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Story on Babruvahana (Son of Arjun)

We all have read or heard Indian Mythological Stories For Kids, right? Do you know the story of the brave son of Arjun? Yes, Abhimanyu was surely a brave son but in this podcast story taken from Indian Epics and Puranas, we will know about his other sons. Arjun had three more sons. While he lost his 3 sons in the Kurukshetra war against Kaurvas, his fourth son killed his own father, Arjun.


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Babruvahana was the son of Arjuna and the princess of Manipur, Chitrangadaa. The King of Manipur and father of Chitrangadaa adopted Babruvahana. He was a skilled warrior who had acquired the art of combat from his grandfather. Babruvahana is said to be Prabhasa's avatar/incarnation, a Vasu from Ashtavasu.

Arjun once went into exile for 12 years. He left his palace, luxuries, everything behind to visit holy places. And upon his journey, he happened to meet a warrior princess from Manipura named Chitrangada who was also of great beauty. Arjun wanted to marry the princess but her father offered him a deal – Arjun could only marry Chitrangada if he promises to keep the son born out of this wedlock in Manipura. Arjun lived there for 3 years and he had a son named Babruvahan. 

Babruvahan is that brave son who unfortunately had to fight his own father. They fought with each other over sacrificial horses. These were not ordinary horses, they were used for great yagnas called Ashvamedha yagna. It was a sacrifice performed by a king to prove his supremacy. One such horse was let lose by Arjun’s older brother, Yudhishthira. Arjun accompanied the horse and fought many battles. He then arrived at Manipura. Babruvahan initially did not want to fight with his father but later convinced himself to do so after Arjun insulted him for not acting like a true warrior. 

Babruvahana then entered the war field and wielded his arrow towards his father with great aim and accruacy. A fierce battle went on between them when suddenly a powerful arrow pierced Arjun’s chest and he fell down. Chitrangada came running to the battlefield and was shocked to see her husband in such a state. Babravahan and Chitrangada decided to take their own lives when a snake princess came and informed them about a special gem that revives the dead. As soon as Babruvahan placed the gem on Arjun’s chest, he got back his life. 

This battle was destined to happen because of a curse. Ganga, Bishma’s mother, was not happy with Arjun for killing her son in the Kurukshetra war by deceit. So she cursed Arjun to be killed by his own son and this battle actually released Arjun from the curse.

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