It was impossible for any cowherd to see anything. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Trinavarta took away child Krishna.

When Yashoda Maiya did not find Bal Krishna in the house, she started crying. Hearing her cries, more cowherd gopis started gathering at Nanda baba’s house. On the other hand, Bal Krishna was waiting for this opportunity. As soon as Trinavarta flew away with him, from then onwards, Bal Krishna started increasing his weight with his divine powers.

Once upon a time, it became difficult for Trinavarta to fly with the child Krishna in his hands. To Trinavarta, little Krihsna appeared no less than a big mountain or a rock. Trinavarta found it best to leave the child Krishna and run away. But it was not that easy. Little Krishna held Trinavart’s throat tightly. Slowly Trinavarta started to faint. Bal Krishna kept his grip on Trinavarta’s neck and within a short time Trinavarta’s life was blown away. He fell on the land of Braj with child Krishna.

Due to the fall of the demon from such a height, there was a terrible sound in the whole of Gokul.  Another conspiracy of King Kansa failed.

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5. The Birth Name Ceremony

The family priest of Nanda Baba’s family was Shri Garg Acharya ji, who was a well-known ascetic. One day he came to Nanda Baba’s Gokul. Nanda Baba was very happy to see him.. After the welcome, Nanda Baba said to Garg Acharya ji – “Acharya ji, it is a matter of great fortune for Mahatmas like you to come here with householders like us. You are knowledgeable of Shastras and Vedas. Therefore, if you will do the naming ceremony of both the children of our house, we will be very pleased. “

On this Garg Acharya ji shook his head and said, “Nanda ji, Kansa knows that the one who killed him has taken birth in Braj. And he also knows that you and Vasudev ji are good friends of each other. By naming your sons from my hands, he may doubt that your son will be the cause of his death and he would be ready to harm him.”

Hearing this, Nand Baba said – “Acharya ji, you should name the children in the cowshed alone.

Garg Acharya ji knew that this child is the incarnation of Lord Narayan himself and after centuries someone gets the privilege of naming him and he did not want to lose such a holy opportunity. So according to Nanda Baba’s grace, he went to the Gaushala and started the process of naming.

Garg Acharya ji while naming the eldest son of Nanda Baba said – “Your eldest son will greatly delight your friends and relatives with his qualities, hence his name will be ‘Ram’. And  he will also be very powerful, hence its name will also be ‘Bal’.

After this Garg Acharya ji said looking at the younger son of Nanda Baba – “And this one, takes incarnation in every age. This time it has happened in Krishna Varna hence its name will be ‘Krishna’. Apart from this, many more names will be given to him according to its merits and deeds in the coming time. He will always do welfare of people and will also make everyone happy. With its help, people will be able to get rid of big troubles easily.”

And thus after explaining to Nanda Baba and naming his two sons, Garg Acharya ji returned to his ashram. And the eighth form of Lord Narayana was formally named “Krishna”.

6. Sight of the Universe

Lord Krishna and Lord Balram were growing up fast in Gokul under the love and care of Nand Ji and Yashoda Maiyya. But Bal Krishna loved butter so much that he used to eat butter belonging to other villagers. 

Once, Lord Balram came along with other villagers to complain against Bal Krishan for eating mud. When little Krishna denied it, he opened up his mouth and showed it to Yashoda Maiyya. But as soon as she looked inside, she was awestuck. She could see the entire universe in the little child’s mouth. 

Seeing this, she realized that her son was not any ordinary child but god himself. But then Bal Krishan made her forget this entire episode using his powers as time was not yet ripe to disclose his true identity.

7. Nalkuber and Manigriva

Once Bal Krishan was playing in Yashoda Maiyaa’s lap but then she has to put him down to attend to some urgent chores. In his anger, Bal Krishan broke the butter pot and ran away. When Yashoda Maiyaa caught him, she decided to tie him up to a huge iron pot.

But whenever she tries to tie the knot, the rope always fell short by 2 fingers. This was due to Bal Krishan’s powers. Seeing the mother getting tired, he let himself be tied up.

When Yashoda Maiyya went away, Bal Krishan walked toward the two trees in their garden, who were actually son’s of Kuber and due to a curse of Narad Muni have become trees. Using the iron pot tied to which he was tied, he pulled the two trees out and freed the two godsons.

8. Shifting to Vrindavan

Nanda and the village elders decided on the move. At the time, Krishna was not old enough. They chose to leave Gokul in the first place because Krishna had been attacked twice, once by Rakshasi Putana and again by the asura Trinavarta. They decided to relocate to Vrindavan because they felt unsafe.

All Gokul residents were getting cautious with repeated attacks and bad omens they have been experiencing for the last few years. Hence the village elders, especially Upanand ji, suggested that the entire village should leave Brij and move to Vrindavan which was a dense forest next to Govardhan mountain and was a much safer place. All the Gokul’s residents agreed to the suggestion and that is how the entire village, including Bal Krishan, reached Vrindavan.

9. End of Vatsasur Demon

Kansa had sent out plenty of demons to slay Sri Krishna. One such demon was Vatsasura. According to legend, the demon Vatsa disguised himself as a calf and joined Sri Krishna and Balarama’s herd of calves. Krishna quickly figured out who the calf was. He then told Balrama about the demon in secret.

Sri Krishna approached the demon, who was unaware that he had been discovered, and grabbed the calf’s hind legs, spinning him around and around before hurling him onto a wood apple tree. The demon and the tree both fell down, making a tremendous noise where the demon immediately breathed his last.. Vatasura’s destiny was changed when Sri Krishna touched him, and he attained Moksha.

10. End of Demon Bakasur

The crane asura Bakasura or Vakasura was killed by the Hindu god Krishna. He was King Kamsa’s evil friend and the brother of Putana and Aghasura. He sent him to kill Krishna in the form of a massive crane.

Krishna, his brother, and the cowherd boys were enjoying themselves with their cows near the Yamuna river one day. Bakasura swooped down from the sky in the form of a crane with a sharp beak and swallowed Krishna, but he felt intense heat in his throat, causing him to vomit the boy out. Krishna then grabbed Bakasura’s beak and pushed it until it snapped, releasing the demon’s life force and allowing him to achieve Moksha.

Which of these Lord Krishna stories did you like the most? 

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